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  1. Nice looking car and even better mk1 in the background. Welcome
  2. Looks like I need 4 rubbers Nice website. Thanks Bill
  3. It's been a long time since the last update. Been busy working them been made redundant and had no money to drive it or do anything with it. Now finally after 4 months I managed to find a new job and decided to fix all the advisory's from last MOT. Main one re headlights not reflecting light properly, they still passed MOT last year but I want to make them perfect. Looks like someone before used 100w bulbs and they went yellow and at the top of reflector and someone already stick some reflective tape which was all gone by now. Lights are stripped down and will be sent away for re mirroring. My next jobs advisory are 4 brake pipes, surface rust, already had a look at them and it's nothing, so a bit of wire brush and black hammerite paint should sort it out. Third and last adviroey are perished exhaust rubbers, so I'm just going to replace all of them with brand new ones. Car is going to be sorned till next summer and kept in the garage as due to my new job I will have no time to use it as most of the time I will be away from home.
  4. Want to replace all of them and I'm running miltek catback. Anyone can tell me how many rubber hangers the whole exhaust system have ? My car is away in a garage in different place so can't check it atm.
  5. Great car. If I only had £2k more in my saving account I'd be there to but it. GLWS
  6. ebay, autotrader, pistonheads should give you an idea for the price.
  7. emu

    Hid kit ?

    HID's are grate and all my cars have/had them. No issues so far at MOT.
  8. It's only the matter of time before you will be back with another one :D
  9. Welcome, put some pictures up.
  10. Looks like cloth ones goes between £1500 and £2000 depending on conditions. I've seen leather ones sold above £3k.
  11. emu

    The end

    Brake it on parts, keep rare parts and sell the rest, then buy another Corrado. Simplessss :)
  12. Trust me, unless seller has no idea what his got u need to pay a top dollar for them. I've sold mine for more that I paid for very nice Corrado storm :)
  13. One day you will find them
  14. Made in 1983 so remember and had all of them at some point. That was a different times. Better times I'd say :)
  15. emu

    Wanted: Corrado VR6

    You are mad but I know that feeling :) Good luck with your search
  16. Yep, good point and I know about it so the one I've got is a custom built quick spool turbo with 12cm housing instead typical 16cm.
  17. I think its Miltek 2.25" and I was thinking about making 2.5" downpipe with a reductor at the end to fit the exhaust at 2.25" but after doing some research found that everybody are fitting 3" downpipe in VRT so thought it is worth asking the question if its worth going from 2.5" to 3" downpipe to 2.25" exhaust as it make no sense to me. If I had a 3" turbo outlet I'd go for 3" downpipe. Having 2.5" turbo outlet my understanding is that I should go for 2.5" downpipe.
  18. Getting bored again so had some thoughts about putting a turbo to my VR6. Just need my hands getting dirty again :) Thing is that I have a brand new spare Holset HX35 sitting in a box. The outlet is a 2.5 v-band style. My exhaust is 2.25" or 2.5" stainless steel and I'm not planing to change it. Looks like a downpipe will be custom made by myself and I can use a 2.5" V-Band TO 3" V-Band adapter and plug it in between turbo and dwonpipe. Is it just worth going from 2.5 to 3 and then back to (2,25-2.5) exhaust. What would be pros and cons between going 2,5" all the way and putting 3" downpipe and leaving everything else at 2.5" ??
  19. emu

    Forum Virgin

    Welcome another Scottish Corrado owner :)
  20. Rear looks great, front could do with some modifications but overall I like it
  21. VR6 turbo downpipe needed. Preferred v-band one. Other parts considered like 4" maf housing, intercoller, exhaust manifold, short intake, 38mm waste gate, blow off etc. Basically everything except ecu, injectors and turbo.
  22. Its hard to sell Corrado nowdays unless its a very low mileage minter.
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