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  1. Honestly I don't see anybody paying that kind of money for Corrado
  2. I have a dishes from RH ZW1 if they fit ??
  3. emu

    VR6 not starting :(

    Yep, as mentioned before, petrol is usually useless after 2-3 years. Drain it, put new petrol and it should start.
  4. emu


    Me too but it's ongoing think and no idea how many more years it will take. I will try to find out if he can give me a results from terraclean only but at the moment he's not really able to say anything in public yet about they research.
  5. emu


    One more thing worth mentioning. As he said most of the cars they tested have no more than 1-3% power loos from stated power by the factory. But, in other way, none of those tested cars never been on rolling rods right after leaving factory so they really don't know what was the actual power. This an ongoing test for the last few years. I know they bought 3 brand new cars some time ago, put them on rollers to check performance and they will run them till 60k miles in different road conditions and they will do tests. I was told one car is driving in town on short journeys only, second has mix conditions of motorways and town and third spends 90% of its time on motorways. It will be good waiting time till they go up to 60k milles, especially the one driving in town centre only.
  6. emu


    They tested terraclean and other systems and they made their own which is being changed all the time to find better improvements. As far as I know they were asked to provide official report of available engine cleaners on the market including the ones you can buy in a bottle at petrol stations which are almost not giving anything. Of course it's all about in how bad condition is your engine. Results will be better for engines in very poor conditions. All I was told, the most important thing is ability to test the car at exactly same conditions before and after the test. As Kevin said, colder air in inlet after cleaning will give better power gains that hotter air before cleaning. It is why results from same dyno at different times will vary. They testing everything in laboratory conditions. He confirmed that this systems cleans engines but gains in power due to cleaner engines are very small. He did confirmed that exhaust emission after cleaning is not significant better unless engine was in very bad condition. He confirmed that terraclean and most of the systems they tested does the job of cleaning engine but cleaner engine doesn't make huge improvements in the power gains, at least not as much as you shown in your graphs.
  7. emu


    I need to add few words. My very good friends father is a professor at very well known university in Poland. He's specializing in research which is all about making combustion engines more efficient and less pollution for environment. As a part of his research he and other phd peoples from same university they tested terraclean. I will say more, they even built their own system which is continuously updated and upgraded by new ideas. I can't say you anything how its work and what chemicals they are using as its a secret and he just can't tell me. I can tell you something about results and unfortunately they are not good. All systems works, one better one worst, all systems clean engines, specially valves and cats but results are so small it's not worth it. They test few cars a month and they make sure that every single test is performed exactly at same conditions. Every car has been rolling rolled, every engine has been checked using x-rays, very tiny cameras and other smart stuff. I asked him about some results but he's not allowed to give up anything. All he told me is that he never seen more that 1% improvements. All cars they testing have minimum 60k miles on the clock.
  8. I made attempt for a first test drive today but no luck. First of all I called my insurance and car is finally insured. That went all ok :) Then I decided to fit new pcv valve and that went not that good as a s shaped pipe is cracked so no point fitting it back. Need to wait till replacement arrives. This is how my current pcv valve looked like. Was thinking about using pcv delete kit but decided to leave it factory way and bought new pcv valve. £50 for a bit of plastic. That's ridiculous but no other choice.
  9. I will take it. PM on its way.
  10. One visible on picture. Mine is cracked. Original or rubber substitute if you know where to buy one.
  11. This is what I discovered today. My connector before PCV valve has no pins. Its just a tube not doing anything. I have a loom and connector for it but what is it for if the grey bit doesn't do anything ?? Its for a 1995 VR6
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-Corrado-VR6-2-9-Green-/251548433003?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3a91747a6b
  13. Don't know if it really counts but checked it in my garage if its still there :) Should be insured soon for my first drive :)
  14. I would change slave cylinder first and see whats happen. It should solve the problem.
  15. Master http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MAPCO-Clutch-Master-Cylinder-VW-CORRADO-53I-2-9-VR6-/191067009269?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Model%3ACorrado&hash=item2c7c7b30f5 Slave http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CLUTCH-SLAVE-CYLINDER-VW-Corrado-Coupe-VR6-1989-1995-2-9L-190-BHP-Top-German-/201059638140?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Model%3ACorrado&hash=item2ed0169b7c
  16. All depends from the price u looking for. Should sell quick under 2k or it will take forever if u want 3k or over.
  17. Hi and welcome. I have a friend who is dealing with ecu's so if you need something removed from ecu map give me a shout and I will ask him if hes able to do it. BTW He's not gonna charge you typical silly money and his quiet handy with car wiring as well if that can help.
  18. Wow, sotrm that sat for 10 years must be low mileage. Lots of parts needs to be replaced after that time but you should be fine.
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