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  1. I've been wanting to put the car off the road but before I did I wanted to clean the car... however, because i work I never get home before it's dark so i need to use a machine or jet wash or something. Guess how many car wash places are in dundee? 10 that I could find.... now guess how many are open! :bonk: They are all either closed after 5pm or out of order...
  2. I'd have her under the cover more often if i wasn't so dam addicted! :D
  3. I want the next instalment of the cartoon!
  4. sorry mate, i got one off a pal in the end ;)
  5. Well boys and girls that's it for this year on the corrado front. With no garage and the weather turning nasty she'll be going under the tarp for the next few months. See you in March!
  6. oh well... at least I wont get the annoying facebook updates so is JMR the new chaps to look to for g60 work? Mine desperately needs looking into....
  7. I think that we have knocked this year on the head mate... I'm declaring the car off road as are some others folk. maybe best to leave it till next year now. unless there is still anyone else interested?
  8. Indeed... if your fitting a full cage just remove the sunroof mech and fill the hole with polycarbonate... Unless you want it looking *MINT* in which case get a fibreglass or carbon fibre roof.
  9. I had the clocks out a few weeks ago and the vac tube looked fine and i still get 99.9mpg... Where does the other end of the hose attach to?
  10. Nope, you have time... I still can't make the order because there are still people that haven't paid. ~PM sent
  11. OK chaps get out your tickling sticks and get that cash in! I'm almost in a position to pay but I need a few more folk to send their cash! Also, check out the table on the first post. Find your name and check i have the details correct! Cheers!
  12. Cheers dude... Shes getting the big dundee cake in the sky now.... Funny your 16v not measuring boost :lol: It would have been useful if it was working though... I need to know how my charger is doing
  13. Thanks guys... I indeed needed a man hug :( In other news.... I AM FURIOUS!!! :censored: The other day I took my car to a local garage to fit new track rods and ends basically because for me to do it would take to long and I didn't have the correct tools etc. Anywho, ever since I got it back I noticed the steering would shake occasionally like torque steer but worse. I had a look this weekend and guess what I found! The garage hadn't tightened up the 3 bolts that connect the hub to the wishbones... in fact 2 of them where working themselves loose when I found them. I might have been killed! GRRRR I never have anything good to say about garages! :mad2: And finally, the MFA boost check doesn't work... just read a big fat 0. Annoying really but not unexpected. Will have to figure out how to fix that now I suppose.
  14. Agh glous... You anywhere near Kempsford? Or fairford?
  15. Don't have a picture of a good one... Just so long as the steel isn't too rusty and the brackets that hold the bumper on to the car seem strong and don't wobble about then that should be fine... If I bid on it a win can I arrange for a courier to pick it up??? Or could you deliver it to anywhere near Swindon or the A419?? Your over that way yeah? Would meet you half way maybe??
  16. Hey buddy, is that rear bumper complete with the bumper iron? What condition are the brackets in?
  17. Well... I was going to check the steering issues and the boost levels on Wednesday because i had a few hours spare in the afternoon but Instead i had to take my poor little ferret to the vet and sadly put her down :( not very happy, she was only 2 years old... sad day RIP Sushi [ATTACH=CONFIG]49952[/ATTACH]
  18. that rad weld doesn't do the engine much good but 2 weeks shouldn't pose your engine much of a problem... It only reacts when in comes in contact with oxygen so the internal engine compoents shouldn't be coated with to much rubbish ;)
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