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  1. In need of a bit of help. Today I’ve had a go at removing the heater matrix without taking the dash out. Using the step by step guide on vagdrivers, and adding a few of our own, we managed to get it out. (Defiantly a 2 man job, and preferably with someone who’s had a dash out before. Cheers Dave16v for the help today) I would say it is possible to remove and replace, but it is a nightmare, hense the dash came out after. After looking over the heater matrix the foam covering the flaps has completely perished and 90% has fallen away. Has anyone replaced it, if so, what is the part or where did you source the replacement from? Also the foam on the duct at the end of the heater box and around the top of the centre ducts has just crumbled away. Is there a suitable replacement? Vw heritage doesn’t show one. There are now more car bits in the garage, than in the car. Hopefully once the matrix is sorted I can get it all back together and put the car in the garage.
  2. Yes, but more bluey than black. You could smell burning oil when behind him. Totally gutted for you mate, but hope you can get it sorted.
  3. I'd be interested, but it would mean taxing the bloody car as it runs out at the end of September when I normally take it off the road.
  4. Hi Jim, I did mine over 2 weekends. Full front end off, engine out and all ancillary's stripped off in the first weekend. Brought a few new seals, spark plugs and a few other bits and bobs and then everything back in the second weekend. I agree that a straight swap can be done in a day or a relaxed weekend with a few helping hands and the right tools.
  5. All sorted!!! Loose relay by the looks of it. Happy it was an easy fix, but can't believe it was an easy fix!
  6. Didn't even get that far, I'd been out in it on the Saturday morning, got in it Sunday morning and it would fire up. It's turning over fine, but its not even coughing or trying to start. Had a look and listen to it tonight and I can't hear the fuel pump prime as I turn the ignition. So I think I need to fine a working one :) I guess I'm lucky, that's the second time its broken down, both times in the car park at home :)
  7. Looks and sounds as if it was a good show. Unfortunately I didn't get there, because of a suspected fuel pump failure. Need to have a proper look and get it sorted for Harewood....
  8. I know its a bit late, but I've finally managed to get round to getting the photo's of the camera. After spending 10 hours the other day editing prom night photo's its nice to get back onto my own stuff. Only 2 from the day that really stood out. But I guess the important 2.
  9. That hoist bracket looks the business mate. Have you had a closer look at the colour and texture match between the cam cover and lower inlet?
  10. Received mine today, thank you very much. Looking forward to getting it fitted soon.
  11. I broke mine just after Christmas and made a new one at work. This is the prototype I made [ATTACH=CONFIG]74688[/ATTACH] This is the final design, its a little thicker than the original and the grub screw is an extra added measure to make sure it doesn't fall off. [ATTACH=CONFIG]74687[/ATTACH] I can make another if your interested? ​PM me if you are.
  12. Collected mine from the Post Office today! ​Thanks
  13. God know's how I missed this, please put me down for one :)
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