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  1. Hehe, mine is deffo fake then. Its all about the fake badges :D Wouldn't pay more than 1k for it.
  2. Driver side headlight still needed, cracked, broken, no glass, as long mirror part is not broken I will take it. Mirror can be mat, no matter.
  3. Yep, You've paid 6k because of very low mileage.
  4. Its hard to get more that 3k for corrado now days, Usual price for a storm like yours is between 2 - 2,5k
  5. If you love it you'll be back no matter what you buy. Been there 7 times and decided to keep Corrado and buy another car along with it. Even if it means I can only use one car at the time I will keep the other in the garage.
  6. LOOKS LIKE A NICE STRAIGHT CAR. Gauges are manufacture option and quiet rare and expensive to buy nowdays.
  7. Bought this one 6 months ago as mine was broken. Works 100% fine http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-MK3-VR6-Engine-Breather-PCV-Valve-Diaphragm-7M0-128-101-Genuine-OEM-VW-/161168587564?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2586657b2c
  8. No No No. You are absolutely fine. Wait till you get to Corrado number 10 or above. This is the time yo should get some medical help :) BTW. Welcome back.
  9. Car looks super. Looking on a pictures I have no idea why I'm keeping mine in a garage instead of using it.
  10. Any advantages of the new sensor ??
  11. emu

    Windscrean trim

    Forgot to mention, it took them only 4 days, but job was done very well.
  12. emu

    Windscrean trim

    When I had my screen done few years back I've ask them what trim they are using. Of course it was not genuine one but when I had my car back everything was fitted perfectly so couldn't complain.
  13. Not mine but again I know lots of people is looking for it so here you go. Get yourself a Christmas present :) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-CORRADO-1989-1996-WINDSCREEN-MOULDING-SET-INNER-LEFT-RIGHT-TOP-OUTER-/121525635933?pt=UK_Cars_Parts_Vehicles_Other_Vehicle_Parts_Accessories_ET&hash=item1c4b7e0b5d
  14. Or this one for better stopping power http://www.epytec.de/kategorien/bremsentechnik/bremssatteladapter/vw/golf-caddy-scirocco-1/2725/vw-golf-scirocco-corrado-g60-vr6-16v-adapter-porsche-bremse-bremssattel-hinterachse-ink.-radnaben?c=1248
  15. I believe its easier to go this way http://www.epytec.de/kategorien/bremsentechnik/bremssatteladapter/vw/golf-caddy-scirocco-1/1280/vw-golf-scirocco-corrado-g60-vr6-16v-adapter-s3-r32-bremse-bremssattel-bremssatteladapter?c=1248
  16. My storm is SK002921 14.08.1995
  17. Not much happening as I'm extremely busy. Bought new wheels about 6-7 months ago. They are in perfect condition but needs resealing so I'm hoping I will get some time before next summer to take them apart and put a new seal on them. Was thinking about changing a color of centers from yellow to silver but I thing yellow will fit green storm perfectly :) So what you thing, they called ACT Mesh. 3pc forged wheels, 17" and as far as I remember 8,5" all round.
  18. Had one of them in pre-92 car
  19. emu

    Gearbox oil

    Been using Millers CRX 75w-90 when I had my evo and currently I've used it after my gearbox rebuild in my passat.
  20. Always liked new paint. Looks very shiny
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