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  1. Saw lots today: - J Reg grey one in Tooting parked up in one of the side roads of Tooting broadway - wheels looked in need of some attention [11am ish] - Another one parked up near wandsworth - [cant remember much about it - sorry - 11am ish too] - Central London - whilst driving around right in the centre of town near Trafalgur Square - and whilst my passenger decided to stick a union jack out the sunroof - i saw a very tidy dark coloured VR6 M-reg - got a rev and then a thumbs up from the passenger [around 2pm] - Lastly - Oxford [around 6pm] i saw an M-reg dark coloured Corrado - beeped and waved - which just made the driver very scared indeed - oops!
  2. Our admin has turned to the dark side :(
  3. Car has gone to the body work place to get things repaired in time for the MoT! Its having a bumper i got off ebay sprayed and then added to the car along with the wing. All in all its £300 and my friend will be paying!
  4. First time i had my VR6 MoT'd as ive only owned it 8 months - feared the worst - but all turned out ok - all in all just cost me £75. A few items on the advisory though: - Front tyres are low - Lower arm on one of the front bushes is starting split - Slight play in wheel bearings - Rear brake pads + discs are low - One of the bump stops has 'perished'! Could have been much worse - very please :D Another corrado stays on the road another year. Not looking forward to new tyres tho - with the 17" wheels i think im looking around the £90 a tyre mark :roll:
  5. Spotted a nugget yellow Corrado heading in to london on the A3 on Sunday morning around the Tolworth area. I was going the other way. Anyone on here?
  6. Saw a dark coloured Corrado around Raynes Park driving towards Wandsworth monday evening - number plate was M695 PAN - think it was a 16V - not sure.
  7. harry, how much did you pay for it? 300,000 miles? My millage of 230,000 sounds like nothing in comparison! Good to hear they are good up to that sort of millage - really eager to know how much it set you back.
  8. Dr Mat - i owe you one! The problem is now sorted without having to spend any extra money too. After you mentioned the MAF myself and my dad decided to take it off and clean it etc - upon doing so he noticed this: The wire at the end had broken off - maybe due to age + vibration from the induction kit which was loose for a while. Neway - after using a pin + solder and some inventing thinking managed to get a good connection and tape things back up (temporary fix) and took it for a drive - car is fully restored to its former glory! Thanks to dr mat - you saved me lots of £££ - this forum has another happy ending :) i'll be sure to increase my standing order payment accordingly!
  9. Thanks dr mat - interesting idea - an induction kit has been added fairly recently MAF may have been affected at this stage or may just be on its way out - i'll try disconnecting it and see if its different.
  10. UPDATE: Only had a chance to put in some optimax and more injector cleaner to date but got some more information on this issue. Now even if the car is sat stationary and idling and i apply acceleration you can sometimes feel very bad misfiring. Its so bad that sometimes upon applying acceleration instead of the revs going up they move down below idle level and the engine almost dies. Here's a link to a video of it - the quality is bad its too dark and its an mp4 file which most people cant see but if anyone can and can comment as a result of what they see it would be great: link to video - needs quick time installed In the video the car is idling at 700rpm ish - each time i am just applying the accelerator about 1/4 down and holding it there - once revs over 1500rmp i let it drop to idle and repeat.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys - going to change the relay and put in some new plugs and then i'll report back .. also put in some optimax next fuel tank and add a bit more injector cleaner.
  12. The idle seems fine, its mainly when i start to drive off from stationary or when accelerating in a high gear with low revs that the problem manifests itself.
  13. dr mat - pretty sure the fuel pump has been changed before - i'll check the history tonight - it doesnt use oil / water much at all [much better than my 16v corrado]. What is the best way to remove the crap from the injectors - is it ok to use another load of injector cleaner in the next tank of fuel? Another ways to clean them more thoroughly? Fuel pump relay is a cheap and easy thing to rule out so i'll give that a try too - thanks BlueRado.
  14. The fuel filter was changed, but didnt fix the issue unforunately - i had hoped it would as i knew the filter hadnt been changed in a while..
