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  1. Of course you'd never ever get pulled over by the police in that car! :lol:
  2. The General Lee always makes me think of the time my dad bought my older brother a clapped out Mini for about his 13th birthday, to hoon round the farm in. My bro welded the doors up so he had to get in and out of the windows like the Hazzard boys, plus did a homestyle paint job on it and wait for it, fitted it with an airhorn. I can hear it now.
  3. Can't stand Herbie, dunno why, find him a bit sinister. The A team van would be good as a back up vehicle. Love the Esprit also, always wanted one of those. And the Italian Job Minis! Those black Porsches remind me of the little squadron of Civics that hijacked the lorry in Fast and the Furious (the first one). Surely not a rip off? My faith in Hollywood is destroyed!
  4. I don't swear very much, I don't really like it when I hear people going about their daily lives swearing, like buying apples and waiting for the bus going effing this and effing that, I think it's chavvy. But today I called a people carrier driver a "f**king inbred c**t", and it felt great. Really quite satisfying. Do you generally swear behind the wheel? btw I love this forum, it changed the "see you next tuesday" word into "chav" - genius!
  5. My car has been totally reliable as far as the engine goes, it always starts whatever the weather, and I always feel that it will look after me however far I have to drive home, and I do some pretty stupid journeys. It does need stuff like the suspension and brakes looking after - if I knew anything at all about how to fix my own car I'm sure this would be a far cheaper issue! The main thing though is that you say you've always fancied one - go and drive one, and see how you feel. I knew within about 30 seconds that it was the car for me, and I absolutely love it - I commute about 400 miles a week in mine at the mo, and even now at 6 o' clock in the bloody morning with pelting rain and darkness I just start it up and think "this is going to be cool." Not a very technical or logical argument, but these cars just grab you and I've never regretted buying mine. Oh yeah, and when it's parked or at the petrol station, I always give a quick backward glance and think how lovely it is - sad but true! And mine isn't even lowered or anything.
  6. Hmm, the brakes aren't fantastic, so maybe new discs are a good idea anyway. It also makes a similar creaking sound from behind the driver's side, when going downhill on bumpy roads or turning right with a bit of momentum - sounds like it's coming from above where the rear shocks would be, like just behind where the driver's door pillar would be. I have just had new wheel bearings, and it only started doing the graunch yesterday, turning into Sainsbury's petrtol station and then trying to do a 360 turn in a side road. I wonder if you can hear it from the outside?
  7. I know. I really think I might have to do this, as the steering is pretty shonky too, so that needs looking at. This car is how I imagine having a really gorgeous but high maintenance girlfriend must be. You really love them, but sometimes they make you bang your head on the table because they are so damn frustrating. And expensive.
  8. I haven't ordered anything from ebay except a play pen for my kids hamsters. It's not that is it? Agree with c), it's like a cosmic lottery if you do that. Anything could turn up.
  9. hmm, it has just had new front wheel bearings AND new strut mounts!! Actually I think they called them strut bearings, are they different? What's an arm mount? The back shocks have been compaining for a while, so maybe they're all disintegrating together? Maybe it really really wants to be lowered, perhaps it's trying to tell me something.
  10. As well as the driver's door handle snapping, and needing a new clutch, now, when I turn full lock to the right at slow speed, there's a horrible graunching and creaking sound from the front wheel arch area - presumably it's the shocks but I suppose it could be anything.. Also when I brake hard the steering wheel judders. I tell you, my car is driving on very thin ice at the moment, it had better watch its back. :x
  11. Yes you are probably right - trouble with me is I often post before fully engaging my brain. Now I feel terrible, especially as having my badges nicked a while ago I know how bad it feels to have stuff stolen. Shall I get the mod to delete the post? Can I do that? PLEASE DELETE THE POST!!
  12. Read a review of this car in my local paper, of all places, and just instantly thought "yep, that would suit me" http://www.whatcar.com/news-article.aspx?NA=221125 Just a totally fun looking car.
  13. Must be a girl thing, 'cos though I can park it like a pro now, holy shit my alloys are knackered. Plus I have really high kerbs on my road. No really. Alloy destroyers, I tell thee..
  14. I can PM you the relevant information if you like...hopefully this is now sorted though!
  15. http://www.arielmotor.co.uk/04/frames.htm Never seen or heard of them before, a friend said he saw one today in London. How much fun would one of these be? Do you think you can get one for a track day?
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