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  1. That item along with the cam cover is the only thing i'll consider posting so ur in luck! I don't know what postage will be though so will let u know. I do indeed take paypal. U have pm
  2. SOLD Rip Corrado... Gone to Gti_Jamo from the forum though so at least shes going to a good home. x
  3. Payment was not forthcoming. Shes now back up for sale as listed in the fist post
  4. Hi Guys, Have sold the corrado but still need to shift several associated bits. I'm not in the position to arrange for a courier for these but if the buyer does this then i'll happily wrap the stuff up for transit. Very good but used Powerflow Stainless steel exhaust system (de-CAT) w/ oval tail pipe - SOLD & Powerflow stainless tubular steel exhaust manifold - SOLD Early dragon green bonnet in good condition. - £50 CTN 02a Gear box from a mk3 golf. Previously done around 100k miles. - £100 Reconditioned and resprayed rear bumper (early) in black - £70 Bumper iron and brackets, Hot dipped and powder coated in black - £80 (i'll sell the bumper and the bracket for £125) Headlining and exterior panel the sunroof (no mech) in dragon green - £20 G60 intake manifold, used - £40 Polished early g60 cam cover - £20 Door handle - £5 or Offers Window mech - £5 or offers Alternator. I don't know if this is working! - £10 Burgundy slam panel. Vgood condition. Only very minor rust - £40 all the above are ONO I will endeavour to get pics for these asap. Cheers Alex EDIT: I don't know what it is about this forum but I can't seem to upload pictures at all sorry. The pics are at the links bellow. https://gyazo.com/34e5efbf67e85dd101faf176d8c33e3d https://gyazo.com/0bb3a3dc63053c2382725108ad47a013 https://gyazo.com/81ff28e97b431befbadb7abfc19027db https://gyazo.com/f812741e9521811fc04ba120e10ace6e https://gyazo.com/5bd2bcb43e8b1d22e53dbf67d15a912b https://gyazo.com/f3cbe7380365e1676f51ea14b14d6848 https://gyazo.com/d3ab9e87f0ce8ce3874e5f8f9d97d4b6 https://gyazo.com/ace06f0634c44fa25db51af811fa72e6 https://gyazo.com/1cfda24ebdd54b480053e18884dbcf1e https://gyazo.com/af1acb8e6b08ea3611eca2f7b1636fe4 https://gyazo.com/1628dbdee6ab4a0a6c2e544d1eb66332 https://gyazo.com/cbb583f3cdc9590d7a6ee092a33ae1f5 https://gyazo.com/b8ce29b76d1904403255d0428d210b76 https://gyazo.com/5db009ed0a9c32b00ff465428f50b6e1 https://gyazo.com/59b6d92cd2ae3d990ee1cd38f21cfcbf
  5. The car is currently Sold on ebay, I'm just waiting for payment Cheers guys And don't worry regulars... I'll be back soon enough, We always come back....:twisted:
  6. ;) https://www.skyscanner.net/transport/flights/edi/sou/170804/airfares-from-edinburgh-to-southampton-in-august-2017.html?adults=2&children=0&adultsv2=2&childrenv2=&infants=0&cabinclass=economy&rtn=0&preferdirects=false&outboundaltsenabled=false&inboundaltsenabled=false&ref=home#results Not far at all mate :D
  7. Sorry I couldn't seem to upload the photos. Please see these links for all the basic pics. https://gyazo.com/ec7b64ccaa18138d2ef36a5eff508749 https://gyazo.com/2bb38bdae02ed555f9887af6a0a02cb8 https://gyazo.com/733c8e1fffcbcc1a914466ffca101f46 https://gyazo.com/3529dd916e085ba9be69dd852a209be0 https://gyazo.com/9d54f0548b78680b9b046e38bac6bad1 https://gyazo.com/127d45bc178f16e3e7f29bf26b155beb https://gyazo.com/1e840188464e9826a91de8d45d4ead5a https://gyazo.com/9096d99fed453a57fef6f0c2175ff396 https://gyazo.com/2ce359468b76c16276b87f27a05f7b5d
  8. EDIT: Now sold, cheers Hi guys, The time has come to sell the G60 :(. I've had this car since 2009 and It's only done aprox 10,000miles with me. Mostly due to it spending the majority of it's time under cover with it's engine out. I've probably spent the best part of £5000+ give or take over the past 7 years. However, the arrival of a new baby in the house means i'm having to reluctantly sell her. She is currently SORN with no MOT but i hope i have priced her accordingly. She is a J reg, has 170k on the clock and has been sat up in a garage for the past 2 years. I was using her as a summer car mostly, I had a small power problem a few years ago that turned out to be a boost leak but otherwise the engine seems sound. last MOT was in Aug 2013 with 3 advisories, 2 for the tyres and 1 for the exhaust but i have a new stainless steel one that will be included in the sale. I have a full and VERY honest thread regarding the major works and problems I've fixed here : http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?44782-Alex-s-G60-Mistress-up-for-sale