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  1. its an early G reg and has a quite a few problems apart from the previous owner was trying to make it into a skip. 1. the speedo stopped working so he bought some new clocks binned the old ones but then realised it was the cable. the clocks are about 30k out can they be wound forward. (old analogue style not digital) 2. in doing job no. 1 he lost the clip to hold the cable in the cluster. can they be bought on there own. or can one be made (pic would be good if anyones got one out at the minute. 3. when he got bored he sold the alloys so its on steelies. anyone in south yorkshire area got any cheap 4 studs (got some solitude/storm wheels that i could swap but they are 5 stud) 4. he also sold the exhaust from manifold back. again anyone with a very cheap system in the area? 5.should u be able to grab hold of the injector pipes and pull the injector clean out of the engine with no effort at all. whatshould hold them in. if anyone knows of any corrados in breakers or of one breaking in the area please let me know as theres alsorts missing from inside (cooper bridge in huddersfileld has a one in but i've been to it and theres nothing left of it).
  2. car used to be black apparently it got sprayed beginning of summer but by the look of it its been done a while. 17" team dynamics wheels. full powerflow system on it. interiors a bit shabby. non sunroof model
  3. a friend of mines just put a deposit down on it today. thought i'd see if i can find out a bit more of its history. It's on an H plate and in Bradford at the minute. + the MFA isn't working apart from the oil temp, outside temp and clock the others just read have dashes in stead of the readings. i read something about if the MFA isn't working then it's been clocked but its got a fare few MOT's and an HPI report with it and they all tally up.
  4. so from all of your experiences you get better mpg out of the optimax/V power but what does the balance out at compared to using normal 95ron. i've never tried optimax in my VR yet as my old civic vtec used to love the stuff too much. it made a noticable performance change both to the engine and the fuel gauge.
  5. look in the scuttle panel under the cover and there should be a drain hole. cant remeber the exact location but its more than likely that this will be the problem. i think the side repeater wires disappear down it.
  6. from when i was looking for one TCS were overpriced quite alot. search hard enough on the forums and you'll find the one u want privately and alot cheaper
  7. andyVR6

    Door catch/lock

    i'll just buy a new one then. just didn't want to try mending it and failing leaving me with a door that wont lock. might try scrappers first its pocket size and i'm sure there the same on some other vdubs.
  8. andyVR6

    Door catch/lock

    the spring that holds the catch open while the door is open has taken its self for a walk so when i close my door the latch hits the striker. can the unit be dismantled easily aqnd is there a certain way to do it.
  9. sell it privately or ebay, give it a good wash and polish get the paint work like a mirror and give the interior a good clean. as for the next car get another corrado pick up a very clean storm for 5k
  10. what brand tyres you got on. decent rubbers usually the first step
  11. http://www.pepipoo.com some decent info on there
  12. just in the middle of converting one as well but this is gettin 2l turbo out of a 406. not a lot to check for really other than the usual stuff. have a very good listen to the bottom end if its a high miler and the boot floors that i've seen have been scabby. if the breaks are sh1t thats normal on most
  13. the C's got a slightly bigger engine and more ponies under the bonnet as well. the golf highlines still hold there money pretty well just like the storms
  14. if it is the bowden cables i would assume the different lengths are for the different controls. VW should be able to get the correct one by putting in your reg number into the system
  15. fitted them to a friends, dads jag xk8. he nearly fainted when me and my mate went at the car with a drill and a holesaw. we put them in the rear lights and they worked perfectly. the read out was just a control unit with a speaker which got hidden away
  16. you will also need a plug lead removal tool aswell to remeove the plug leads. dont pull on the lead whatever you do
  17. you need the special multi splined bit. you usually get them in the torx kits. you can sometimes do them with a normal allen key if there not too tight, the allen key has to have a flat face not domed.
  18. but not at the same time
  19. theres always another way to stop your car gettin a ding. don't take it. do the shopping online and let them deliver it. if i do go though i go really late so i can park nearer the door, fly round and get stuff without tripping up over stupid annoying kids and you don't have to wait a lifetime to get through the checkout
  20. it can be done without removing the bumper. the bottom bolt inside the bumer is fidly to get back in but easier than removing bumper.
  21. i know that VRs are different from past experience they are flared more to accomodate the wider track. dont know if the later models used the same wings. sure somone will be along to help
  22. can the fronts be tinted legally. the glass on mine has a slight tint to it anyway. when i got done by the plod years ago for havin limo black in they told me that the factory tint in the glass is near enough the limit.
  23. cant see them letting too much info slip off the end of there tongue seen as tho they do the conversion themselves for the pricely sum of 4k+. found quite a bit on the mi16 and 306 gti-6 conversions but nothing on the 2.0 turbo. i've seen plenty of 1.6 and 1.9 gti's with the turbo technics conversion but thats about it.
  24. a friends just got hold of a 2litre turbo lump, box, loom and ecu out of a 406 and hes wanting to put it in his 205 gti. the engines a direct swap but the wiring is going to be the hard bit. cant find a thing on the net and most of the forums require stupid registering techniques. so i though i'd ask you lot first as you might know something or someone thats done it. The only thing i did find was a company called ecosse that will do the conversion for you for just over 4k which seems abit steep considering hes just got the engine for £400 and it came with a rolling shell and a 1.9 engine. he's practically made his money back already by stripping it. + does anyone know if the 406s had an immobilser built into the ecu?
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