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  1. I've finally cracked and put in an offer
  2. Sounds like 8k sale fell through due to US import issues - and it is now being relisted along with other cars to raise money for home improvements + van for work! I am hugely distracted at work today - very bad.
  3. Sorry to resurrect such an old thread - but this item is back on ebay for a much reduced 4.1k I have a vested interest - as this was my old VR6 that I sold to Ben many moons ago! I'm in the process of buying a house - so trying to ignore this advert - but since I saw it on Monday I've viewed the advert about 24835 times and contacted the seller too to wish him luck - and then ask about Insurance... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/120822505361?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 The part about 'consider breaking if enough interest' pulls at my heart strings too - surely it can't be broken up after all the work that has gone in to it! Feels like this advert was put out there to tempt me back in to Corrado ownership
  4. Ben, I was showing this thread to a cousin of mine to show what became of my old Corrado Storm - he was remembering how he had driven it once also and wished he could have bought it off me when i was selling - well I found this thread and THEN I saw the youtube video! Car is sound incredible. It is very strange seeing the car i know so well, the same number plate etc, putting out sounds like that! I see you have not posted on this thread for a while - what is the latest with the car?
  5. Fantastic work! About the rear lights... i was supposed to give you the original ones when i sold the car - sorry! I think they are burried in my dad's shed somewhere! Very surreal for me seeing this photo - there's the shinny new V6 engine - and then things i recongise like the water bottle! Very glad i came back to the forum and looked up how you are getting on with it - any idea when it will be on the road?
  6. Having owned a Corrado 1.8 16V for a few years and having had a VR6 for 2 years i recently bought a Fiat Coupe 20VT. Finding a good example is not easy - its a bit of a minefield. I have no complaints, mine is totally standard and the performance is great with plenty of potential for increasing the performance over time as you get used to it / bored of it. That was a big factor for me in selling the VR6 and moving on to it. The handling - for me - is still better in the Corrado although the Fiat is still very good. Looks wise i still love the Corrado but there are certain angles of the Fiat that i love more, but its a very individual thing - many will say the Fiat Coupe looks like a frog and is ugly! Performance wise i wouldnt go back to the VR6 but i do miss the engine noise and the handling and the fact that its a classic VW!
  7. I'm trying to sell my storm at the moment - the day someone is due to view it the passenger window plays up! Nightmare. It does not move up or down. Thanks to the excellent threads on the forum ive got quite far (in the cold) working out where the issue is. I've narrowed it down to the motor / mechanism. The symtoms is that it neither goes up or down. The controller box clicks happily and ive confirmed that 12volts is delivered to the motor when you press either switch (there's a passenger switch on the drives side too) but no life from the motor. My dad says he can hear a click from the motor area when i press the switch - but nothing else. Anyone experienced this? Is there any part of the motor that can be serviced / replaced / cleaned? Next step would be to get the mechanism out but thought id see if anyone could shed any light on this. Why do these happens just when your selling!
  8. What do people think are a fair price for these alloys - they fit without spacers on a Corrado. They are kerbed - one of them is very badly kerbed - all photos attached. On the plus side they all have Toyo Proxes T1-Rs - the rear two have done 5,000 miles, the fronts just 2,000 miles - loads of thread on all 4. They are 17 inch - not sure about the offset etc - i found this written on the back of the wheels: 7Jx17H2. Planning to try selling them on here - if not then ebay. Thanks all.
  9. Thanks - i saw something about clear lenses but not that guy making them himself! A good time to buy from the US too with the exchange rate.. i'll drop the guy a line..
  10. I have broken the glass cover of my front nearside fog light [don't even ask..]. I have read up on here about how you can get a replacement lens from GPC - but does anyone know if you can get just the glass / lens? The fog works and all the electrics are fine and in tact - just need to replace the glass on the front.. Is there any standard lens / glass that i can use that fits? Thanks a bunch.
  11. I love my Corrado - i know its a classic - but sometimes you just need to do something that deep down you feel you shouldnt do to a car like this...
