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  1. From your screenshot, it looks like you're viewing the forum in 'mobile view'. The forum might think your computer is a mobile device, if your screen has touch capabilities. If you click the this link you'll see get the proper desktop version of the site: http://the-corrado.net/forum/?styleid=12
  2. Ah ok, at first glance I thought they were the hook type. Didn't realise they were multi-fitment
  3. Those blades wont work with Lupo GTI arms
  4. Yep, I've got two 6x2955426A brand new in their box, in my Corrado stock inventory :) I checked them against what's on the car, and it's the same blade on both sides.
  5. I've just checked what I'm using, and I've got 2x 6x2955426A wiper blades. They are the Lupo GTI driver's side, 475mm.
  6. Using any free image hosting site is a risk, you never know how long the pics are gonna be there or if they'll change their T&C's and ask you to pay for the service.. But I just uploaded these 2 to https://imgbb.com:
  7. Found this pic, dimensions seem very close
  8. I just noticed.. those dimensions are way off, I think they refer to the packaging, and not the actual light :)
  9. I remember several people saying fog light lenses off a Volvo 240 or Saab 900 *might* fit. I think they might be these ones, made by Bosch, part number: 1305354933 http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?14207-The-quot-what-I-did-to-my-Corrado-today-quot-thread&p=1212064&viewfull=1#post1212064 Although I've yet to see if anyone's actually used these.. The dimensions might be a bit off. The dimensions, according to Amazon, are 23.4 x 13.6 x 11.4 cm
  10. Hi Andi, if I try to post with a url, using the bbcode square brackets, I get a PHP error. I was going to post test links, for you to see if they worked, but it would not let me create a new post. Can you try viewing Jim or Kev Bacon's profile pages? They throw an error
  11. I've also sent Yandards a message on clubgti.com
  12. Wow.. it took me ages to get that message posted. Kept getting PHP errors...
  13. I've just PM'd all the admins. I also tried looking for them on other forums, I think I found CazzaVR on audi-sport.net, so sent him a message there too. To be honest, this site really needs new mods & admins, preferably Corrado owners. I can understand that they are no longer active on here, after selling up, but this site needs people to get rid of the spammers and fix the site bugs..
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