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  1. I got the car back from the mechanics today (Excel Autos in Dagenham - recommended from this forum) and they did the job without any fuss - im almost tempted not to get another stereo if it means that the car is less likely to be broken in to - which is quite sad - its the 2nd stereo i have had stolen from the same spot - the first time was from my golf when i had left a back door unlocked - which was fair enough - but to smash a window to grab a stereo, not something id expect - quite surprised that ppl would go to this length just for a stereo!
  2. Got out the house this morning - went to the carto drive to work... and found this: :shock: :( Stereo + bass tube were taken - not too fussed about that - care more about not having a window! Luckily i had a spare passenger side glass at home - so that is being fitted to the car now. :cry: :mad: :cry: :roll: :roll: :cry: :cry:
  3. Today was the first time i've left a VW dealer happy :) i bought my car with basically a lost / missing service history. The car has had 3 different number plates in its life (and 7 owners!)- so i gave a guy at VW all three and he was able to give me any servicing it had had done. It showed up as having had one service in 1999 and the millage then was recorded as 58k - it was 88k when i bought it this year and i was a bit suspicious of that as its an H-reg 1991. This bit of info from the dealers was reassuring in some way - also it was confirmed that at one stage my car's nunber plate was "S96" - wonder how much that plate cost! That plate is now registered to a Toyota RAV-4 (some big 4x4). The "S96" suggests the Corrado must have been someone's pride and joy at some stage - someone with money to spend - so fingers crossed this means its been well looked after 8) [clutching at straws a bit - i know!]
  4. I know i am very late on this - but i was inspired by Dan's work to the point that i had to stick together these images and make a nice little desktop background! So here u go 8)
  5. I used to have a Golf 1.6 Driver and then went to the Corrado First time i took the Corrado out for a spin i wasnt impressed .. and the reason was you DO need to change your driving style. Delay your great changes - the 18 16V enging gets going at about 4000 rpm - so basic advice is RED LINE IT IN EVERY GEAR :wink: It does require a change of driving style - also try going round a roundabout a few times - and you will feel the massive change in the amount of grip you get in the Corrado compared to the Golf - the handling is totally in another class to the golf. Finally - the acid test - drive your Corrado for about 2 weeks - then revert back to the Golf (I had to do this!) and you will cry at the lack of power then! It really is a driving style thing though - that will be the difference.
  6. Jim - if it was me paying then that would have been the way to go! I would have just climbed in the boot for a few days and saved the money :)
  7. Yeh - the issue Dan was just i had both handles go around the same time and i wanted a quick fix so i could get back to using the car rather than wait for them to be delivered etc - also my central locking isnt remote so id still need the locks - i did consult this great forum and i was pointed towards a place in Luton by Dr Mat - but i wasnt able to get there from their 9-5:30 times etc - next time im definately going to have a go myself! :wink:
  8. Mat i agree - i just told my dad about the handles hoping he'd order some - but he booked it in there instead There's a palce near where i live in Dagenham on your list of recommended garages - definately going to go there from now on! :|
  9. £280 for x2 door handles replaced plus new locks and some adjustment or something to allow the old key to work on these locks - thankfully my dad paid - but what a joke of a price! It was from a dealer of course - wont be going there again. Also to add insult to injury they fixed the doors - but now my electric mirrors dont work! I took the car anyway - i think the switch is just not reconnected - i'll have a tinker myself :?
