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  1. OK - this may sound like i am mad... but... if i am going round a tight roundabout - and really put my foot down so the backend begin to slides just a little - then i get a double beep electronic noise from the car! Anyone else have this? At first i thought it was the stereo or something - my other idea is that it may be the alarm saying the car is being tilted or something - any comments / ideas are welcome - just wanna get to the bottom of this mystery :) At first i thought i imagined it - but i've heard it about 4/5 times now.
  2. On Thursday evening i saw a Red VR6 Corrado - N480 *** - a lady driver.. the last 3 Corrados ive seen have all had lady drivers! I told this to a guy at work and he had the cheek to say "yeh - cos its a hair dressers car" - even more cheeky as he drives a Renault Clio! :wink: Pretty sure he's just winding me up - i wont let him get to me 8)
  3. There's a red / burgandy K-reg VR6 Corrado that parks in my office car park - Edingurgh Way in Harlow.. been there all week - yesterday i parked next to him.. but it just made my car look bad :roll: The VR6 was totally mint - clean as you can get - and totally standard.
  4. I have a mk2 golf that i absolutely love at home - but am looking to scrap it since i got my Corrado as it needs money spent on a few engine issues - but having seen THAT i would absolutely love to resurrect the car with a VR6 conversion!! So ChildeRoland i take it you have been in the car? What the performance like? I may have to come join junction 29 just to see that thing in action :D
  5. I may be very late on this one - but have you guys heard of any Golf Mk2s with a VR6 engine in? I hadnt until i came across this... http://homepage.ntlworld.com/junction29 ... labear.htm
  6. I did the HPi check - and that was how i found out about the previous owners - but it didnt give any info about millage etc :|
  7. Guys, I got my car very cheap and it seemed to have quite a dodgy past! Its a 1991 1.8 16V - but in that time has had 3 number plate chagnes and 7 owners! The millage was 87,000 when i bought it - but i am suspicious of this. I have seen MoT certificates that allow me to see that 4 years ago the millage was 67,000 - and the guy that owned it live very close to his work - so i can belive that.. but its the 10 years before that that i do not trust. What are the common things to look for to try and work out if a car has been clocked? It used to have VW services apparently when quite new - anyway i can try and get the millage verified through a dealer or something? Thanks
  8. At 8am on the M11 north bound between M25 and A414 junction i saw a Red N-reg Corrado - driven by a blonde! She continued off on to the A414 - didnt really seem bothered that i was in a Corrado too! :x :lol: Anyone on here?
  9. Nice idea dan - but now i've gone from Golf to Corrado i dont wanna go bak to the Golf :wink: Yeh - i need to sort out the wheels too - i'll work on it :)
  10. Oh dear - i tried attaching a video... didnt work.. decided to upload it and add a link.. but forgot to ADD THE LINK TO MY POST - DOH! :( Here it is! http://www.arif50.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ ... e_this.avi
  11. Hi guys - doing this at work is how i passed my Friday afternoon - have a look :) it can be refined, here is a rough first effort :) enjoy!
  12. Well one day i drove in to work (20miles - about 15 of which is motorway) and i made an effort to drive slow and save fuel - i got 35.8mpg ... BUT i had to let people in cars such as Ford Fiestas overtake me! Today i put my foot down all the way - and got 26mpg but it was SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE! They are sport cars at the end of the day - so paying a bit more for fuel i think is justifiable... although my bank balance says otherwise :(
  13. Yup Jim - very true indeedy! :lol: How is ur G60 for fuel consumption - as according to the VW Owner's club site they said 22mpg for G60s which i thought was a bit harsh! I get over 30mpg in mine on the run to work - most of it is motorway driving.
  14. OK please excuse the childish nature of the description that follows but only been a Corrado owner for a few weeks and the trip computer is still new to me :) :( 1. Go on a motorway with a suitable hill [M11south bound just before junction with M25 will do nicely] 2. Get the car running to a healthy speed - 70/80+ 3. When you get to the top of the hill reset the trip computer 4. Now coast your way down the hill! 99.9mpg :) Sorry - i blame the stresses of work!
  15. Cheers for the info Chris! On the subject of insurance a guy on Autotrader was selling a Corrado 8V and he started off the adds with the words "The insurable one!" - a very shrewd bit of marketing i thought :lol:
  16. Chris - how old are you and how many years ncb and what mods does ur car have... if you dont mind me askin that is :)
  17. Bugbabe80, i had the exact same problem when i was still a CorradoWannabe! I was planning to buy my 1.8 16V 1991 Corrado that had been lowered 35mm and had alloys + different exhaust and Direct Line refussed to insure anyone under 25 on a car that had been lowered!!! In the end i had to go with Elephant, but the insurance is £1500 - my dad is over 50 with 9 years ncb and is the first named driver i am 22 with 0 ncb and only had my license less than 2 years - but its ridiculous that it should cost so much just cos its been lowered and has some decent wheels on - direct line would insure me on an unmodified one for under £700! I had a bad experience though - was quoted around £850 - then when it came to ordering the policy ended up being £1500 cos i was using the car for commuting n other stupid things! So dont expect it to be cheap is all i'll say as a warning! :(
  18. Lately its been behaving itself much better - comes out of reverse fine - if the problem persists i'll look in to the adjustments you mentioned. Thanks for advice Tempest!
  19. Thanks guys - i'll go ahead n get one - hopefully i'll find some great hidden Corrado features i havent found already!
  20. I am trying to hunt down an owner's manual for my C and the local dealer has one for a 1992 1.8 16V Corrado - but mine is 1991. Will there be much difference? Its only £5 so im very tempted! Thanks guys :)
  21. My run of seeing at least one Corrado everyday continues :D yesterday on the way home on the A414 then M11 at about 5:25 i saw a Corrado 1.8 - dark blue - K-reg - and as you pulled up to the traffic light i was busy putting a CD on and trying to find my phone -then i look up and see a Corrado right next to me :shock: We both went on the M11 for a while - but i was not able to drive in any sort of convoy due to an irritatingly over aggressive jaguar driver!
  22. I saw a red Corrado this morning (Thursday 29th) on the A414 in Harlow - he was going out to the M11 area - and i was on my way in to work - - this was about 8:20am - this was the first time a fellow C driver has waved at me - unfortunately by the time i realised what was going on he had gone! (It was early!!) Also... saw another Corrado close to the Dartford Tunnel Wednesday evening about 5:45pm - he was heading anti clock round the M25 and i was approaching the tolls - didnt get to see much - and cos ive seen so many recently i've totally forgotten what colour it was too :roll:
  23. Thanks for ur input pablo - always nice to get a range of views - i'll have to go visit a body shop guy!
  24. Oh dear - all i got right about the colour code was that it almost spelt a real word lol. My car colour is : Helios Blue Metallic C5 LA5Y 88 - 90 See how LA5Y is almost lazy? lol - :D You guys know anywhere online where i can order the right spray paint and also any specific laquer recommended? Thanks guys
  25. On the knight rider theme - here is a fun website: http://www.knightreplicas.com (Sorry - im a knight rider junkie :( )
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