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  1. If my 911 does ever go pop I’ll just take out a massive loan and go for a 4.0 conversion. I sold it to an old mate of mine for about the same money as the VSR would have fetched on its own
  2. Cheers lads Sean - oh mate that’s a shame. What have you replaced it with? Yeah still got the 911 mate. I think that was a major part of the issue tbh - couldn’t really see a time when I would walk past the Porsche to go out in the Corrado, although it was a close call at one point which one would go. Unfortunately when I decided to let the Corrado go I had a walk round it and looked at what needed doing, nothing major at all, and just thought deep down I’ll never get round to doing this. Yeah that was an awesome day out and I met up with some good people that day, yourself included.
  3. For some reason I don’t seem to be able to edit my original title anymore but just a sad update and an end to the thread. The day I was putting off and never thought would come did a couple of weeks ago - the car is no longer Jamie’s Flash Red VR6, it’s now someone else’s 😢 Just wanted to say thanks to you all for all the brilliant advice and love and positivity the car received during my time on here. I still love Corrados and maybe one day there’ll be another one in my life but that’s it from me. For now anyway… 😉
  4. I do Bill. It’s been in storage for a while now, only coming out for a yearly MOT and service but I’ve still got it. I keep thinking about selling up but just can’t bring myself to do it
  5. This is actually factually correct - red paint doesn’t contain as much lead as other colours so it is actually lighter and therefore faster.
  6. IMO if you’re thinking of doing it to turn a profit, give it up now and bin it it’s not going to be worth doing. If you’re going to do it (the old school way) for the love of the car, knowing you’re wasting thousands of pounds you’ll never see ever again, just get stuck in, grab your credit card and find a safe place to hide the bills...
  7. Think I recognise your username from E38/No Rice. Did you have a really nicely done Oak Green MKII 16v?
  8. Don’t think they make any extra power but if you can find one, Stroeve Motorsport 16v induction kits sound amazing and your scene points would be off the scale
  9. There was a how to on here years ago showing how to (funnily enough) convert the ashtray into a cup holder using an A4 cupholder I think. It was something I had on my to do list before I laid the car up. I’ve had a quick look but can’t find it. Edit found it but the pics are gone now by the looks of things
  10. Can I come in for a set as well please if it’s not too late? Thanks.
  11. Pretty sure the JDM Corrado came with HID fog lights as well, or they were an option. Never seen them on a car but saw a set for sale years ago for something ridiculous (at the time) like £500? Its not just centre pins either - some of the Daiwa JDM reels that are about are absolute stunners.
  12. Spot on. That’s what I love about this place - I go missing for months on end but when I come back it’s still the same people that have been on here for years, still helping people out sometimes years after they sold up keeping the place ticking over. Edition 38 was decent in the beginning but ended up full of faces and wannabe faces. I lost count of the number of times I got banned for not towing the scene line over there :D
  13. Happening to me too but only on certain threads
  14. I’d swap my leather all day long for cloth Recaros.
  15. There’s a schrick for sale on one of the FB groups - £1100 I think which is fairly cheap
  16. Jamie

    Centre console tabs

    I’ve bodged it with Araldite and Milliput for now. Seems solid enough...
  17. Jamie

    Centre console tabs

    Hi Hasan - nice to see you still around mate :) I did think about plastic welding but think I’d better have a practice before I end up with a melted mess. That’s a brilliant idea about using shavings Fla. I was hoping someone had come up with some sort of bracket or flip solution but looks like I’m going to have to be that man :D
  18. Don’t suppose anyone has come up with a convincing repair for broken tabs on the centre console? I’ve got two snapped on the heater dial mounting.
  19. Yeah that’s what it looks like. I reckon I could get the OS off pretty easily but typically it’s the NS one that’s broken and I don’t want to risk cracking the screen. Think I’ll just live with it till I get round to painting it.
  20. Yeah it’s a series of dip switches that change the rpm trigger. Cheers for the links but I’m fairly well clued up when it comes to VSRs cheers mate ;) :) I think that’s just to illustrate that if they were going for £1200 in 2013, the way everything has shot up in value (£15,000 MK2 anyone :D ) that VSRs must be worth at LEAST £5k now
  21. Really? Bloody hell I was hoping there’d have gone up a lot more than that. I’ve had mine about 6-7 years and I paid £900 (which was a bargain back then) so just assumed they’d be worth a fair bit by now. Then again it seems like nothing I own has gone up in value, everything I want has rocketed :D There used to be a company in America that made replacements, weren’t cheap but they were available. I don’t actually think there’s that much to them though, just a voltage trigger at a set RPM I think, so someone fairly clued up on electronics should be able to knock something up I would have thought.
  22. Oh how annoying. God knows how but one of mine got broken by a body shop (who weren’t doing anything anywhere near the screen) and I thought they just pressed in until I went to replace them today. Not sure it’s worth having the screen in and out just to replace it...
  23. Are the plastic trims down the sides of the windscreen removable or does the screen have to come out to replace them?
  24. Haha cheers mate - appreciate the love :D PM replied James
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