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  1. There’s some pics missing from this post,I emailed Mr.Sanky, and he emailed the missing pics, Thank you, Hopefully this works
  2. I’m sure someone on here, has found a place that re-chromes them, with great results. They probably will be along shortly
  3. [emoji851][emoji1787] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I’m sure the order is for everyone, the more people, the better the chance of getting them made
  5. Fingers crossed [emoji1696] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. The interior light is supposed to stay on for a few seconds, The door locking thing,yes,mines always done that
  7. Ignore my pic,I couldn’t find my pic of it so I googled it ! Didn’t notice the pull was slow, I never changed mine, all I did was disconnected it. Everything works as it did,except if I use the key in the passenger door,it only unlocks that door! The central locking unlocks it,as does the drivers door key. I have got a spare, but as yet,not got around to fitting it
  8. I put a multimeter on my battery,and then started taking out fuses till the drop disappeared, mine was on the central locking circuit, And this was the culprit, (passenger door) I’m sure Easypops had the same problem, as I remember reading a thread he did about it, so it gave me a good idea where to look
  9. Dave16v used to do an exchange short shifter, Made a big difference in mine
  10. I think we should try it, but it will need moderating, Preferably by someone who hasn’t got a Corrado
  11. I bought it long ago from Henny on here, sorry I cant be any more help
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