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  1. White Corrado has appeared a couple roads away from me. Speaking to the guy next door to it (who I thought originally was the owner) the owner has had it for 13 years. Anyone on here? Parked up in New Road - CR4. Number plate is M969 --J
  2. Kudos on the mileage! I got my VR6 up to 244k before I sold it. Shows how fantastic these engines are.
  3. It is some custom made one, but at the end of the day is just a door, that opens and closes!
  4. Deal done. You guys weren't wrong about the rubbish handling and feel of the Jazz!
  5. Car set to be sold this Sunday - will be sad to see her go - but I am just not using it enough and have two young kids. Needs must I guess.
  6. I have a friend who will be buying my R32 Corrado. He will be giving me some money plus a 2004 Honda Jazz. The money is already earmarked for a front door. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for this deal so I am not totally depressed when it happens!!! I am planning to Part-Ex the Jazz in the near future for something like an R32 Golf - but for now the reality is my Corrado goes one way and all I have to show for it will be a Jazz and a front door!!!!! Only positive - it is going to a mate so I'll get to drive it again hopefully in the future - but he does live in Cornwall!
  7. Some successful fixes to the car today - it is now running better than ever. The 'cold start' issues I've had since buying it back are now resolved. Changes made today were: - Cleaned throttle body - Added some injector cleaner I hooked up the laptop to the car and updated: - Found the ECU was using a default map - the battery had been disconnected earlier in the year and I believe this caused the problem - Map restored from laptop backup - this was the map following a re-mapping session - so instantly made the car run better - Calibrated the throttle position sensor with the software - amongst other things this is used to detect idle and was not set right - Clicked on the idle stabalisation setting in the software along with target idle RPM at different temperatures The above have transformed the car again and it is running perfectly. A great feeling when a few tweaks here fix issues with the car - and being able to do it yourself without taking it to a garage :)
  8. I'm listing my Corrado R32. Priced to sell at 3750 ono - selling due to expanding family and not having a garage to keep it in. History - I bought the car in 2005 and owned for 2 years as a VR6 - Car previously owned for many years by VW employee - 40k miles done per year - but serviced 4 times a year at VW - 100s of receipts - Sold in 2007 with a mileage of 244K to Coupehaus who did the R32 upgrade as well as body work preparation and then had a professional full respray - Car is badged up as a storm but I've found it has aftermarket air con and original number plate was 'M' reg - so storm replica - Green with the beige leather interior - I bought the car back again as an R32 in 2011 - had it remapped at Emerlad where it was measured at 256 BHP @ 131 mph with 229 lb/ft torque on a rolling road - An incredible car to drive - selling to save money on owning and running two cars - reduced price due to paint problems detailed below - More details of the car available at http://www.corrador32.co.uk Mods as VR6 - Lowerred 40mm - Adjustable AVO shocks front and back - Lexus style rear lights R32 Conversion - Mk5 R32 engine transplant. (engine had only covered just over 9,000 miles when transplanted) - Emerald K3 ECU - Aeromotive adjustable FPR - Dubpower polished 6 branch stainless steel exhaust manifold - Milltek 2.5” stainless steel exhaust (de-cat) - Modified R32 throttle body to run a cable - New VR6 clutch - Slimline 290mm pacet fan Good Points - Enthusiast owned for ages - Tons of TLC as a VR6 - Only 12.5K miles on the R32 engine - All the mods mentioned above - sounds unique - MOT until 27.05.15 - Toyo Proxes T1Rs all round with good tread - Re-mapped by Dave Walker at Emerald - Cat 1 alarm added (fitted by Trim Wizard) with certificate - Emerald ECU supports 3 different maps and (with an extra switch and some wiring) you can switch between maps on the fly. ECU software, manual and cables with USB adapter all included Negative Points - Paint issue - small bumps have appeared on several panels - main reason for low price. I've included some photos of this - and a diagram of which areas area affected. - A patch of rust-related bubbling paint in one area - Wiring loom is more tidy than when I bought the car but wiring could do with being tidied up - Catalytic converter has been removed so MoT requies friendly garage - FIXED:: On cold start engine needs reving for 30 seconds before settling to a nice idle - Rear spoiler does rise automatically but does so in installments - both when driving and via the switch - Sunroof tilts and slides but sometimes has to be closed in installments after slide - Lack of detailing and tidiness in and around the engine bay - needs some TLC - Throttle body is VR6 one modified to work with a cable - works fine but would be better with a replacement throttle body - Air con not connected up after engine transplant I've been as honest as possible in the description. Car is located in South London in the CR4 postcode. Thanks for looking!
  9. That has to be one of the biggest let downs in history - hope you got this sorted.
  10. Another old flame reunited - but looks like this one is in a long term relationship
  11. I love this forum :) looks like owner and car will be reunited again :)
  12. I have a MK4 Golf GTi - the 1.8T 150bhp edition. It is the family car with the baby seats.
  13. A quick note to say that I got a great deal with Graham Sykes on my Corrado R32 with all mods declared parked outside the house. It is limited to 3k a year, I am 31 with 8 years NCB - but in a bad postcode. I had been quoted £650 by Brentacre - but Graham Sykes have quoted £357 - very pleased.
  14. This car was for sale but during this time one eagle eyed potential buyer (yep you guessed it, he was from this forum) spotted areas on the paintwork where there was some bubbling. After some research it looks like these are 'microblisters' and a result of the respray done to the car in 2008 ish. After finding this out I've decided to take the car off the market and get quotes for addressing this. I plan to then get it fixed and then put the car back on in the new year sometime. Given the MoT is due around April I'll get a new MoT as well. This means the car is no longer for sale and I get to keep it for a bit longer. I will have to renew my insurance policy but I now have a good excuse to keep the car for a bit more and try and enjoy it more before selling up. I'll post some pics of these bubbles when I get some.
  15. Some updates to things that have been done on the car - photos to follow: 1. Wiring The wiring has now been tidied up. The wires that were bare have been terminated and the wires covered. This is short of tracing them all back to source and removing completely but is much better than how they were before. 2. Performance The car is now running very well. The engine is very unhappy when cold, but once warmed up the idle is fine (had had issues with this before) and the acceleration and pull through the gears is fantastic, with no flat spots or stuttering.
  16. This has been freshly listed - this time starting at 2k - still using Kev's engine bay pics http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Corrado-Golf-R32-Engine-Conversion-For-Carrado-golf/221283298563?ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1&ih=012&category=50454&cmd=ViewItem
  17. I've just gone from seeing the 'Page 1' pics to these photos - you've done a great job!
  18. I had a comment - as I've got a Mk4 1.8T Golf right now and often go from driving that for a few days (it is what we use as the family car) to the Corrado - and it is a really big difference. The Golf is a perfectly good car, the performance is good, and the 1.8T engine is smooth - but very 'run of the mill' where as the Corrado is something a bit different - right from the seating position through to the noise and the handling you'll notice a big difference compared to your Golf (I should add my Golf is the 150BHP edition and not remapped)
  19. I had a similar issue on a previous MoT and a replacement lambda sensor from GSF did the trick
  20. Yes, that was naughty - got carried away having my car back after several months off the road - it was late in the evening - but I don't normally annoy everyone on the road like that - honest!
  21. I had no idea my car sounded like this from the outside....enjoy..
  22. Well overdue an update here - the car has been off road for a few months - but back now and just had the MoT done - it got through ok, just a few advisories.
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