TLDR see bellow for mostly full listing of works Spec. Stage 4 Charger on a 68mm pully Kw v1 suspension Powder coated cross members + slam panel Replaced sub-frame, engine mounts, steering rods, wishbones, and all ball joints and rubbers associated with these. New roof mech and seal New radiator and temp sensor New lambda sensor New fuel filter New throttle cable New brake bias valve New steering wheel and cowling New front and rear brake calipers, pads and disks (last 1000 miles) New copper brake lines throughout replaced PAS rack and pipes replaced charger tensioner pulley and spring Replaced braided oil feed hose to charger Refurbished original interior including replacement centre console and various plastic trims Upgraded head light loom in IP60 rated box All electrics working and engine bay wiring has been hand wrapped in new flame retardant fabric Working spoiler Upgraded door handle pins and re-tumbled all locks to match ignition (two keys included) 15inch Fox alloys with custom hub caps CD player And lots more (check the thread for everything) Included in the sale are the following: Spare CNTgolf MK3 diesel gear box New milltek exhaust and tubular steel manifold New resprayed rear bumper and bumper iron (iron was hot dipped and painted in 2pac) Replacement late style bonnet in very good condition (dragon green) G60 Throttle body (intended to port and replace existing) Polished rocker cover Two Sony in car fitted speakers, previously fitted to parcel shelf. Spare sun roof panel One box of various OEM bolts, valves, sensors, relays etc. All brand new (there is a load more stuff but i can't remember it all. If i find anything of importance I will update the thread) Cons Needs new bonnet due to excessive corrosion (hence the included bonnet) Rear passenger wheel arch is going rusty. Spoke to a friend in auto body repair and he said a new panel would be best but could be repaired. Passenger door needs resprayed Charger is due a service. There was a boost leak due to a poorly connected pipe, but the charger is also very much past its best. The alloys are little scuffed and two of the tyres are needing replaced (close to legal limit) I'm asking for £1400ono for the car and everything listed. Anything else i have that is corrado related is also yours as i need the space in the garage. If someone wants the car as is without the extra stuff then the car buy itself is £1100 I love this car... It pains me to sell it tbh but she needs a good home. I'll be giving all forum members first refusal. Car is located in Dundee, Scotland. Thanks Alex Price reduced for quick sale
  9. Hey fella's. Will be sellin the corrado shortly. I'm afraid i went and had a baby and although those baby recaro seats look smart a new passat looks better... I did get some work done to it since i last posted but its still bassicaly not moved. Was wonting advice on the price of g60's now adays and wondering if anyone would be interested in a project? It needs very little to pass an MOT but its far from perfect. Pros. 68mm pully on charger Kw v1 suspension New bumber + bracket resprayed. Powder coated cross members + slam panel Replaced subframe and engine mounts Spare golf deisel gear box (not fitted) New miltec exhaust and tubular steel manifold (not fitted) New roof mech Upgraded head light loom All electrics working fine (including spolier) Upgraded door handel pins And lots more (check the thred for everything) Cons Needs new bonet (i have a spare that i'll include in the sale) Rear passenger wheel arch is going rusty as well as windscreen seals. Charger is due a service. Due to their age probably could do with fresh tyres. Had it running yesterday, starts just fine. Has been kept in a garage under a cover for two years now so is dusty but still good otherwise. Have been starting it every few months to keep the engine healthy. Also did a compresion test on it and its all fine. Advice or interest welcome. I have SOOOO many other things to sell with it, 8 years worth of bits and bobs.... various panels, componants etc. Just want to see it go to a good home :,(
  10. Car: G60 Exhaust: Mk3 golf Stainless steel Jetex Back box clamped to original/OEM tail pipe then fixed to car via vertical steel hanger bolted through spare tire well... Opinion: Pay better attention to cars when you buy them! :bonk:(Sorry couldn't resist) TBH though, it actually sounds pretty good... just looks a mess and it has messed up and melted the bumper where it doesn't hang correctly!
