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  1. i got a new loom for my pioneer from halfrauds take the headunit it and they can match it to the diagram in the book. try not to get a complete d!ck like i did though that managed to order wrong lead even with headunit there for comparison.
  2. no just takin country lanes home all A roads were gridlocked. most of the main roads in and out of barnsley got cut off yesterday. i turned around at quit a few. my mate got a bit excited but dunt think he realizes how much it would cost to replace a VR engine if it hydrauliced. another mate wrote his seat ibiza 20vt engine off though tryin to get home. air intakes right at bottom of front bumper them.
  3. had to go to leeds yesterday for a job interview got that over and done with then the traffic back up the M1 was stood due to some idiot deciding to take a leap of faith off a bridge further down near sheffield. decided to get off and go back roads and picked my mate up as his work had flooded. he got a few vids of some of the lakes we had to go through. would seriously recommend leaving lowered C's at home http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y4/andy-dt/?action=view&current=25062007022.flv http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y4/andy-dt/?action=view&current=25062007020.flv http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y4/andy-dt/?action=view&current=25062007019.flv http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y4/andy-dt/?action=view&current=25062007018.flv http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y4/andy-dt/?action=view&current=25062007017.flv http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y4/andy-dt/?action=view&current=25062007021.flv
  4. put your mum on the insurance and watch the prices start to drop. nearly all my mates have got there mothers on there insurance policy. it saved me £150
  5. andyVR6

    toad ai606

    if you know the pin number to get into the alarms functions then this may be of help to you Full installation and programming instructions http://www.eserviceinfo.com/download.php?fileid=17912
  6. ive tried allsorts to get it to work now and its doing my head in. can some kind person post a pic up of the engine bay showing all the water pipes etc above the gearbox area. when i got the car everything was dumped in a heap in the car. just want to make sure theres nothing missing or routed wrongly. oh and it has got the wrong rad in it too its only a single core out of a golf but i would have thought it would just kick the fans in more often.
  7. theres no thermostat in it now, n ive even bypassed the heater matrix and it sill does it.
  8. it does it either way. my first thoughts were headgasket but it runs fine and until it throws the water out it doesn't lose any. its as if theres an air lock somewhere
  9. its blue but it does it without the cap on
  10. finally got round to doing something to my second C thats been sat in the corner of the garage for months without been touched. the only trouble is is when it gets up to around 70-80 degrees it throws all of the water out of the header tank and the top radiator hose fills with air. if i remove the return pipe from the radiator to the header it just belows out loads of steam. + the heaters just won't blow warm. i've had every single pipe off and checked for blockages the pumps working fine and up until it reaches 70 the water flows fine, no air in it at all. i've tried allsorts to get it to behave. any suggestions?
  11. yes they fit and if you want the side impact bar in the early door all you have to do is drill the holes and bolt it in
  12. my 1.816v project was the same when i bought it the only thing stopping the engine falling onto the tarmac was the oil filter resting on the front crossmember. they look lik solid brackets haven't a clue why they snap. especially with the power of a 1.8
  13. knowing the british justice system he'll get a few months in one of the queens private holiday villas then be straight back out doing it again. the ones that did my old polo over just got a fine. + plus theres the overcrouding issue. bring back hanging
  14. get to the hospital as well bet your necks killing :wink:
  15. remove it and send it to the powder coaters it will come back like a new one.
  16. always have a good supply of new bolts so you don't have to put rusty ones back in and re use nylock nuts and dont forget a good hammer they are always useful
  17. my passenger side was a straight swap it was only the drivers side that needed tweeking
  18. no those wires were just for the switches in the lock barrel to let the central locking know to lock all the other doors i think. i stand to be corrected but it made no difference on mine.
  19. i had same problem last week when fiiting mine. the previous owner did a diy job to repair the original handle by bending the internal lever. if you look through the hole with the handle removed theres two levers attatched to the actual lock. one locks/unlocks it, the one nearest you opens it my handle was pushing on the open lever slightly because it had been bent up a little. all i did was push it down a touch. after a few attempts i got it right just do it a bit at a time. hope this helps you guys
  20. theres also a control module for the glow plugs, its down by the battery if I remember correctly. that went on mine
  21. there set up to only release in the exact position that they are designed to be in. the locking mechanism will lock as soon as it is moved slighly my mate got his mixed up a few weeks back in his starlet and couldn't work out y. so they could be mixed up.
  22. good good so all i need is the glass any ideas how much they are? i sure my local steelers adds a bit more than just VAT to there prices
  23. is there anything inside the mirror unit that would stop it from working or is it just the element in the glass. if it is the glass is it a dealer only part?
  24. andyVR6

    Lock sets

    unless its the ignition barrel get one from scrappers and alter it to fit your key. the door locks take about 10 minutes from start to finish
  25. i have to go up the a628 at least twice a day i wish they would rip em down. think its the nottingham lads that have got it bad though there everywhere round the city.
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