  10. Corrado is at the mechanics having both the door handles done - so rather than getting the train i rented a car for the first time today - as im 22 i could only have a low spec car - i got given a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 - what a cruel turn of fate that i went from a Corrado to this! 1. When idling i think the car has stalled as i cant hear the usual rumble from the exhaust on my Corrado :wink: 2. Straight line - no probs - when i start cornering i feel the car is gonna tip and i scream :roll: 3. I think i got about 45mpg instead of 28! :) Hopefully i'll be back in the real thing by tomorrow evening 8)
  11. Both handles on my Corrado are broken now - had to climb in through the boot the last two times i got in the car! I've read a lot of info here on door handles, but i do not have remote central locking - so the Jetta rear handles dont seem an option - like so many others have said on here the door still opens from the inside and the doors lock and unlock using the key - so what do i need to buy as a replacement? I plan to just replace the driver side for now - and i dont mind paying the extra bit to get it sorted asap Is there a how-to guide for replacing the door handle when it breaks? There is a VW dealer near work here in harlow and it says it does servicing and spares - would they change the handle? Would i end up spending a fortune though? Ahh so many questions - apologies - just wanna get this sorted so i can get in my car normally without someone calling the police to report an attempted theft of a Corrado or something along those lines :wink:
  12. :shock: :shock: I didnt overfill really - but i was generous! Car seems alright though... thankfully.. now i just need to sort out the shabby bodywork :(
  13. I saw a Red N-reg Corrado around the A406 finchley area at about 9am this morning - i blew my horn but got nothing back... dont u hate it when that happens :cry:
  14. I inquired this evening in the take away place - the guy there said it was his friend that had left that and he took my number and asked what model the car was etc. He said that someone had told his mate i was selling it or selling spares :wink: I think this person may have seen the car a few months ago when it was for sale by the previous owner.. i dunno. Anyway - we'll wait n see - but now that its the friend of someone who works in a take away place the idea of discounted meals seems more remote! Sorry guys :oops:
  15. :lol: Good thinking dinkus - im in East London - Dagenham - i bet the person who left the query is just a worker there though rather than the manager - but if he owns it then i'll try cutting a deal that is beneficial to all :)
  16. One idea is to sell the guy my car on the agreement that everyone from the Corrado Forum gets free meals at the take away place :D
  17. Just for the record i wasnt blocking a drive :)
  18. Hopefully i'll get some free meals from the take away place out of this somehow :D
  19. Got to the car this morning had a note left on it - thought it would say: "Dont park in front of our drive - or anywhere near it - again or i'll kill u!" but instead it said: "My friend told me you are selling this car or selling parts could you please contact me at Didar Tandoori Take Away if this is the case. I'm sorry i have to contact you like this, but i hardly see the driver. Thanks" :wink: Strange thing is the car aint for sale - nor has it had any for sale signs on it - a bit worrying ppl r going round saying im offering parts!! If this guy is smitten with it though i may sell it to him - i picked it up for £900 so i could try selling it for £2000/2500 and put the money towards a VR6 :)
  20. Saw a dark blue Corrado on the A406 just on hanger lane - i followed around the A406 but when i looked over at the passenger drive he looked back and looked terrified! Later i overtook and blew my horn n gave a thumbs up to the driver - who then looked even more scared! :roll:
  21. I suspected the light - but checked and it does come on when u first start the ignition - yes it probably lit up round the roundabouts :oops: Lesson learnt is keep an eye on the fuel level - i used to do this when i lived with my parents and they had a drive - little less willing to do this now as i park the car on a main road in teh ghetto that is ilford / dangeham!
  22. I am SO glad i posted this question here! When i went to check the engine oil the dip stick was almost totally dry - i ended up adding about another 2 litres of engine oil before the level returned to something sensible! :cry: I'll monitor it for the next few days to see if there's a major leak somewhere - surprising that i lost all that oil without the oil light coming on - thankfully i drove a bit too fast round a few roundabouts then came here n posted my comment Thanks guys - another success story thanks to the forum id say! :mrgreen:
  23. Cheers Rack - i think you are right - i havent checked the oil level for a while so im hoping thats it :| Im getting more and more eager sat here at work - tempted to just run outside n have a quick look :lol:
  24. Oh dear - i'll check the oil level today - oil has been changed quite recently so sounds like its the oil pump or an oil leak - thanks guys - i am glad i asked now as from what is said here it could be serious! :shock: Any ideas how much would it cost for a new oil pump?
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