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  1. Keen to shift these as they are taking up space - so I would consider splitting them up @ £40 each - and am open to offers
  2. I'm selling the BBS solitudes from my Corrado - the tyres are all Cooper Zeon XTCs and have very good tread levels - 3 are very good and the 1 that is worn still has 3-4mm - i'm including photos of each one The alloys are not in perfect condition and have usual curbing etc 2 have BBS centre caps - other 2 have VW centre caps Wheels are located in South London - in Hackbridge Collection Only
  3. Always good to rule out the MAF with things like this - check the connections and a good test is to disconnect the MAF and see if it runs badly then - if it is the same then the MAF is the issue
  4. Stone - sorry to hear about the damage to your car - but sounds like the insurance part turned out as best as it possibly could. Hope it resolves itself and you get your car sorted ASAP
  5. No plans to - the Krispy Kreme meet was the first ever Corrado event id been to!
  6. I saw a blue L reg Corrado going anti-clockwise on the M25 on Saturday - around 1:30pm - around junction 12/11/10
  7. Yeh the wheel spin was not very nice, is yours all front wheel drive like mine? I was hoping you would suggest another run on a dry day, especially as you are pretty local - we will have to sort something out. I'd be interested to see how the two cars compare head to head , would make for a great sight & sound too I reckon! Any videos of your car on YouTube or something?
  8. Ahh - as you are so close we should meet up and have a 'Fit the wiring loom to your Corrado' day! You will notice a massive difference with some different wipers - a whole new world!
  9. Do you have any wiper mods? I have the Lupo GTi ones on mine - but I am told there are other better mods out there now. Up-rated wipers and headlights are crucial for driving in horrible wet weather (he says, despite having an uprated loom but not having fitted it)
  10. No - this did not happen - although to be fair we did all go outside shortly after she was round. When we came back in for coffee round #2 she did come over to me and give me a business card with her details - so I'll follow up on that.
  11. Matt - I'm reading up on your thread to get some more info on the aweseom noise & acceleration I witnessed today - did you really just say 400bhp??
  12. Matt - having read your signature and car spec I now know why I had trouble keeping up with you on the A3, and why your car sounded so great!
  13. I did very little - apart form suggesting the venue - everyone coming along is what made it a decent event - especially those travelling from far away - so well done everyone!
  14. As the proposer for this event I felt it my duty to write up a brief summary of today's event - along with some photos: CORRADO MEET @ KRISPY KREME - NEW MALDEN Today was probably one of the wettest days of the year. For many it was a day of being curled up in front of the sofa watching TV. For a group of about 10 men (and a few kids), however, their time was spent drinking coffee, eating doughnuts, and standing outside in the pouring rain huddled around Corrado engine bays. The weather was dire. There was one 5 minute break in the rain - after which it started again extra hard to make up for it. Despite this the turn out, and spirits, were high and everyone was in good form. People had travelled from different places. Longest journey was about 2 hours, and the shortest a 5 minute walk - which was by my dad who came down to check out cars. Personal highlights I remember were: - Discussion on why VR6 Autos are the best (Courtesy of Stone) - Group therapy by sharing Corrado electrical issues - Bit of chat on sunroofs - Hearing plans of a VW Polo + VR6 engine project - Watching the reaction of the guy doing a survey for KK customers when he heard how far some had travelled to buy a doughnut! - Getting a greeting from the store manager who did leave me her details and offered to support us if we wanted a follow up meet [i'll definitely follow up on this one] - Some wiper chat - me realising the 'Lupo GTi' mod is very old and I need to catch up on things! - Going back in to buy coffee #2 to help defrost from being outside in the rain and wind for an hour - Watching a load of guys brave the elements through just passion and enjoyment of Corrados! - Nice little drive up the A3 with a couple of other owners before going home Really nice to meet you guys - and I was very impressed by how many turned up, some driving for hours to be there, despite the worst of the weather. Ironically, of course, right now there is bright sunshine here and blue clouds, just a few hours after the meet! There will be another one - so watch this space. Cheers everyone Arif PS - I have full resolution versions of the photos - so if any of you want some better quality versions of any of the pics gimme a PM and i'll send them over
  15. I think we should still do this - but consider a follow up meet later in the year as well.
  16. I like the rear spoiler sean - where is that from?
  17. Oh yeh - 11am had already been suggested..... by me! Oopps See you all then!
  18. I'll be there - rain or no rain - hope many of you can make it. Any ideas about time? On Sunday they are open from 8am to 10pm! When do people want to meet? I'm thinking 10/11am - but I am very local where as others have further to travel - so open to suggestions of what works best for the most people.
  19. vwnutter - I'm actually in Hackbridge now - you are close by! What Corrado do you have? Keep a look out for a Green one that sounds a bit different :)
  20. I've seen some other wheels I like - so I'll need to pass on these
  21. Swompy - I would like the BBS ones please
  22. The Speedline Comp2s look very good. Going to try hunt some down. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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