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  1. Registered the daily & my in laws live in Leeds so no excuse!
  2. Hey ther I've currently got a VR6 I use daily Long as you keep them regularly maintained can be abit juicey (VR induction roar) There's a Northants meet every Sunday at the lakeside were there's afew corrados that attend I try to attend as much as possible too
  3. Welcome to Corrado ownership Looks lovely & clean Always wanted a red Corrado
  4. Bally

    Ballys 16v

    Hi guys Thought I'd update this thread with my current daily a satin silver VR6 which I bought from Glasgow about 5months ago... After having a heavily modified Bora TDI which I was great car after 6yrs I was board needing a fun daily as I also own a Mk5 TDI as well so after not being able to sell the Bora i broke it for parts... Then the search began.... Couldn't help but buy another Corrado whilst my aqua Blue ones being rebuilt (12 yrs ownership) I bought this on 144k & was pretty much standard bar a miltek & a few other mods The rest is all my doing! Can't help myself just brings a smile on my face it's no show car just a fun daily! could do with a repspray which is on the to do list.. Driven it to Holland back in July such great feeling to jump in a Corrado & feel 21 again 😎
  5. Good to see you back! I too bought another Corrado about 5months ago as a daily with 144k a VR6 from Scotland.. Still own the blue 16v one which is stripped & being rebuilt (12yrs ownership) being back in another one is great!!
  6. As above after a set of leak free fk or Weitec Coilovers Adjusters must be free no crazy prices Can collect Milton Keynes / Midlands / Leeds area PM me
  7. Drop me msg with pics & prices guys Thanks
  8. After set of stock OE rear lights in good condition local to Milton Keynes or posted within reason Just can't believe how much there fetching after all these years of owning corrados! Also after rear number plate panel too PM me
  9. Bally

    Corrado mod sunroof

    Can I just swap the glass panel over from a B4? Or would I need the shutter cover thing too? I've got a fully working sunroof don't want to swap it over & it stops working
  10. Thanks all... Ray, it's on TT comps in last few pics... Hello Jim! Yes definitely need to come to the Coventry meet come & say hello... Thanks mark... Do miss rc's great wheels
  11. Cheers mate, was a hard decision to break the bora but it's worth more in parts... Haha no more wheels!
  12. Bally

    5x100 RH's

    My old wheels lol
  13. Well people a lot of the older faces & users of the forum will probably recognise my user name I own a 16v aqua blue corrado which was my daily for 6/7 yrs then came of the road for a restoration but been stripped & sat collecting dust since 2009! Well that's changed a lot recently & it's currently of for paint... The engine & box is gone & being replaced the interior the wheels brakes infact nothing has been left from original car!! Now my craving for Oldskool has taken the better of me & last year my friends & I completed a tdi PD conversion in a mk2 rococo which I loved so much I decided to put my heavily modified bora tdi up for sale to get something similar only to end up with a satin silver N reg 1995 VR6! I'm so in love with this that its my daily & the bora is now being broken for parts as it seemed easier to shift due to current value of cars & market being generally full of peeps who want something for nothing! So going back to the current corrado! Bought it pretty cheap from Scotland pretty much stock apart from full miltek, polished inlet & needing some tlc I've fitted witec coilies Ramair induction, new alarm, needs bodywork so new wings to go on & had cat1 fitted few days ago! on its 4th set of wheels! Everyone who knew me no my trademark is to run my cars silly low static! Anyways on with afew pics! P.s I don't do built threads anymore so lookout for me at shows!! Also we run a local vw meet every Wednesday at 8pm !! over in Nuneaton all dubbers welcome! CV10 7RA
  14. I'd be interested in the rear bench if it's the hump version?
  15. As above after a set of above in black cloth Must be in good condition complete if possible but no damage Can collect if close to Milton Keynes or Leeds Pm me if anyone has any Thanks
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