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  1. Ive not put up photos of my car before, as when i bought it it was in need of lots of TLC! Seeing the car in the state it was in when i bought it would have upset quite a few of you here! I have tried tidying up bits as i go along - but progress is slow. Its looking good enough for me to post some shots though, so here goes! I'll start off with the pictures of how it used to be.
  2. Ok i had a look and the metal slider seems to be making perfect contact both sides, the switch rattles when i shake it though - so maybe a part inside it has snapped - did i change the correct fuse? Also can i buy replacement switches at places like GSF or only at the stealers?
  3. What should i be checking for once i remove the switch? How easy is it to get hold of a replacement light switch?
  4. None of the lights that usually turn on when you turn your headlights on are working in my car. I tried replacing a fuse - chose fuse number 16 - couldnt see one that looked to be specifically for the dash backlight. The other lights such as oil and indicators come on fine. Is suspect the headlight switch - how do i take it off - im worried i'll break it - any tips? :roll:
  5. I chose not to have someone fit it - better to take it to the experts - i got it done at budget windscreens who were able to replace the windscreen within an hour + an hour for the glues to set etc. It cost me £195+ VAT in total - and it does come with a lifetime warranty - the new glass has a nice tint at the top too and looks immaculate so im chuffed :) Thanks for the offers Luke and uhh.. bigpants. When i picked it up the guys that fitted it complained about how complex it was to change on a Corrado, i told them that doing it in an hour (altho 2 ppl were working on it) was not bad at all - and id heard of 5-hour horror stories - it didnt come as much concelation for them tho :)
  6. 20V - was the nugget yellow one you saw with the Ferrari stickers a G60 with a private plate with "G60" in it somewhere? I used to know the guy that owned a yellow G60 with the mentioned sticker - got it cheap from an auction - had planned to sell it on - i wonder if its the same one you saw :?:
  7. On Sunday evening i was starting my jounrey from my parents place in SW London to my flat in Dagenham - 2mins in to the journey - at Shanon's Corner New Malden i saw a burgandy (i think) G60 - J-Reg - and it had a for sale sign in the window! It looked so i chased it - driver thought i was trying to race so sped off! We drove all the way to Kingston with me trying to flash etc and trying to hint that i wanted the car to pull over to look in to possibly buying it - but of course he took it as me flashing him telling him to speed up! Provided some fun though :wink: Still have no idea how much the car was to be sold for! It looked in mint condition though! Today at 10am on the drive in to work [ahem - thought id take my time as the boss was not in today!] i saw a black J-reg G60 in Dagenham - just off Green Lane - looked great :)
  8. Try asking tricky in this thread - he may have some bits left over: http://the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17637
  9. Olly - i think Henny was referring to the electric window switch - regards wiggling it etc! Not sure what would happen if u did that to ur electric mirros switch :roll: Henny was spot on regards the window switch - after a good bash it now works right as rain :) I'll invest in a new mirrors switch for the mirrors once i've saved enough after paying for a new windscreen :roll:
  10. Since having the door handles replaced on my car: 1. Both side electric mirrors dont work 2. Passenger side electric window only works using the drivers side controls Strange thing about the electric windows is that if you are winding it down using the drivers side panel controls then someone presses the passenger side control at the same time then the window stops moving! I am guessing there are some loose connections caused by removing the door cards - but should i check the fuses / anything else first?
  11. Wow - sounds like you had quite an experience - has the crack got bigger over these 9 months?? Also - how can u afford to run a Corrado as a uni student :wink: i graduated this year and only after getting a job could i afford one + insurnance + fuel etc
  12. I work in Harlow in Essex, rent a place in North West london, and on weekends I am around South West london. I'll have a look for some glass places - in the meantime is there anything that can be done to stop the crack spreading - any kind of spray etc? Ok - i think i'll live with it for a while then - a real pain as i only just had the passenger glass replaced after a break in for the stereo :roll: I gotta admitt when i read the £600 quote i went to Autotrader!! :wink:
  13. Ahh thanks Kevin - i will give Autoglass a call and see how much they say it will cost - i think i may leave it till after Christmas! Could i get pulled over for a crack in the windscreen? Its about in the middle n runs down across about half of the screen :roll:
  14. Any chance of me getting a windscreen from a breakers / ebay / forum and then using my normal mechanic to replace it?
