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  1. Hi guys! My heater air always seems to come out of the top window vents very slowly when I have it set to hot air. when i have it set to cold air it shoots out fine... The motor is making a little squeaking noise every now and then but nothing drastic, the other vents work fine too... on both hot and cold. it's just the window "de-mist" vent that seems slow and only when hot :scratch: any ideas? should I pop the dash out and get a look?
  2. thanks guys... I think the time of year also contributed to the situation somewhat. If anyone gets theirs please post on here to let me know... Stuey B - You have PM rixy - no worries, you also have PM pobmk4 - again, you have PM
  3. JUST TO INFORM YOU ALL! The rollers went in the post on the 12th Dec and they went second class. I had to get the cheaper postage as i have 20 unsold rollers! This is of course not the fault of those who paid on time but there is little i could do but pay for the cheaper stamps as i had to pay for them out of my own pocket. ~If you don't have them before the 20th Dec then please let me know Again, for those who paid for 1st class postage i am very sorry... but it really couldn't be helped! :(
  4. you tried opening the windows in the car? http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?59010-Who-knows-To-store-or-not-to-store. If you have it in a dry garage you shouldn't have damp. My car on the other hand is on the driveway... hence my hesitation with declaring her off road.
  5. I was going to declare my car SORN but I havn't done it yet.... Maybe I could be persuaded. ;)
  6. Use you Burrito cable in the taco ports... then dip it in the chilli sensor
  7. OK chaps... Sorry for the wait but the rollers will be going in the post tonight. I've been waiting for the paypal money i had left from the sale of the rollers to be transferred to me so I can buy the stamps. I hope you get them soon x Let me know when they turn up. Also, we still have a few sets left if anyone ones some more :)
  8. I might have... Some people didn't pay so I'll let you know after I've sent out the ones I've got
  9. rollers arrived today! Everyone who has paid "should" get the rollers to them within the next few days. Cheers!
  10. ahh bums... you know this means I win now yeah? CAKE RULES
  11. Nice one getting it fixed though ;)
  12. Might just be because it was from GSF. They tend to be crap for non oem electricals
  13. Mine was 2 years SORN. With only 3 months of driving I think.... I feel your pain. It's all achievable though with the money and motivation ;)
  14. That's a modest list when you think about it... There are allot of "ifs" but i think most of that stuff could be done in a few good days. With a new engine the Pas will be easy to swap... new tyres might be expensive but for an MOT part worn might be a better bet just to get you on the road. The brakes are reasonable new from VWspares and there are companies that can get braided hose made to order for half what you'll pay online for a standard set. And you not living in Dundee means there is no cake tax like up here so that should save you a few bob too
  15. hmm ones blue and ones black... can't remember which ones which though :lol:
  16. Those who haven't paid... now that i have ordered the rollers I'll give you all time until they arrive with which to ensure you have paid the balance on the rollers. If I don't get payment by then then i will assume you no longer want them and will offer them to someone else. The list has been updated on the first post also. Make sure your details are correct and let me know if anything is missing. The rollers are now in production and the numbers are fixed at 330 units. The rollers should be ready to be sent out before Christmas!
  17. Classic! Get some lass to donate some tights to your charger belt and you'll be set :lol:
  18. This was the last day this year that the car was driven about then! The final drive... It's been a long year but my most productive I've ever had on the C... Mostly thanks to neobadness for his constant supervision (when not braking my tools... ) and of course, this forum and the corrado club members. Special thanks to yandards, vkrisv, Enthusiastowned (cheers for that sump dude!) cazzaVR, Mimjed and even boostmonkey... Even with the cake fixation! But really, everyone who has read and been part of this little story, thank you! Without it I'd probably still be sat here with a clapped out broken bag of rust, but as it stands I'm standing here with a clapped out old bag of rust.... WITH an MOT :D Anywho, just to recap, this year saw: New wishbones New engine mounts New anti roll bars New kw suspension New splitter New power steering pipes, pas rack and belt New hubs New callipers New disks and brake pads New flexi hoses New brake pipes all round New centre caps New pulley tensioner New oil feed lines to charger New sub frame and bolts Refurbished interior New custom car mats All new internal trim Replacement sunroof cartridge AND a new steering wheel And that's just what I remember!!! :lol: next year I have a new ASD gearbox to go on, a new stainless steel exhaust to fit with tubular steel manifold and the supercharger to service! But until march (or when the sun comes out) she'll be under cover for Christmas. :) Anywho, here's what I'm left with. Enjoy!
  19. you have PM Sorry, I thought I had already replied? you have PM There are still folk that havn't paid but it's getting on to December now and I think we have waited long enough. I asked the company to begin manufacturing the rollers and I have personally made up the difference. There are a few sets that have still to be sold so if anyone is interested then please let me know. :)
  20. I think that's more likely than the MFA. let us know how you get on
  21. I have a OEM oil cooler and I struggle to keep it BELLOW 90 degrees around town! On a duel carriageway I may see a steady 84-90 but If i'm in traffic i can often push 100 degrees quite quickly. If you hadn't mentioned that you had changed it, I would have said your thermostat was stuck open... You sure you don't have an after market cooler? I would imagine that the MFA was faulty, it would either give a static number or "--" reading. The fact that it is changing with temp would indicate that it's receiving a signal and that is being read and converted into a reading.
  22. I do miss running water... :scratch:
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