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  1. If it helps, have a full steering wheel from a 92 valver which includes the horn push, but don't want to split. Can be viewed in this thread http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?96057-Garage-clearout-includes-wings-fog-lights-clocks-ISV-head-steering-wheel-etc
  2. Mauritius blue? I didn't buy mine for the colour, but it growing on me. I did see a 225 with red interior, but it was a total shed, plus the addition of a lipstick red steering wheel was ghastly.
  3. I have front and rear cards too ;)
  4. I could supply the full door pocket if you fancied a contrast.
  5. Give the dash a whack to see if it's sticky needle.
  6. I think this time he used his brain and didn't listen to his heart, so looks a straight (but boring) motor.
  7. He's since bought a Toyota Hybrid.
  8. If you ever need any parts for one of these then I have a mate who specialises in breaking them. I'm not so keen on the interior, but they do drive well.
  9. Rear lights don't come with bulb holders, but are in very good nick. Willing to take a low ball offer on these if anyone is in need.
  10. Switch now sold so my list shortens and my garage gains more space
  11. Sunroof switch etc didn't sell so it's still on the front page.
  12. I did the G60 upgrade on mine and it's only really noticeable when batting along, the rest of the time it feels the same.
  13. Sunroof has gone but I still have the Passat switch and surround. I'm pretty sure the surround is the same shape and possibly part number as the later Corrado, but as mine was an early I couldn't confirm other than it looked the same size as mine but without the sunroof switch hole as found on early cars. I bought it for the little sun visor, but never fitted as it was a slightly different colour to my visors. I was told the switch turns the corrado into a one touch, but again can't confirm, but I'm sure an internet search would fine something.
  14. I couldn't tell if it has 2 rows or not and guessed the wires would be live, switched live, illumination live and earth (Grizzly you may wish to check this).
  15. The brown one looks like the power side of car audio ISO connection.
  16. Enjoyed reading this thread and sitting on the fence awaiting further updates. Was especially nice to see you fixed the sunroof.
  17. The ISV on a valver is a doddle to remove/refit as it's exposed so pull plug and undo 2 clips.
  18. My TT won't be sporting one, they look horrible. I wonder if the owner of the golf ever in a moment of clarity, realised they'd made a gawd awful abomination of a car?
  19. MZpog

    Jims New Shed..

    Nice hearse, ;) I have a momo steering wheel boss to fit a BMW if you wanna go after market.
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