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  1. mums got a diahastsu fourtrack. it was bought to pull our horses. i'd recommend driving a shogun/pajero first compared to the rest then u might cross it off your list. my mum wanted a disco but nearly everyone she knows thats got one has had loads of problems with them.
  2. andyVR6

    VR6 sounds?

    find one thats for sale locally and take it for a test drive. u'll fall in love with it.
  3. work out there pattern and stay up and wait for them. worked for me last year when some little twats tried to nick my old polo every wednesday night for 5 weeks. theyd already done the damage so i sat in the window and allowed them to proceed in trying to steel a car that had no steering wheel on and no ignition system left in the engine bay. whilst they were doin that the police were on there way. caught all four of em n theyd even brung a steering wheel with them.
  4. never heard of him. before my time am only 21.
  5. what or who is he. do gpc deliver + have you got a phone number for them.
  6. had the car up in the air today trying to find the source of a vibration i could feel through the pedals. couldn't believe what i found. the cup thats welded to the subframe to bolt the rear engine mount to is no longer attatched to the subframe. by ythe looks of things its been like this for a while and its pretty rotten. any of you guys had the same thing happen? are all corrado subframes the same as i dont fancy payin dealer prices for a new one so gonna get one from scrappers or would any other subframe fit from a golf etc?
  7. can easy be done. reshelled a starlet turbo in 7 days with one of my mates. someone T boned him and they settled out of insurance only thing we didn't do was paint it. and we both have 9-5 jobs. get some mates round it'll be done even quicker
  8. bought a vr6 on friday and got home it came with two keys and fobs. was looking through the service history in fine detail and noticed that it had had a new ignition barrel fitted so i tried the two keys i have in the doors and boot n they dont work. rung the previous owner and he hasn't got any other keys for it. VW say that the car may be too old to be on there system to find the key number for a new one. is there anywhere on the car that it would be stamped. dont really want to change all the locks but just to be safe i want to be able to get in as the car deadlocks n if the alarm fails its window smashing time to get in. I also need my logbook back from DVLA befroe VW will do owt for me.
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