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  1. I'll have a proper look at the battery connections tonight. The interior light/clocks went off when i turned the key i.e. trying to crank. Would ignition switch cause this?
  2. Hi, So weird one yesterday. Drove the car a few miles to my aunts house. Parked up for 20mins and then then i went to start her up, there was no power at all. The clocks went blank. No interior light. Took the key out and went to check if the battery was connected (replaced it a few weeks ago with no issue since then). Also checked/pushed the fuses/relays in the car to make sure they are in (had heater matrix replaced a few weeks ago). Now i can see the clocks and also the interior light comes on. Put the key in and turn but nothing. No cranking. Clocks also go blank. Again tried pushing in all the fuses/relays and also jiggled the wires on the battery. Tried starting and she fired up. Did a few more stop starts and she seemed to be fine. But i'm not sure what was wrong and would like to make sure whatever it was is actually sorted. Is there a fuse that cuts power completely? Any help appreciated.
  3. Seems i lost the metal plate that covers the rear number plate lights (somewhere on the M4) Anyone got one for sale please? Krishen
  4. Doesn't take long, maybe 5-10 mins to get warm air and then hot air follows very soon after. No idea. Will have to check. But can they cause heat temp to drop if they start to fail?
  5. Hi, I had the radiator replaced a couple of months ago and since then noticed the heater is not as hot as it used to be. If i was getting 10/10 heat before its more like 7/10 heat now. Could air in the system cause this?
  6. Can i have 2nd dibs on the off chance GazzaG6001 doesn't take them. Thanks
  7. Was good to meet everyone. Special thanks to the very knowledgeable Patrick for the words of wisdom and unblocking my drain pipe. Sods law as i pulled into the car park at home she's developed a little misfire.
  8. Ok. So if i purchase sunday admission ticket hopefully i can come park with you guys & gals.
  9. Does anyone know where the end club stand will be? is it in the Infield area or on the Southbank at all? Just seeing if its too late to join the club stand?
  10. Hope you get better soon mate.
  11. Just need 1 please. Thanks
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