  11. Indeed! I'm good thanks all, I've literally got tones to tell (although only half of it is Corrado related) So for those who are interested here is the potted version (rated PG) Last time I posted properly I had just lost my job and was living in a small flat in Dundee feeling sorry for myself; the same for my car I expect. Then about 4 years ago I met a lass called Cath and I'm now about 3 weeks from my wedding. Pretty excited to tell the truth... I could ramble on for hours about it TBH but i'll spare you the details and go straight to the car. She had been left on my drive since 2013 without moving more than 2-3 weeks at a time and I was starting to feel like all the hard work I had previously done was starting to unravel. All that powder coating, all those new bolts, engine mounts suspension.... just rusting up on the car. But then about a year ago Myself and Kris decided to go on a bit of an adventure and we drove his Corrado across Europe. For those who are interested I'll link the route we took here when i can find it. But briefly we went via Spa to Germany, nurburgring, to Prague then Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and french Rivera to Nice then north back into Germany then home. I had just got a new job and Kris had been nagging me for ages to do it... :camp: PICS [ATTACH=CONFIG]81349[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]81350[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]81351[/ATTACH] This made me want to do the car up again... I moved out of the flat and got myself a house with a little garage and that was last year. Then I took The woman to Spain and asked her to marry me... It's been super crazy since then. Paying for a wedding (could have bought 6-7 corrado's with the money for that!) and doing up the house the car has yet again sat idle... but NO LONGER! In 4 weeks I'll be stripping out the engine, removing the super charger and sending that off to be refurbished. A the same time i'll be fitting the stainless steel exhaust that I've now had for over 3 years! and my mate is gunna help me strip it down and do a full respray. I've already got him spraying the front bumper, bonnet and rear bumper (+iron) :thumbleft: I had a real ruff patch but i think things are on the up for once. I'm gunna get married on the 16th of May for anyone wanting a beer on me! (near Perth, Scotland) you're all welcome to gate crash! Admission is charged at One quick blast around the estate in your corrado! Can't wait to post some real nerdy car picks in the summer when I can take some time off and open up that engine bay once more. Speak soon!!!
  12. you would know wouldn't you Jim ;)
  13. I am returned... Watch this space....:batman:
  14. Been polishing some things to replace on the car yesterday. From this [ATTACH]62097[/ATTACH] To this [ATTACH]62101[/ATTACH] I also polished this jobby for the charger belt tensioner. They're not great jobs but not bad considering the condition they where in and the fact I was working outside behind a shed
  15. M reg vr6, broughty ferry, Dundee with cream leather interior and in dragon green, black alloys. Nice noise :)
  16. Well I tell you what, I'll PayPal you £20 for postage and for the hassle etc. and if you can fish out the studs then that would be an amazing bonus. Can you Email me your PayPal again?
  17. That's right! That would be great if you could find it mate cheers. Don't worry about the manifold studs though mate. I'd rather get new ones i think :)
  18. Ahhh dude that would be life saving thank you! I'm on my phone just now but when I get back I'll send you a link to a picture of what I need. As for the exhaust it's been sat in my shed since I got it :lol:. Waiting to get this fixed and get my intake manifold ported before I pop it on. I also need some new manifold bolts and exhaust hangers :)
  19. Thanks for the messages guys. I'm trying to keep my chin up... Unfortunately my corrado has other ideas I've snapped a few bolts [ATTACH=CONFIG]59649[/ATTACH] Number 15, and 36 have both snapped. Number 15 is obsolete but i have replaced it with a length of M8 bar and a few nuts. Number 36 however is more of a pain... Basically, it has snapped inside the threaded bar that is set into the charger support bracket. I've had a garage near m try everything to get it out... Drilling, oxy acetylene torch, taps, reverse screws... It aint coming out for anything. So the garage suggested I get a new bracket and the swap the hole thing. Trouble is the charger bolts are corroded up and he couldnt get them out either :bonk:and without those bolts off I can't get the charger or the bracket off either. Also, The bracket (no.2 in the picture) is also obsolete. "sigh" I've ordered what bolts I can from VW as well as a new throttle cable as mine is so stiff it keeps pulling off the pedal but with no money coming in at the moment I may have to untax the car again... I only just got the tax 3 days ago :lol:
  20. hey buddy. Could you help me out with the super charger mounting bracket? Number 2 in the picture bellow... [ATTACH=CONFIG]59645[/ATTACH] I can do £20 posted? Edit: Found a better picture... I just need the metal plate, i don't need the whole bracket and I don't need the tensioner etc. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59657[/ATTACH]
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