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  1. I finally got around to finding the right settings in the Emerland software to take a look at answering your question - I believe you are asking about the RPM for the switch to the VTEC - on the software there is a screen called VTEC switch - and it revealed that right now the settings are: Output ON Condition RPM > 2550 TPS > 40% Output OFF Condition RPM TPS
  2. Ahhh, Corrado32 = FishWick! Yes, now the ecu is getting correct voltage and turning on the 'live adjustment' page should do the trick. Just need to find some time to give that a go, supposed to be moving house this week! Thanks for the offer about the wiring, I'd definitely like to take you up on that offer, will PM you
  3. Spent some time looking at this today - got very excited when I found the earth connection from batter to ECU was not fully tightened on to the battery terminal. Worked with my dad to clean up the contacts and put it all back and tried - still only 5-6 volts in to ECU. We found another relay in the engine bay - part of the Emerald install we think - and there was a fuse connected inline. I'll post pictures of the connector - and the fuse we found inside. With that cleaned up and fuse replaced, the ECU light was working! Fuel pump was coming on - fuel pressure was also showing up on adjustable fuel pressure regulator.... tried starting it.. it turned over - but still did not fire :( progress though! We suspect the crank position sensor - and want to look at that next - I'm frozen and in quite a lot of trouble with the missus - but hoping it will be worth it when it is finally sorted!!
  4. I started looking at this from the ECU back - so the measurement I took was from the actual pins on the loom that plug in to the ECU. I've not traced that wire fully, but it should be wired to the ignition circuit. Below are what the manual says pin 11 & 28 should have - right now I read 5.5 volts at the loom for both pins 11 | Ignition sense input | +12v supply via ignition switch 28 | +12v Ignition supply | Supply from main relay or common with pin 11 Tried a new ignition switch yesterday - but no better. My dad is going to trace the wire through and try and follow it through to see if we can find a bad connection somewhere or something. Any ideas / hints / hunches appreciated!
  5. Anyone know what could causing the above? Could it be the ignition switch?
  6. My car is not starting at the moment and we've traced the issue to the voltage supply to the ECU. The Emerald ECU has an LED that should be red when the ignition is on - but it does not come on. Been checking fuses & relays - but they were fine - then measured the voltage with the ignition on. Measuring a wire going in to a pin that is labelled in manual as 'Igntion Sesnse Input' that says it needs '+12v supply via ignition switch' it is only getting 5 volts though. Another pin labelled '+12V ignition supply' is also only getting about 5 volts when in the ignition position. The battery is giving 12volts when measured directly. Can someone confirm ignition output should have 12 volts when in ignition position and NOT 5 volts? Any ideas what could be causing the drop in voltage?
  7. Very upsetting to read this story - but great to hear all the support - if I had any spare parts going I'd have offered them too! We cannot let scum like this 'win' - good to hear you are attempting to get it fixed up again. Keep us posted on the fix-up
  8. Family went to a shopping centre near us (Tandem Centre in Colliers Wood) and afterwards planned to go to Halfords to get a CD player fitted - so decided to take two cars - wifey & kids in the Golf, and me following in the Corrado. Well, the Halfords part sadly never happened!! Way there was ok - getting out the car park on the way home was not fun - lots of queuing and starting and stopping. Car seemed to stall at one point, tried firing it up but it would not! It would turn over but not fire up. I had a line of cars behind me, I put on the hazards, but people thought I was waiting for a space and started beeping! I tried several times, no joy, some kind soul pushed me, I tried bump start-no joy. Car then out the way and I popped the lid and checked connections, the engine did seem very hot, but not overly so. I called the AA out & told wifey (who had left the car park just before me in the golf) that I was stuck! AA were very quick, arrived in 15 mins - and the guy set about checking stuff. He checked fuel was coming through but found there was no spark at the plugs. He had some questions about why there was an AFPR on it, why it was stuck to the side of the engine, why there were cut wires etc etc. When I told him it was an R32 engine in it & a custom ECU he started reminiscing about swapping engines between cars 'back in the day'! During diagnosis we were talking about the car, I was not feeling at my happiest and him telling me I had paid too much for it and would have been better off getting an R32 golf instead did not help things! Wifey adding other comments about how it was not worth it- and does not even work made things even worse! I felt ganged up on - talk about kicking a man when he's down!!! AA man concluded that he thought it was the crank position sensor and offered to tow me home. I chose to have it taken to my parents place to leave it on the drive and have a go at starting it. He advised checking all fuses - which I'll be doing tomorrow. Not a good day. Being towed through areas I used to enjoy driving this car was not a good look! Hopefully it is just a fuse - if not I'll have to try and work out how much me and my dad can investigate on this unfamiliar R32 engine with the even less familiar Emerald ECU!! Not a good day :(
  9. Apparently my car is a "VW Scricco R32 Aspirated ARIF +2" !!!
  10. Here is the rolling road output graphs from the day at Emerald. The R32 engine gives a real kick after 5k RPM - this graph shows that nicely
  11. FishWick - i'm just getting my sister to email over the map - I ended up having to use her PC as I had so many issues with USB to COM lead (why are those always a pain?) - I'll happily share the map with you. What ECU are you running on yours? Engine bay looks a million times better than mine I gotta say! Attached is the power graphs as well - just got these emailed through today.
