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  1. Hi All, Anyone on here know anything about the low milage Storm that's on ebay, looks mint, Anyone recognise it? here is the link to the ad. http://ebay.to/1UaI80Q
  2. G60Jet

    VR6 Storm

    Is this any ones on here? Looks nice an original http://ebay.to/1MEuhPU
  3. found it http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?20-G60JET-s-Corrado-G60-Jet-(Updated-20th-April)&highlight=g60jet
  4. Corrado Sunderlands was my old one it was trashed somewhere between me selling it in spain and the UK. I saw it at brunt a few years back looked a right mess, broke my heart. the muppet destroyed that car and what was good and rare about it. would have been worth a fortune as it was top spec Aircon electric windows etc. Good to see you still around guys, not sure what I'm going to do. head and heart, and wallet and all that lol pity the UK G60's were all four seaters unlike the Jet that had no rear arm rest!! got three kids lol Can someone pull on old thread from the archive http://the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewtopic.php?t=57 ?
  5. Well years after selling my G60Jet I'm back, I'm thinking of returning to the Corrado fold. I still miss the old girl and think i want another. but one to lock away and only use as a weekend drive. So what's still out there for the old G60. Who is servicing the Chargers and Who is doing the Stage 5 chips? Are durables still available like bushes etc. What are VW still selling if anything. all comments welcome.
  6. I've got a Corrado Club mug that must be rare to,
  7. GTI international is still a good show after 5 years away from the show, but £20 to get in! Shocking really as it wasnt that good. I hoped for more. Same show 5 years on for me. They don't seem to of added anything extra to raise the bar. So very nice motors on the club stands but let's face it. That's the club member efforts not the show producers
  8. Saw the old girl at GTI INTERNATIONAL today. She looks a very sorry state of her former self Looks like she needs some serious tlc. I was totally heart broken to see a car that I spent so many hours looking after so tired. Original special edition estorils missing and replaced with some bbs centre cap less rims that looked like they hadnt been cleaned in year. Good to see she'd been on the quarter mile though. It was good to see some nice Corrado's about though.
  9. heavy, The car is presently 155kw aka 200BHP, me and my mate have looking into the compressor map for the turbo and it seems to be a well selected turbo. its all down to the Engine map at the end of the day. you also need a intake upgrade and zorst to get the magic 375 if its to be believed.
  10. http://www.goapr.com/products/stage3_long20t.html option for the A4 :notworthy:
  11. Well Its been a while since i posted on here and some 4 and half years since my G60 Jet was sold on when I left spain. but I have the bug for modding my car again. i'm presently drive my lush A4 Avant 2.0T FSI Quattro S-line, but I want more. I've dont a few toy mods to that, but not even touched the engine yet I can throw an easy 3-6k at it and get a big turbo converstion all in, but its my daily driver. and honestly not sure if i want a daily driver with that much power, as it would be almost 400BHP. not cos i dont want the power. but you always want more, so having a weekend motor would be cool. I've managed to talk the missus into moving the shed at the side of the house, so i can make the drive longer and build a garage!! hehe. So do i got back to my Rado Roots or look for the other car i always loved, the Rallye or the r32??? arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Discuss...............
  12. Luck git, I love the T-FSI mate, just wind it up rather than slamming the pedal down, responds much better if its like my a4 lump
  13. I've got a trade card, but tools are so heavy to post
  14. I say give her the polish an tell her it will polish out with a little hard work, while shes doing that for say 6 hours getting no where, have TV/fottie/consol time :lol:
  15. its lush, you should see the S5 thats even hotter the new A4 and Face lifted A3s all have the new audi headlights, they are lush
  16. buy all acounts hes not got the engine sorted, last time i spoke to him he'd got all the vacume lines messed up. seemed in a worse state than before the "engine rebuild"
  17. Yeah thats my old one alright, not in good shape though, the lad that bought it off the guy i sold it to trashed it :(
  18. How the hell can they say there are tracking issues unless you have major tyre wear? Top tip for MOT's get them done at the local council testing centre, they have to be open for public MOT's but they are not allowed to carry out repair work, so they have nothing to gain from failing your car.
  19. From what you said you did stage 2 all round the car THEN polished itoff , do one panel or 1/2 panel at a time wax on wax off stylie. if you leave it on it bakes in the sun. My Method is Jet wash down to rinse loose dirt Clean wheels with Wonder Wheels (£5 for 5 litres from costco) Wash using two bucket Method one for clean water to apply to the car and one to rinse the dirty wash mitt in. Dry with Megs water magnet. i find two water magnets are best one for the windows and paint and one for the door checks and hinges etc. Paint tyres with megs tyre stuff (smells like bubble gum) and leave to dry before moving the car. Polish method Start with Megs Stage 1 to removed old polish and residue Clay bar with quick detailer Use scratch X round the door handles Stage 2 then stage 3 then polish the zorst pipe tip with Autosol.
  20. just swap the front and back tyres evry now and then to even out the wear. That wont work its 4wd all the time, its not like the 4motion set up
  21. I was beginning to panic i'd miss calcualated everything. lol I only thing im worried about is changing all 4 tires at once cos you cant have more that 3mm difference from front to back!! :shock:
  22. 10,000 x 0.01p = £100, but the servicing is cheaper on the petrol and the car is cheaper to buy yeah 200BHP standard, not sure if it will get chipped or not, but it seems strange seeing and engine that way round under the bonnet
  23. Hi Guys Well its been a while since I left Spain and the Corrado G60 Jet , I always regretted selling the Jet but not any more, I've found a car that bring the same smile to my face that the old Jet did over 3 years ago. As some of you know I have a job at the weekends filming driving experiences and I hail a fair amount of kit around, and frankly the boot on the Leon was just not big enough. Anyway after some toying with the idea of a new car, I started looking around, I still wanted a Mk4 R32, but being the same platform as the Leon it wasn't really the car. I looked at the Passat and the boot was huge, but just didn't like the seats or the dash, event in the "sport" models. So off I went to Merc, the C-Class to be exact, now my dad has one and its nice, but still says to me, when I'm 50 and totally Grey. