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  1. mines a 93 L is it classes as a late one? its got all the later interior
  2. my mates got an early VR it was on the change over point and its a bit of a mis match early interior but the outer looks to be later type but when they are parked side by side mine looks a good inch higher when u compare the bump strips. both our suspensions are standard.
  3. calibras are becoming rare these days especially the turbo model as most chavs are snappin them up and putting the engine in there little nova shoebox on wheels. its a cheap way for them to get a faster car as they insure it as a 1.2.
  4. just wondered if he'd had them specially made never seen them before. they make the front end look too square.
  5. theres a fiat punto round by me thats got the 20v turbo lump in it out of one of those. apparently he spent a fortune havin it fitted cos it didn't fit and alsorts had to be adapted. it goes like sh!t off a shovel
  6. spotted these lights while browsin US ebay on a VR http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Volkswagon-Corrado-VR6_W0QQitemZ140001797700QQihZ004QQcategoryZ6060QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. they make them for the VW van range or a company does ive seen loads of them with them on. they may fit i know the handles are very similar
  8. click_here whats the two rollers for on the dash under the heated rear screen button? never seen them in a C before
  9. can they be taken of a golf or any other vw that has them?
  10. the indictaor stalk was only fitted to the BMW range so that they can flash there lights at you on the motorway to indicate that you are holding them up. personally i find it amusing holding them up especially in the work van usually give them a flash back with the break lights.
  11. its the people that use the indicators as 'i'm coming over whether you like it or not signals'. a guy in a nissan primera did this to me yesterday i new his intentions. we were sat at a junction and he wanted my lane. i thought stuff it ive qued for this spot hes not cuttin in. anyway i kept him at the side of me instead of just dustin him. he then proceeds to indicate and just move over. he got some horn as well as everything else. the guy then proceeds to make every turn that i want to make all the way home. just as i'm indicating to go down my street he then indicates. instead of turning down the street he pulls up just passed it. as i parked up outside the house he rolls back just to check i'm not goin to follow him. think he learnt the lesson the un intensional way.
  12. a friend of mine wants to swap his early stalks for the later ones. he prefers my later ones to his. are they are straight swap? i was told that everything but the MFA is. if the MFA bit is true is it hard to modify?
  13. any ideas as to what sort of price? may be interested if its just going to use the empty slots in the clocks
  14. andyVR6

    Car dead :-(

    sounds like a dead battery if the clicking is coming from the starter.
  15. make a false floor out of MDF. remove the boot carpet and that gives u a rough pattern to copy. then take your sub out of its box n put some self tappers through into the mdf. mine didn't move when i had it in. one good tip though if you plan to use your spare wheel in an emergency cut the mdf that curles round the rear archs to the back panel this will allow you to drop the rear seats and push it all back allowing access to wheel
  16. theres one screw on the inside as u open the door its in the corner. its got a plastic cap over the screw. it also holds the rubber seal down. once the screws out just pull the trim its also clipped on if i remember correctly so it may need a good pull.
  17. find one of the low tension wires that goes to the coil and put a switch in it when the circuit is broken it wont produce a spark.
  18. make it so that when u activate the flamer kit it cuts the spark but leaves the ignition on
  19. all i can see on mine is a cooling pipe for the power steering fluid. if they have got em where do they hide them.
  20. price sounds good u should be able to move it down a little. n despite what everyone says they aren't that bad to keep clean its just the back bumper that shows the muck really and they are hard to polish due to been white. i had a black civic b4 vr and i couldn't keep that clean it even showed up the dust if it was left in the garage over night. heresa pick of mine next to my mates grey one.
  21. the copper that gave me a £30 fine for the tints in my old polo said that the tint in the glass only lets 90% through. i'd leave the front ones as they are u'll only get unwanted hassle from the law
  22. have any of you guys got hands free kits installed would like to know where uvr got them installed and where u routed the wires. pics would be a great help. as i dont wanna mess my dash up too much and leave it a mess if i ever remove it.
  23. accordin to previous posts that ive read get an origanal VW one as the others are a bit poor. steelers had mine in stock. its not just a corrado part its on quite a few VWs of that era.
  24. its the switch that wears its plastic and the ignition barrel is metal. if you look at the prong sticking out of your barel and compare the size of that to the ignition switch you should be able to tell by the size difference. Changed one on Saturday cost £20.77 from steelers. glad it wasfor friends C cos am skint this month.
  25. Had the door locks apart today to make them match my ignition key. when i got them to work the key wont activate the central locking.ive tested the microswitch and its fine in both locks. when the plug attatched to the actuator is disconnected i can bridge the connections and make the central llock and unlock. is this normal with factoy alarms or is something wrong. all the fuses are fine and all the wiring looks in good condition. if there is anything wrong anyone any ideas?
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