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  1. Well this website claims to have all the knight rider episodes.. ever! on DVD! http://www.thesportsmaniacs.com/dvdinfo.php?SKU=KR1-12 I emailed em about it - but never got a reply!
  2. I had the same problem too - car would just not fire - the ignition switch needed changing - after that was the done the car was fine - i got it done by the VW Service guys and they charged £82 for the diagnosis + part + fitting!
  3. Thanks for your help guys - i did make a note of the car colour i think it was something like F5SY or something similar to fish lol (i'll go check when i can leave work and get to check) - i went to Halfords to see if i could get a match - but surprise surprise in their book of cars and colours they had nothing for the Corrado! I am really tempted to try and do some of this myself.. cos guys as you can see it couldnt get any worse! :) So what sort of preparation would the door need? I think i would need some form of filler for the scratches - then a primer and then the spray finish.. any comments?
  4. On Sunday I saw a maroon burgandy VR6 on the A3 near Tolworth.. headed towards Guilford and Portsmouth - i blew the horn and got a smile after everyone in my car gave a thumbs up lol. Then at Worcester Park station in south west london i saw an L-reg Corrado at about 9pm on Friday evening. Yesterday on the way home - on the M11 saw a burgandy VR6 L-reg (i think it was an L - seen so many recently its hard to keep up!) this was headed in to london around Junction 9 at 5:30ish. And.. lastly.. today i saw one in the Sainsburys car park in Harlow at lunch time - it was a L-reg VR6.. i think it was blue! ...and last but not least.. there is a black H-reg 1.8 16V Corrado close to my flat - on Green Lane in Ilford / Dagenham - this was particularly painful when mine was at the garage and being fixed.. but since getting it back we often park our Corrados next to each other! Adds a touch of class to the road to make up for the usual array of mod'ed escorts and fiestas! But i dont kno who the ownder is.. anyone here owning up to any of these sightings?
  5. I am running 195/55 tyres on 15" smiths alloys - what should the tyre pressures be anyone? Right now i just have it as 30 all round - can someone tell me what the recommended is? Where is the recommended values written? On my golf it was on the inside of the fuel flap - but not on the Corrad.. Thanks :)
  6. In my 1.8 16V 1991 model i've hit 125mph - at which point i just got too scared to do anymore - but as said by others it seemed willing to go further - about 5000 rpm in 5th so a bit more potential there - my excuse is that i've only just got the car and also the car was in the garage for 20 out of my first 21 days of ownership! (dont think that one will stand up in court but i'll give it a bash! :lol: ) Also this speed was done with 4 people in the car including myself! Not bad at all 8)
  7. I have been a mk2 golf 1.6 driver who has just bought a Corrado 1.8 16V - i had the 1.6 mk2 golf for 1 year and a 1.3litre one for 1 year too. I had heard how there was not much difference with the Golf GTis and some people had even sadi they had prefered it - so i didnt expect too much But, but, BUT - one thing no one has mentioned here is the handling! For me the speed is great - buts its the handling that is fantastic! My C has been lowered by 35mm but i dont think this makes that much difference in terms of handling - it just sticks to the road! In my view the Corrado is a different league to the mk2 golf in terms of the drive - but yes - it must be high revs for you to get a feel for the power - they kick in above 4000RPM - for me i'll never look back to the golfs now i've entered the Corrado world! :D
  8. The scratches on the door are not very deep - I think they would need to be filled tho using some metal filler - i'll try finding someone local and get a quote - thanks for ur help
  9. Come on harrow... what speed were you really going :) If its as you say no reason to worry - i've had speed cameras firing off at odd times often! Like the guys said it can be cos of someone going the other way.
  10. Thanks once again Henny - you sure do get around all over this forum dont you :) the rest of the paint work is actually very good - but id prefer a black Corrado myself, just considering a few options at the moment ... any ideas what it could cost to get the door done anyone? Also - will there be a problem in getting the same colour for the place respraying it - and lastly any recommended places in North / East london? Thanks guys.
  11. I bought a Corrado and got it very cheap - this was due to the parts of the body work being in bad shape - in particular the passenger door. The original door was damaged by someone driving in to it and the previous ownder just got a door from another Corrado from a scrap yard - main problems are the door is a different colour to the rest of the car and also it has lots of scratches all over it! I am wondering if it is cost effective to just get the door sprayed - or should it be the whole car - also where can i get the exact right paint.. also is it possible to do it myself? I did some touching up of scratches on my golf and sprayed things like a rear spoiler but not a door! - anyone done this sort of job before? All advice welcomed! :) The photos show the door - and how it affects the look of the whole car :(
  12. Thanks guys - i'll drop in to GSF tomorrow and see if they have some :)
  13. Ok i tried doing this.. but i found once the gear stick was in reverse it was very hard to push it down again.. this is a problem due to the stupid gear knob thats been put on im sure!! This evening i actually blocked a road for a few seconds (felt like ages cos i was being stared down by a van driver!) as i tried getting the car OUT of reverse MID 3-point turn!!! It would be interesting to know if Dancing Fish, was able to fix the problem on his standard gearbox using Jim's tip.