  15. The car is a 1995 VR6 I've done some searching around on the forum and learnt a lot - but i just want to get some views before i invest in a new fuel pump. Here's a detailed description of the issue - some of these points may be red herrings: - Unfortunately allowed the fuel level to get very low then filled up with a full tank of BP unleaded [normally i only use optimax] - 11 miles later whilst driving on the motorway at about 70mph the car started to lose power, then was jerking around like a kangaroo! Pulled the car on to the hard shoulder - turned it off and on again and then it seemed better. - Drove another 100 miles that day, mainly motorway driving with slight hesitation esp when starting in first gear and also with low revs in second gear - car pulled and ran fine for most of the journey. - My friend who was in the car during all this said he'd had the same issue on his golf 16v and injector cleaner had helped. - Next day replaced the fuel filter and tried again - still serious hesitation to the point of almost stalling when pulling away. Once above 2500rpm power is good. - Then added injector cleaner which made about a 50% improvement with this issue - hesitation felt far less. But still present - also at high revs (4000/4500rpm) in 4/5th hesitation is felt. I think its the crap at the bottom of the fuel tank getting in to the fuel system. I had hoped the cheaper options of new fuel filter and injector cleaner would cure it - but its still there. Would adding injector cleaner again to the next tank full be advisable? Or is it bad to use it too often? Does it sound like the fuel pump is on its way out? Is there anyway to diagnose this before i pay for the fuel pump to be replaced? Could it be something else such as spark plugs? Any help appreciated :roll: I should add that the idle is very stable and smooth - it idles happily at about 600rpm and also the car fires first time without issue.
  16. Got up to the 230,000 mile mark now - still running very nice and smooth, the smoothness of the idle is fantastic, cant wait for summer when i can enjoy driving the car fully. Performance is there too - got 135 out of it the other day (downhill though) but its a great drive. Dont think the car needs any more mods - welcome suggestions tho!
  17. From digging back in the thread i thought chargedupstorm had it digitised:
  18. £1300! Amazing - the millage on the VR should be no problem as mine has done 229k miles now and is driving beautifully - i got it off ebay for £2500 - but urs in even cheaper - good move, cant really go wrong at that price - do you do much millage - is it a daily driver?
  19. Its not been changed during my three months of ownership and i dont think its been changed for a few years [i'll check the service history]. Not been done recently though.
  20. I took the storm for a long drive on Tuesday (long = 300 miles round trip) - when i started the return journey i noticed after a while the brakes were engaging much quicker than before - normally the pedal would travel a while before they would start to bite. To be honest now they feel better and more how id expect them to be - but should i be worried that the brake biting point (if there's such a thing) has now come higher up?
  21. I saw a Black G60 - A16 *** on Kingston Road on Xmas day at about 2pm- i was in the Green Storm - i pulled up and waited for you to overtake and then then followed - a nice bit of driving on the empty Christmas day roads! The G60 was going well!
  22. A friend of mine won some x5 alloy wheels for his Audi A3 on ebay - managed to get 5 wheels with good tread on 4 of the wheels for £16! I drove him down there and then him and wheels back - the guy lived very close to the centre of milton keynes and it was really easy to find the place - plenty of roundabouts with directions + all the roads running parallel to each other helps :) Videos didnt post as i get a complaint about them being 'mp4' files - i'll upload them somewhere and link em in!
  23. My brother took some pics of the car in the car park at Ikea tonight, they are not that great but show some of the additions to the car - also a couple of short video clips - both fairly pointless but the car is sounding good! The car is running great - in the last month i've taken it to both Cambrdige and back (150 round trip) and Milton Keynes and back (150 round trip also) and both journeys the car was a joy to drive. Despite the millage it runs beautifully, starts first time and the heated seats and extras are a dream in this cold weather at the mo - i am missing not being able to use the sunroof though.. Also so far everything still works on the car - lets hope and pray it stays that way :) 228,250 miles and counting.. 8)
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