  12. One more for the MAF - I had a loose electrical connection on the MAF once on the VR and it behaved very much like you described. A test I've heard mentioned is to disconnect the MAF and see if it runs any different - it should be immediately obvious - if no difference then suspect the MAF.
  13. Oopps - my mistake - 2.0 16v does not have a MAF
  14. Having just made a sentimental Corrado purchase myself I am probably not best placed to offer advice - but I would say that the car is historic and should not be got rid off. At the very least you should advertise it on here. It would be good to know what the issues are with it. With all the help you can get from people on here things will not be as daunting as they may be without help.
  15. Thanks Jim. PS - when did you get a VR6?? I've been away from the forum for about 4 years - when I left I remember you had sold the G60 and were Corrado-less
  16. Some more pics & should say a big thanks to my little brother for coming a long and helping out - and taking some pics too!
  17. What a day. The drive up was horrific! Why did I not remember that in bad weather the Dartford crossing is a nightmare? Ended up being in stop / start traffic for 1 hour leading up to the Dartford Tunnel and horrible conditions afterwards too. Just as the road opened up and traffic went I had one of my wipers stop working! Very stressful drive - and the A & B roads around the garage had large areas of standing water - with big trucks knocking up spray. It was an experience getting there! Took me over 5 hours!! Thankfully I was the only car booked in today at Emerald and told to just take my time! As I arrived I had an email from Biggerbigben replying to some questions id emailed him - his advice was to replace the throttle body & throttle cable before doing any remapping - he felt the issues I was experiencing of stuttering & stalling had a root cause of the 'bodge' he'd done with the throttle. My priority was to get this stuttering sorted - and that was the first thing Dave set about sorting. He looked at the current map that had been set up and commented that some of the settings needed changing drastically - and the person mapping it before was 'making life far more difficult for themselves than it needs to be'. Can't give more details than that i'm afraid! He adjusted a few settings and then did some power runs. The very first run came up with a number of 160BHP! That was alarming - but afterwards Dave said that was a rogue result. He did a number of runs - highest I saw was a reading of 267 @ about 6000 rpm - but some were closer to 240. Dave said that - with the current throttle body & cable - the best set up he could get was with about 255bhp. After the remap I was given the chance to go for a test drive to see how it ran - and WOW - completely different car. It accelerated so so smoothly. Hard to explain in words - but I'll have a go below! Also, when we hit about 5k rpm there'd be a sudden increase in power - don't know if that was the VVTI or something - but it is nice! Another big improvement was the hesitation - stuttering at low revs, which had been MASSIVELY evident during my 1 hour of being stuck in a traffic jam - was gone totally. The car was drivable and enjoyable all the way through the power range. So thats the story. Car is now drivable and demo-able to my friends. I know the best of it will only come after the TB & cable are changed - but will have to see when I get a chance to get that done (need to move house and have two very young kids also - so will not be easy) BEFORE REMAP: growly, savage, brutal, rough round the edges, jerky, kit car like AFTER REMAP: refined, powerful, smooth, progressive, controlled It was a good day - both Ben and Dave think fixing the throttle will help hugely - but for now, as it is, I am very happy with the car and had a really enjoyable drive back - apart from being knackered!
  18. Yep, plan to leave home about 6.30 am
  19. I am taking my car to Emerald tomorrow for a mapping session. Right now there's some issues with it's running - so we'll see how much of the day is spent in fault finding / fixing and how much is the car on the rollers with some tweaks to the map. I've managed to get in touch with biggerbigben and he's advised that the throttle body should be replaced and the throttle cable shortened before a full mapping session - as the current setup was a 'bodge' in his words to get it running. I'm keen to get the stuttering at low revs sorted so still going along tomorrow. I'll be taking some photos and will post up on here afterwards. As it is the first time a mechanic is taking a detailed look at the car I am quite nervous about what they'll find also. Forecast for tomorrow is interesting! I'll be driving from South West London - round the M25 - up the M11 and then across to Norfolk - and need to be in Norfolk by 10am - should be fun!
  20. Sadly the tail lights were actually put on by me in 2005 - wish I had not done it! Actually, I think the originals are still somewhere in my dad's shed! Emerald are based in Norfolk - I should have checked exactly where before agreeing to the 10am appointment - going to take about 3 hours from south west london for me!
  21. I found this in the boot of the car - but cannot see any obvious place for it to go where it fits - can someone help me out? I'm probably being blind!
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