  15. Sounds like a plan - especially as the whole car only cost me £900! So £600 is about what it would cost for replacement windscreen?
  16. :shock: £600! Nope - its not covered by insurance - Jeez - sounds like i'll need to take out a mortgage to pay for this! Any other price estimates?
  17. Driving through the roadworks on the M11 on the way to work - hear a bang from the windscreen - look and ther's a crack running down half of the winscren a a small dent too :roll: must have just been a stone or something - it was only at about 50mph I guess i will need a new windscreen - any possibility of any type of repair on this? Its only the very top layer [i can guess what the answer to this will be - but gotta ask :( ] Will i have any trouble getting a Corrado front windscreen from say Autoglass? Also is it illegal to drive the car with this windscreen crack?
  18. Thanks Stuart - sounds like another problem i could have solved if i had a manual!! :roll:
  19. :oops: I knew it was hydraulic cluth really :cry: i'm only a wannabe remember - thats my excuse :| Previously i had had problems with it not coming out of reverse and getting stuck in gear. I've heard Henny talking about a VW tool that lets you adjust the gear linkage [i think] correctly - mentioned this to mymechanic and only got blank looks - as it is its ok - if it gets worse i think i'll have to go get it looked at :roll:
  20. Ever since i have owned this car (6 months) gearbox crunches sometimes when putting the car in reverse - also just recently i noticed that the gear stick can be easily taken out of gear without pressing the clutch :roll: No problems going in to gear - and it never 'kicks out' of gear - someone has suggested to me that its the clutch cable - wondered what you thought?
  21. MNuTz - for common things to check etc on your G60 check out the servicing guide: http://the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2919 also regards recommended garages that know what Corrados are try the recommended garages that you can find in the Servicing and Suppliers section.
  22. Sorry - had some messing around with trying to upload the file :roll: should work now - thanks for that info kev - one problem is i dont kno what model this wheel is - came with the car when i got it - not sure how to track down the model - any ideas? Anyone recognise them from the photo?
  23. My Corrado does not have any spigot rings currently - I am trying to find the best place to go to get them and also to find out what sizes etc i need for my car. The alloys are 15" "Smiths" alloys - i am hoping someone may be able to shed some light on what type they are and / or where i can find out what spiggot rings i need for them on a Corrado. Thanks for your help - i've attached a pic. Mail order is preferrable.
  24. As a former Golf owner i think i'll add my two pennies in to this. I had a 1.3 Golk Mk2 for 6 months then a 1.6 Golf Mk2 for about a year - they are excellent reliable sold cars - but they are nothing compared to a Corrado. A golf is lighter - it may be quicker through the gears - but Corrados are not slow. I have a 16V Corrado - owned it for about 6 months - it may feel a bit slow below 4000RPM - but above that the 16V engine doesnt hang around. I use my Corrado as a daily runner - i've racked up the millage - about 8,000 miles since i've had it - and its given me very little engine trouble. Now on to fuel consumptiom - i get better fuel consumption in my Corrado than i got on my 1.6 golf! This is cos the 1.6 is particularly inefficient - but the 16V C is not bad on fuel - i can get it up to about 37mpg etc without too much hassle. For me the thing that makes the Corrado in a different league is the HANDLING. I cannot stress this enough - get in a Corrado and throw it round a few bends and you'll be hooked! The driviing position is more fun too - and you will get lots more little bonuses like full electrics - adjustable steering - and that famous active spoiler :) I picked up my Corrado for just under £1000 and ive loved every second of driving it [apart from when i broke the gear linkage!] - i would never go back to the mk2 golf. Also the VW Corrado is a part of motoring history to me - its a rare classic - and that adds to the appeal for me - with the 16V the running costs are low and the engine is all mk2 golf so getting parts of it are not bad :) if you have a good experience with the 16V u can upgrade yourself to a G60 or a VR6 8)
  25. Aqua Blue K-reg - thinkg it was a 16V - on Green Lane in Ilford near Miami Beds at 2pm today 8)
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