  14. Thanks for putting up with my newbie-ness henny :lol:
  15. New owner here - just want to know what engine oil is recommended to use for the 1.8 16V - i saw a thread about oil in the G60s but couldnt find anything specific to the 16 valvers. Thanks in advance :)
  16. Thanks Henny - as i got the C for £900 tho i dont think this is the last time i'll need to call on u guys for help :wink:
  17. Jim i think you have just solved the problem! No - i didnt depress it to take it out of reverse.. oppps :( lucky i asked early on in my corrado ownership rather than being brutual with it and knackering the gear box! I used to have a Mk2 golf and you would push it down to get it in reverse, but just pull it out without pushing down. (that is my defence and im sticking to it! :lol: ) I'll give this a go as soon as i get back in the car! Thanks Jim! I got this car very cheap so i think i'll be posting in this "common questions" sections quite a bit! :roll:
  18. Guys, Driving my car yesterday (for almost the first time) and I noticed that getting the gear stick OUT of reverse was a problem at times - it would just not want to come out even with the clutch fully down. I had this problem a few weeks ago when i first bought the car - I initially felt it may have been gear linkage related - but the gear linkages have just been replaced and the problem is still there (they were replaced as one of them broke!) The gear stick has one of the those knobs on it with flashing LEDs - not my choice at all - but it came with the car when i bought it a few weeks ago :( The gear stick feels like it can be pushed down way too easily too - which scares me in case i accidently go in to reverse! One person has said that he had a similar problem when his clutch cable was on its last legs (totally different car) - the Corrado 1.8 16V (1991) has a hydraulic clutch i think.. so any ideas guys? Hopefully it wont need a new gearbox or clutch :(
  19. Got the car back last night - and finally had a proper chance to drive the thing! The not firing problem is fixed - changing the ignition switch did the trick - Henny im sure ur comments were accurate , i just probably didnt describe everything well enough! Thanks for the advice here guys! :)
  20. Only one spark plug was checked actually - and when starting, the starter motor u can definaetly hear.. thats all im sure about - ie its not a flat battery - but thats about it.. i rang the guy and mentioned to him the fact that we are getting spark at the spark plugs - he said that it could still be the ignition switch and that is his guess... lets hope somehow he's right so i can get my wheels back! PS - i wont ever be taking the C to that garage again!
  21. Spoke to the VW guy in charge of the car - he has said that despite the spark plug thing it is in his opinion the Ignition Switch.. hmm... i've said to go ahead with it. Dazzy im pretty sure that price is including the fitting - they charge £60 an hour labour!
  22. Update - VW place rang and left a msg at my house saying they think its the Ignition Switch and it will be £82 for a replcement!!! 1. Isnt this wrong as we have sparks at the spark plugs? 2. Isnt this a stupid price - i thought someone said £10 from GSF!
  23. Interesting to hear t-cut has ammonia in it.. from my A-Level Chemistry days i can tell u that Ammonia is a bleaching agent.. and used in most cleaners.. so its very possible that it could cause long term damage to the colour.
  24. OK - here's the deal now - and my frustrations are increasing! As the car is at a mechanics already my dad does not want to touch it - we've already waited 2 weeks - and he's said he's prepared to wait another 2 weeks!!! (This is probably as i am the one that uses the car and so not having it is of no consequence to him) Just to clarify they have not even looked at it yet - this waiting time is not for some part - its as they have not got round to even looking at the car yet! So, i said that i would go there myself and run through the advice from Henny, but i've been told basically im not allowed to as i am "not an expert". My proposed solution - get a expert down there! So - is there a section i can post in to possibly get someone from the forum to come down and see it? I'll pay them for their effortts (Like a Corrado SOS line / thread :D) The car is located on Kingston Road, New Malden, KT3 area - which is in South West London - and the proposed time to see it would be saturday... .. or does anyone know of any mechanics that do call outs like this? Also - i think one good option is getting the AA down there! Any views people? Another week of non-corrado driving is just not something i think i can take! :mad:
  25. Henny, thanks greatly - i will pass all this on to my dad who is able to go see the car in the mornings and let you know how i get on! Thanks for correcting the other posts too - and thanks everyone for chipping in!
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