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  1. you just showing off your bumper sticker in that pic...
  2. Update, Nothing has happened to the car as I'm now unemployed and looking for work. I still have a MOT valid until September though so i may well tax her again if i can find some money. As for things like refurbishing the charger and the like though... that may have to wait.
  3. Yeah, you may be right. you have my number though if things don't move ;)
  4. 7dldN8uj6ow&lf=plpp_play_all
  5. Didn't get a good look at the rado as i was driving past it at speed but it looked like a 16v, spotted yesterday at about 10am in Dundee on the roundabout next to the airport. The driver looked like he was wearing about 14 scarf's!
  6. still no luck? dam... times are tough it would seem :( Just a thought mate but could you get it down to Aberdeen, Dundee or Perth? I know a mate in Dundee who has a secure unit that you could store it in? Just thinking that you might get more interest if you had it located somewhere where people could come see it you know?
  7. Signature looks fine to me know! cheers Mate great job once again! :D
  8. like the look except the logo... i miss the Corrado silhouette :( as for the running of the site i all seems to work ok. Nice work Andi ---------- Post added at 11:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:57 AM ---------- also... the signatures on my browser seems to be very high up in the posts... Like they're actually part of the posts. Dunno if that's me or the forum though... might be my browser i suppose (firefox)
  9. Folk don't ken do they! When you can't walk out your house without snow shoes or a shovel then you've seen snow!
  10. I bet it drives like a tractor.... http://www.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx?sku=11862
  11. would ayone be interested in this?? http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?60934-Calling-All-Scotts-%28east-coast%29-Auto-Test
  12. This is another video of me having a go Notice the VW motor sport jacket! :lol:
  13. Hi Fella's! I've been going to an auto test in Forfar for the past year or so now once a month and the organizers have asked if I knew of anyone who would be interested in coming along? It's organized through the 750 Motor Club and it costs about £20 a pop for a days driving. You get a shot in their cars and you don't even have to hold a current driving licence as it's done off the public highway at the Forfar Mart car park. Here's a video to give you an idea.... Sooo If anyone is interested the next one is on Sunday 5th Feb, but failing that there is one on the first Sunday of each month. If anyone is interested please drop me a pm! :)
  14. You may regret that... I find computers to be something of a waste of money at the best of times. Also, as I said before the biggest things that will mark up the cost above £350 is a graphics card and fancy processor which your saying you don't need? Sooo all you need to browse the net, write documents, watch films and listen to music is on the most basic of laptops. All you need therefore in my eyes is a reasonably big screen... And I think you mentioned 15", that's quite small nowadays... Why do you need to justify spending more than £350? ---------- Post added at 02:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:20 PM ---------- and as far as Dell goes, I've got a 7 year old Dell small business server and all our computers are dell. They seem to do the job! I think the horror stories you hear are sometimes down to poor IT support or bad practise in terms of maintenance.
  15. "that Nonsense"!!! my lord, I bet you loved Jar Jar binks didn't you! Joking aside... I didn't Love every scene, some are just very to much like hard work. But, some are amazing, some are beautifully done, some have charm and some are just down right amazing considering they where made at home by amateurs. But the biggest thing I liked about it was the finger they where putting up to George Lucas. He needs a slap in the face for the what he did to the original films... this project reminded me of "be kind rewind" and you must admit, it's a huge undertaking to recreate! ---------- Post added at 02:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:10 PM ---------- I know!!! ingenious isn't it!
  16. your mad! it's amazing in so many ways... Yes, it's like watching countless amateur dramatic society performances stitched together but the concept and execution of some of the scenes is truly epic.... the animation @ 7mins in is pretty good for instance
  17. :lol: good luck with that then! he is a young boy after all... I'm sure he listens to everything his elders tell him ;)
  18. http://outlet.euro.dell.com/Online/SecondaryInventorySearch.aspx?rn=8230&SC=lowToHigh&c=uk&l=en&s=dfh&cs=ukdfh1&PLikeId=1_628189_1_761194_1_144178_1_148200_1_127152_1_16426_1_650187_1_642186_1_749190_1_631197_1_649189_1_647187_&Flag=1 there ya go, Decent laptop, with graphics card, windows home and all the trimmings. That's a middle range machine that should do you fine. If your wanting to compare you could go to PC world with that spec and see how much you could get one for, I reckon it will be in the region of £350ish...
  19. If he's not going to use the computer for gaming then £200-£300 should by you a very reasonable laptop from anywhere to PC world or even tesco. But the chances of him not wanting to play games are slim i Reckon! :lol: Try this - http://www.dell.co.uk/outlet Dell second hand/returned laptops. You can get high spec, good looking things for reasonable prices. for any serious gaming, designing or complicated programs your best bet it to try to get a laptop with a seperate Graphics card with it's own memory. Most laptops have an intergrated graphics card in the mother board that cut's the cost down.
  20. Better than the "digitally remastered" crap that George Lucas made the original films into... And heart warming when you consider the effort and creative thought that went into it. http://www.starwarsuncut.com/ [video=youtube;7ezeYJUz-84]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ezeYJUz-84
  21. Nice... What is it btw? G60 turbo? looks like an interesting engine bay set up.
  22. Annoyed at work (or lack thereof)... Glance at my ipod and hit shuffle... site back and relax... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84i7zQ_ACnU
  23. ahh general admission? http://www.bookf1.com/f1-britain/tickets.htm?gclid=CP6Kydeu6K0CFQcNtAodQwIA4w Your best bet for general is to stand at becketts... unfortunately all the early tight hairpins at village are admission by ticket only. Should be an epic day though, quite jealous!
  24. My friend Jenni works for McLaren Racing as a aerodynamic design engineer and even she is only permitted in the pit lane when she is asked to attend to comment on a new component or something. I've asked her in the past if she could swing tickets, VIP access and it's a definite no no unfortunately. Still... Free tickets to Silverstone is pretty wicked! What paddock you in?
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