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  1. my mates brother has one. its no match for a standard VR at all. but weve just fitted a 2.0 turbo out of a citroen xm in my mates 205 n that wipes the floor with the gti-6. it is running a 200sx turbo on it though
  2. there bad luck. went all the way to coventry to pick up a working sunroof put it in my mates C, swapped the panels over, all worked fine, built the interior back up opened it again and it wouldn't close. when we did get it closed it had lightly scuffed the panel. his is now like mine only goes up and down. leave it till the summer.
  3. have you got a card with a pin number on it if not then you may have a problem. if you have got the alarm certificate with the installers address on contact them and get the pin number from them. i had to get my pin number that way for my project C
  4. ive got michelin pilots on the front of mine not sure which version but i cant fault them.
  5. the mitsubishi gto has active front and rear spoilers . shame VW didn't give us an active front one we could then lift it to get over stupid speed bumps.
  6. yes its easy, had to do all my locks when i got my vr6. realsied about a month after getting it that the key only fit the ignition. take the lock out and u can move the little brass bits around (sorry dont know there name) get it as good as you can and if theres any still not level with the surface of the barrel when the key is inserted file them flat. try to make note of what you put where then you can repeat it on the rest of the locks. if you need to.
  7. thanks but no thanks my alarm works fine and have two perfect fobs just wanting to do the flip key thing. my other Cs got a toad ai606 on it but i cant take it out because its the only way in. the previous chav owner not only delocked it but dehandled it aswell
  8. ive removed 2 in the past from pug 306s and they were both bolted to the chassie legs
  9. mine doesn't have the 3 pin bit on the side. haven't scorpion gone bust? do they have to be sent to scorpion or will an alarm installer with the right equipment be able to do it. any ideas on price. if its expensive ill rip the toad oput of my other C the fobs going to be used as a donor to put it into a flip key but i wanted it to work before i started butchering it. id rather break this fob than the two that i have already got.
  10. just picked up an ebay bargain but cant find the instructions anywhere on the net on how to program it to my alarm. From some of the posts on here i think the alarms a scorpion. the fob is identical to the one in this pic
  11. nearly 2k a year for a 23 year old. u got 5 bans n 50 points on your license or something. shop around theres 18-19 year olds on here not paying that much
  12. i'm 21 and get bored easily the ones without numbers i have owned but never actually drove. 1. 91 1.0 fiesta bonus (the bonus was it had an MOT) mx5 pulled out while i was doin 60. 2. 92 VW polo gt. sensible mods sounded great and was a reliable go kart. 3. 95 pug 306 D turbo with dump valve(b4 they were common on diesels) and tuned abit. (left chavs in a cloud of black smoke) 4. 95 civic esi vtec (modified a little) jap scrap kept breaking so it went. 92 pug 106 1.4 d (never drove it bought to repair n sell) 92 mkII golf gti bought with the intension of tidying up and selling on but my mate put it into a lampost backwards somehow after 1 day of ownership 5. 93 corrado vr6 in white 90 corrado 1.8 16v deathtrap. scariest 20 miles ive ever drove my VR with this thing strapped to it by a straight bar.
  13. drive the car onto something. i had a polo that was on its arse. i had to drive it onto house bricks to get the jack under
  14. the header tank. mine leaks slightly along the joining lines of the top and bottom half just behind the black cover with the picture of a book on it
  15. i had that problem. think it was something that was done when the vw/scorpion alarm was fitted. spent a whole weekend trying stuff but failed. i ended up wiring in a switch inside to control them. mine doesn;t lock with the key either.
  16. check down where the plugs are. if the holes are full of water then i'd drain them somehow. dont take the plugs out if theres water down there. failing that check all the usual stuff especially the dizzy if its and early VR with manual dizzy unit.
  17. http://www.the-corrado.net/wiki/index.p ... eplacement
  18. the topics been covered quite a bit and i think theres a how to in the wiki section. is it the actual barrel you want to remove or just the ignition switch.
  19. seen a few of there things on ebay. think it would work out cheaper to take all the things you want off the car and get them done yourself. if you pay a little extra you can have them back the same day.
  20. i would have thought that there will be some sort of sealant stuff you could spray round the inside of the wheel.
  21. it gets worse over time my mates mum has some old BK wheels on her celica to look at them there minters but the tyres need blowing up once a week on the front ones
  22. how loud is it. is it in or out of the car. if its in have a look at the horn contactor. look in the gap between the wheel and the ignition cowling and put a bit of grease in. mine used to make a really annoying noise at slow speed. didn't notice it that much at higher speeds.
  23. it's a bit far out from me but may be a last resort for some interior bits
  24. do simpson salvage let you get yor own stuff or do you have to wait while they get it cos theres plenty of pocket size things i need
  25. it did look a bit of a mission when we went to pick it up. it was literally a skip on wheels. towed it back with the vr on a straight bar did 6 miles and realised that the wheels were all loose. once it was home it got a quick wash aqnd the inside got put back together which made it look alot better.
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