  12. Managed to forget the MoT needed renewing - ive just bought a flat and just changed job so those are my excuses - turns out ive not had one for 6 weeks! Oops - very lucky i didnt get pulled up on this. It had its MoT on Monday and it actually passed first time - i think thats the first time any car i've ever had has passed its MoT first time. 239,950 miles on the clock too - i'll take pics at 240 8)
  13. Over the past few months ive had some really bad noises from the front suspension and then i had an awful bearing noise too which got louder very quickly - i had to take the car in... It had: New wishbone Adjusted Rear Bearing [whatever that means!] Replaced front bearing 4 new Toyo Proxes T1-S 215x45x17 £310 for the suspension / bearing work and £400 for the new tyres all round. Now its driving very sweetly! Somehow the active spoiler - which was playing up - has also resurrected - no idea how but it did occur at the time of the heavy snow we've had... 238,500 and driving absolutely beautifully now that its had a bit of TLC and an oil change / oil filter replaced etc. Here's a great photo taken by ibsyj of the form - my little brother - of the cars in the snow.
  14. Quick note to say the car is running smooth now - there's still a water leak somewhere that needs sorting, but all running problems are fixed. The MAF makes a huge difference - spraying the MAF connectors with connector cleaner, cleaning the MAF, and also cleaning the air filter has made a world of difference.
  15. I cant see any mention of headgasket replacement in the paper work - so yes i think its the original one! Ok - my dad sprayed the MAF connections with some maplins electrical spray [just the connections - nothing inside the MAF!] and i took the car out again for a drive and it appeared to completely solve the issue.. im not convinced yet but hopefully thats it. So much for it not being MAF related - thats why im still only a "Wannabe" :wink:
  16. Recently my VR6 has developed a definite stutter almost always at exactly 2000 rpm - it occurs especially if the car is running at constant throttle for a while. Above about 2000rpm its fine and when accelerating its quite smooth. Idle is fine. Also ive previously had MAF issues and its certainly a different hesitation - only being at mid-revs. Today i've found it can occur as high as 3500rpm but definately not above that. Also as low as 1500rpm. Its got a coil pack by the way. The car has been loosing coolent over the past month or so - this only happens if the car gets very hot - not found the source of this yet. Car is still drivable but appears to be getting a bit worse and is frustrating and im used to it running a lot better than this. Any tips appreciated - its not had new items put in such as - new sparks / leads / coil packs during the year i've had it. Would this be a good starting point? Hope its not going to be expensive getting this done :?
  17. I had the exact same problem with my VR6 with factory immobiliser. Tried starting it - fired perfectly - then cut out after 1/2 seconds. It was fuse 16. Thank God for this forum - saved me time and money!
  18. Also - just completing my first year of ownership as i bought the car in late August last year. What a great year its been - the car is a dream to drive.
  19. Gone over the 235,000 mark now! Car is starting to have issues - got a coolent leak that is hard to pinpoint - worst case could be the head gasket - but still car is running well enough to try and keep up with the Porsche Carerra S - up to 140mph. Also im now getting a slight hesitation at 2000rpm - hoping a full service will help sort that out! But car is still running very well apart from those things - everything is still working on the car - even the tilt and slide sunroof!
  20. mtc - dont be put off by the millage - i bought my storm with 223k on the clock and its cruised along to 233k without any problems - engine is very smooth. It was lots of motorway miles and the car was serviced every 6 months during its life - you can have a high millage VR6 that runs for ages. I dont know if its just my car - but my VR6 takes much longer to warm up than the 16V and when the VR6 is cold it sounds bad - but once warmed up purrs beautifully - so my advice would be to ensure is warmed up before testing it out - good luck!
  21. I almost bought one that was owned by Frederick Forsyth's son.. or so i was told!
  22. Here's my VR6 engine noise video - standard VR6 lump - 230,000 miles + K&N Filter http://www.arif50.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ ... oTrack.wmv and http://www.arif50.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ ... erpass.wmv
  23. I made use of some spare disused runway area at Heyford Park and here's a short video - lovely sound from that VR6 engine - first time ive been able to get an idea of how it sounds outside the car: I left a bit of comical commentary by my 16 year old brother. http://www.arif50.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ ... oTrack.wmv Note - i dont thrash the car normally but you dont get all that free space to drive often esp with a mate ready with a video camera!
  24. I went for a track day and got to blast around in a Ferrari 360 - i'll get those photos up in another thread - but it was also a great chance to take photos of my Storm and some video footage as well. So here's some photos - im looking to enter some in the May competition for the calender so i'll appreciate any feedback about which picture to sumbit [is it only one photo per person per car per month?]
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