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  1. I'm not sure where this mk4 thing comes from. The only mk4's that were 12v were not in the UK. Unless its utilising 24v parts, I dont know. However, OBD2 VR Golf's used a single chain and one piece plastic tensioner, along with the 021109507B (not A!) tensioning bolt. These where meant to be better than the older duplex chain and two piece plastic and metal tensioners where the rivets can wear through causing the top layer of plastic to break free rattling around inside the crankcase.
  2. Looks like we think the same on two timing chain related threads too :thumbleft:
  3. This thread - http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2586629-How-can-new-style-timing-chain-tensioner-fit-into-92-VR6 confirms the newer tensioning bolt is longer. Vag-hag is probably right. Check part number of tensioning bolt it should be 021109507A to match your chains and guide (B suffix is later part).
  4. Duplex chain so must be. Just wondering why you didnt go for the newer one piece guide when you changed them?
  5. You do some nice bits. Any chance of adding a few more Corrado badges in the future? :)
  6. I'll take this please mate. How do I pay?
  7. Ahh what!? These are genuine? I need a drivers side motor, will have to order a pair asap then!!
  8. If your handy with the spanners, you can do clutch and chains for about £250.
  9. Lazy really, but I'll steal this thread, rather than start my own... I'm looking for Aqua Blue doors and tailgate pretty please chaps?
  10. Any pictures of them please, or are they long gone now?
  11. Thanks mate. Had to mention it, but first thoughts are overly helpful people always come across as guilty haha. So just give me it back and buy your own.
  12. Wicked thread, just read from start to finish. Top work. :)
  13. I have been pondering a 20vt conversion, or something that can give a bit more oomph. A few recent tussles with Civic Type R's were a little too close for my liking ;) However, I love the VR engine and everything about it so I'm in two minds about what to do. I have considered Turboing it, but that isn't really in my budget at the moment, although I can more than likely afford the kit that is for sale on here within the next few weeks. BUT, really I shouldn't and the Mrs will kill me haha. I think my best bet is to be on the lookout for a rolling shell or something similar, and try and pick up a cheap post 2000 (with Ko3s) mk4 GTI to break as a donor for it. I bet the whole lot could be done on a decent budget, with parts accumulated bit by bit, plus making some money back from the mk4 hopefully. Like I said, I'm not sure yet. All food for thought. :thumbleft:
  14. Oh and some little ****er nicked a Speedline badge whilst I was parked outside Early Edition. :censored:
  15. Not really much of an update... Gave her a little clean this morning before early edition and went over it with some quick wax and its looking spanking again. Only pics I have are yet again more petrol station shots! (sorry!) Anyway, I've got a few parts sitting here waiting to be fitted... Febi Expansion tank + H4 Phillips Bulb Upgrade. £6.45 for the expansion tank with delivery from amazon. £6.45!! Haha. It would be rude not to at that price, especially when mine is brown. And about £15 for the bulbs. I did ponder on a HID kit, but after running them in the past, the amount of people oncoming that flash you started to **** me off. So I opted for a decent bulb upgrade (this includes sidelights too) and will make a relayed loom ASAP to fit too. Also have a drivers door rod from lilfuzzer on here. Will fit that and sort and solder alarm wiring as it plays up first start of the day. Plus drivers door doesn't lock or unlock off fob as the door rod is missing, meaning I look all cool using a fob to unlock the car from a distance... then have to pop the key in the door to open the drivers side! Got these sitting here to fit too... Fresh set of door pins, as both have the plastic rollers missing. Although they where gold coloured with a yellow roller and not silver! And some seat sliders too as the drivers one rocks side to side. Plus I've got to pop to TPS tomorrow to get the rear sliders. Also bought some tint spray to go over the orange lenses at the back. And have some Bosch retrofit aero wipers and coolant to collect from ECP tomorrow morning. And then find time to fit the lot!!!
  16. If it makes you feel better I've snapped one clean off before on my old mk2 VR. Sump side... I bought a second hand subframe for £30 and fitted that. Still a pain in the arse. ****ing hate captive nuts...
  17. Pretty sure when I was weighing up gearbox options for a mk2 swap a few years back I remember reading 1st being to short? Might be wrong though.
  18. But arent the gear ratios different?
  19. When I fitted mine, I removed the original vacuum system, and fitted the actuators supplied in the kit. However, the kit you bought might only be the remote locking part, and if thats the case yes you need to splice into the drivers door actuator, and fit box under dash also splicing into the hazard wiring if I remember correctly. Do you have a pic of the kit or instructions? I remember mine wasn't written very well, but managed to make sense of it.
  20. Hmmm, tempting. I wonder if this will be for sale in the next couple of weeks. Doubt it though, but if it is I'm interested!
  21. Meant to say I got my bits the day after LilFuzzer posted them. Top service - cheers mate.
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