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  1. If it helps, I’ve got a mk2 rear beam on mine, yes I’m abs, had no problems fitting it
  2. Has anybody tried insulating the door skins ? Did it make any difference ? I know back in the day Kevin Bacon’s old car was a “demo” car , for in car entertainment (I think) there was insulation everywhere, but it was never as quiet as he wanted
  3. No problem with the struts,as the insulation is so light Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. When I didn’t have my parcel shelf in, it seemed really noisy ! I dynamatted the boot area,two carpets, open cell stuck to the underside of parcel shelf, and inside tailgate where I could get it, really made a difference to exhaust and road noises. Also dynamatted under rear seats, rear door panels,a cheaper insulation stuck on rear of A,B&C pillar trims, still not as quiet as I want it,
  5. Good news on the brakes
  6. The fault must be in the calipers ! Hard to believe as you’ve changed them [emoji35]
  7. I’ve emailed them asking how much postage to UK, (I’ll post if/when I get a reply)
  8. https://vintagerubber.com/volkswagen/corrado/
  9. Vintage rubber in the states are now taking orders for these $300 a pair
  10. I’ve had 3 sets of (new) calipers on mine, they are not as good as people make out ! Get a mate to help, crack the flexi hose half a turn on the offending caliper. Get your mate/help to depress the brake pedal, are you getting fluid ? I know you were with the pressure bleeding, but we need to know, is the cylinder/ABS unit working properly
  11. The handbrake mechanism has nothing to do with the hydraulic system ! Try adjusting the “loose” handbrake cable at the handbrake end to make the movement equal
  12. Mine would not bleed through the o/s/r, I had to get the abs pump reconditioned, it didn’t show any fault codes either !
  13. Sad a car of that pedigree doesn’t get used much,
  14. With the multimeter still connected, I unplugged the door actuator, and the drain stopped ! There’s a thread on here by easypop, he had the exact same problem as me, so I followed what he did
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