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  1. With the multimeter still connected, I unplugged the door actuator, and the drain stopped ! There’s a thread on here by easypop, he had the exact same problem as me, so I followed what he did
  2. Mine arrived today, well packaged, lovely bit of kit, Thank you for doing this
  3. I presume you’re not sending out parts until tested ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I tried to talk my body man to weld mine shut ! Looks like I’ll be able to see the sun again
  5. I first saw them here https://www.corradofarmparts.com/. (USA) But they are made here (UK) I saw a write up on Facebook and they are supposed to be high quality parts. I don’t even use my sunroof in case it breaks [emoji22] I did buy indicator and fog light lenses from CFP , plastic,but the indicator lenses are good quality, and they fit really well, I bought the tinted ones
  6. https://www.krado.co.uk/ Are doing all those parts, that have been obsolete for years, Stronger then before
  7. Put it in the (Archive) Wiki Submissions & Collaboration,
  8. My worry is, when electric cars come in,and they will, the price of road tax,or pay per mile will sky rocket, as will fuel, all done to discourage us polluters from the roads. Making our cars nearly worthless [emoji22] The government doesn’t want us to own cars,they want us to lease them, all electric, all self driven, Why ? Leased,means we have a car industry, cars always being renewed The main point,zero road deaths by 2050, a European directive, even though we are out of Europe
  9. Super unleaded is staying the same,well ...for the next five years, So just use that
  10. Just been through another MOT, two advisory’s, Not bad for a 29 year old car with 273k on the clock [emoji41] Dug this out my loft,can’t be many unused spoilers left. Not for sale,as now on my car
  11. And they are still made today by custom chrome, you can order any length you want !
  12. Luckily there’s someone on farcebook that is rebuilding and selling the spoiler mechanism’s, I asked where he gets the switches from and he posted this You just have to take the levers off. I’ve had them delivered and soon as I get time I’ll do it. I’ll then do a how-to and tag it onto the spoiler build how-to
  13. Someone else said about rs they list a few thousand switches, all with their amp ratings, but no actual sizes ! If someone has ordered before, there must be a part number
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