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  1. Car is back from the garage - £400 in total spent on it - steering rods, driveshafts, wishbones - loads of parts of the front suspension and steering seemed to be bent by the accident - poor car :(
  2. The millage is surprisingly low - when i bought it last year it had done 88,000 - i did an HPi check on it and also got some VW history and this tied with the MoT's i think the millage is genuine. In the 12 months i've had it its been used as a daily driver and i've put on another 18,000 roughly - so now its around the 106/107K range - still not bad for an H-reg. The engine seems really good - regular oil changes are the key - it runs really well and not had any problems with the engine since buying it - cant complain at all really.
  3. Got the car back today - the steering was not right - took it back and whilst fixing that they found a tracking rod had been bent too so that is being replaced! Im not too upset as someone else is paying so its like a free service to the car :)
  4. Bad news regarding the car, there's a grinding noise that has started from the corner of the car which had the damage - found that the wishbone had been bent out of place - took the car in to have that fixed and they called to say that after fixing the wishbone they took it out for a drive and felt something was wrong - they came back and found the drive shaft had 'collapsed' (their words not mine!) and that it needed replacing.. the work at this garage is looking around the £250 mark and the body work is still to be done.... my friend is going to be very broke!
  5. I bought a bumper for it today - won it off ebay for £56 - only problem is that its bright yellow! :wink:
  6. you picked up a Corrado for £200? :shock:
  7. 172k miles! Wow - how much did you get yours for? I consider my car an absolute bargain at the price i paid - sure the body work had problems - but the handling and the steering feel along with a reasonably powerful engine above 4000rpm are all still there and its been a joy to own so far :)
  8. Yesterday afternoon i spent a few hours with my dad trying to get the corrado looking a bit better so as to avoid it being pulled over by the police etc - also to try and stop water getting in etc - below are a few little home made repair techniques used as a temporary fix till i get the bumper (hopefully wednesday) and decide what to do with the wing. Some may see these as a bit degrading to the Corrado - but i think it shows some interesting improvisation! They do definately have a bit of Bluepeter about them - but it gets the job done.
  9. thanks Bristol - that would be great :)
  10. Thanks for the excellent advice guys - based on Storm's diagram + other advice i am pretty sure this is an early one
  11. Thanks Randal - appreciate it - so so far its 1-0 to early.
  12. This one doesnt come with lights so its a bit hard to tell - here is the link: Bumper If anyone can tell if its early or late id appreciate it - although i thing its gonna be a bit tricky as the pic is the not the best. Also if it is the one i want - please no one buy this as i need it to replce for my crashed bumper! ;)
  13. Trying to buy a new bumper for my early style valver and the person selling the bumper doesnt know if its the new or early style.. my quetions are: 1. Is there an easy way to tell? 2. How different are they? If it is a later one can i get it to fit my car? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the advice - i know a body place that i saw work wonders with a damaged wing on a friend's car - the driver's side wing has an old dent in it too - so may look in to trying to pick up a pair of old style wings for this.
  15. I let my friend go for a spin in my car to drop someone off... unfortunately it came back like this! I wasnt too upset as obviously he'll pay for the repair and i know a good bodywork place - just need to get a replacement bumber and the wing should be ok to fill and have resprayed ... my mate of course was absolutely gutted for the entire evening and kept shaking his head in disbelief. Basically he tried undertaking on a bit of road where 3 lanes went to 2 - then bailed out realising he wouldnt make it - but then hit a metal fence! Luckily everyone was ok - just the car needs a bit of patching up..
  16. Two shots of the back here - one when i first got it - missing VW badge, cracked rear light - standard lights - untidy numberplate Now its a new numberplate with teh Corrado forum number plate surround - VW badge and smoked rear lights - those things all together make a huge difference to the look of the car 8)
  17. As this thread is almost a history of my car i need to include these photos taken the morning i woke up to find my car like this - took the day off work and spent the day getting it repaired - very lucky that i had a spare window for that side. The passenger door was a different colour as said above and also looked like it didnt shut all the way - so made it an easy target for thieves. There's evidence along the door frame that the thief tried to lever the door open first, but then gave up it seems and smashed the window! It was my fault for parking it where i did and also not taking the face off - something i forgot to do this time and paid the consequences!
  18. Thanks to carpoid i know have some BBS alloys on my Corrado too - another step in tidying up - here are the pics. Also note the Corrado Forum numberplate surround!
  19. My car had been lowered by 40mm when i got it - using lowering springs - the ride i find really bad, i feel every bump, the car has not had the shocks changed, is it normal for the shocks to be changed if the car is lowered? The car has had new shocks put on the back to get it through the MoT - they are just standard ones as far as i know - so i am asking this question a bit late really - but id like to know either way. Cheers in advance.
  20. Me trying to copy the look as best i could on my mk2 golf.. notice the front scanner in the grill too.... :lol: ... i know posting these is just asking for some stick but to ME y golf WAS KITT ;)
  21. In my opinion the wheels look great like that - i've always loved that look ever since i saw this machine..... :)
  22. Its coming up to 12 months of Corrado ownership for me - and despite my doubts about the Corrado i picked in the end - i have to say its held up very well indeed. I've had it 11 1/2 months and its been in use almost everyday - the daily commute to work and back is about 45 miles round trip - weekend is even more driving. I am set for the millage for this year being between 17k and 18k. Just wondering what the highest number of miles anyone here has put on their C in a single year? Anyone going to top the 18k? Also during this time i've had surprisingly little thats needed doing for maintenance - only broke down once when the gear linkage broke [1st day of owndership too!] - apart from that its been a very reliable and low maintenance car - and it was dirt cheap for me too! So - any advances on 18k miles in one year?
  23. Black K-reg C heading out of ilford on to the A406 towards Barking at 9am Wednesday morning
  24. I'm over the aeriel going - but having gone to the trouble of taking pics i had to get em on here :)
  25. Ok after FINALLY pulling my finger out and getting a data cable for my phone here are the pictures of the suspect car - someone must recongnise this thing! Apologies for the rubbish quality of the pics.
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