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  1. I learnt quite a bit watching this chap 'The Humble Mechanic' - one of his projects 'The White Wookie' ended up as a Mk3 VR6T after a full engine rebuild. His channel is at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2gRQKQgI3CsrcnMuHPyYsQ Non car related, I like a bit of Sci Fi, so I am also watching the Mandalorian (the new Star Wars) on Disney+ and I'm also working my way through The Expanse on Amazon.
  2. Great find and thanks for sharing. What is the part number for the round clip? I think the part number 191 857 971 you quote is for square clip. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey, We met at Harewood House 2018 - I remember your car, apart from being red (best colour) I was thinking at the time i'd love that lump under my bonnet. Problem is my 12V is running fine, so can't justify it. Not sure I agree with your comment that CCGB needs to become more like CF, conversely I'm not suggesting the CF needs to become more like CCGB, the fact is we all love the Corrado. The only slight difference is some like to modify, whilst others like to keep it strictly OEM. Shouldn't be an issue and suggest that comments should be kept positive in both directions. In my opinion, I'm not sure the OEM/modify spilt is so obvious nowadays. I suggest there are 'good' Corrado (well built/maintained) or 'bad' Corrado (rust buckets that sound like a tractor). There are very few Corrado I don't like, I just draw the line at cars such as the old Max Power Corrado (I seem to remember it was bright pink at one point). What I am keen to do is undo any bad feeling from previous years, which frankly is a real shame. As mentioned above, VW don't seem to care about the Corrado, so it is down to the committed few to keep the Corrado out on the road. What I would say is CCGB has changed for the better. I'll be honest, I wasn't massively impressed when I first introduced myself many years ago. That said, we nowadays have a really friendly bunch of members and plans to get out there and enjoy clocking up some miles as well as a few shows along the way. I am a massive fan of the Corrado Forum as a source of reference. It also seems to be a great place to chat about cheese... :-) All I would ask is people don't write off the CCGB based on past experience. I suggest there is benefit in supporting both CF and CCGB.
  4. Firstly – thank you Corrado Forum for the years of late night reading of random threads. I really hope this forum is around for years to come. Whilst I’ve not been on CF for as long as some, I do know the merge of CF and CCGB has been mentioned several times over the years, but for various reasons never happened. Having read this thread, I decided to pose the question to our committee and the initial responses have been really positive (most of us have used CF over the years). I therefore suggest it makes absolute sense for us to have an initial chat to scope the art of possible – thoughts? I suggest this is a really good time as well. CCGB is growing steadily (both free Facebook and paid full membership), we continue to have good attendance at shows/events, several socials this year and we ran a couple of fantastic road trips to Wales and Cornwall (Lake District and Wales in 2020). Some of you may also have noticed, in the background we have just launched our new website, much improved and now secure. What we haven’t managed to sort yet is a replacement for our old forum or create a new wiki…. hence reaching out now with this post. One thing I would like to raise - it concerns me to read comments such as: ‘they’re proud and protective of their club to the point it’s more important than the Corrado itself. Since I’ve been here there’s not been too much harmony between the two’ Yes we are very proud and protective of CCGB, but I simply don’t agree with the rest of the comment. Even if that was true in the past, let’s put any such nonsense behind us. I can categorically state there is no ‘us and them’ from our perspective – we are all passionate about the Corrado – so let’s have a chat. Let me know how best to get in touch and when is convenient. Regards, JamesGS Membership CCGB
  5. Hi Anna, Is Heritage still planning to stock more Spoonfed items? If so, do you know roughly when? Thanks, James
  6. Not used SONAX products before, having had a quick look I found a stick version, rubber treatment with foam applicator, or exterior plastic treatment gel?? Which one works best?
  7. When I bought the car about 2.5 years ago, the seller did a deal for the car and a stash of spares - so not sure how much they cost. In no rush to sell, but I am wondering if I'll ever need them as the ones on the car are pretty good? Hopefully Classic Parts will remake the window scrappers for you all - good luck!
  8. I've got a brand new set (both sides) that I planned to keep for an eventual full respray, but the ones on the car at the moment are pretty good to be honest (just depends if I can get them off without bending them). Really depends what they are worth?
  9. Clearly in demand, out of curiosity how much are a set (both sides) of OEM brand new window scrappers worth nowadays?
  10. I believe the Hella radiators are now obsolete, I looked around and everywhere shows out of stock. I'm sure I also saw a post that someone had contacted Hella who confirmed they are no longer into coolant parts and no plans to make any more rads. Couple of us on CCGB FB have been considering get a price for a group buy for ali rads, but won't be cheap.
  11. Daves16v - thanks. I actually went to have a look prior to getting your response, as you say, the leg is about 1 inch too wide for Corrado rails. It’s crazy that similar Recaro, but from a Mk 3 are so much cheaper (only £250 asking price), but I can’t be bothered to cock around chopping subframe, especially when the seats sit too high.
  12. Can someone confirm if Mk3 front seats are a direct fit, or do the frames need altering? It’s mentioned above the sit a little high, how much higher? Thanks
  13. BarberG60, I don’t suppose you still have that lever? Anyone else - I need a replacement plastic lever on driver’s seat part number 867881634. Thanks,
  14. Years ago I bought a CAT D Corrado, with light front end damage, basically a new front wing. In every respect it was a great car, but when I came to sell it one year later I really struggled. Whilst it puts off many buyers, it’s not a bad option if they plan to keep the car. Just be realistic with your price (see comments above) and it will sell. Good luck
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