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  1. For full closure, the Corrado uses a green plastic “thingy” Really not a job for the faint hearted
  2. Haven’t got round to it yet, I sort of fixed it,I unplugged the light [emoji3] Probably do it next week, when I’ve got a bit more time, I will post 5he outcome
  3. I can confirm they are the same as a mk2 golf, as that’s what’s on mine !
  4. I guessed as much, as it was used on a few models, thanks for the reply
  5. ABS light came on, had my local garage run vancom, turns out it’s the brake pedal sensor ! luckily I bought a spare many moons ago before they went extinct . After un-wrapping it,(foiled bag) I have the coloured plastic bits in a separate bag, I can’t find anything in the Bentley manual, does anyone know where they go ? or will it be self explanatory when I take the old one out
  6. I’m with Greenlight, mine too went down,
  7. Must of been on the Redbull [emoji3]
  8. Could be interested, where abouts are you ?
  9. I’ll have a pair please, without circlips Pm me your payment details
  10. Talked up the rarity of the parcel shelf, but not the fog lights ! Anyone notice, the VW place run by Lee, is the same place that car S.O.S. goes to
  11. I saw your pic on Facebook with the dash out, Good luck with the rest off it, it is worth it
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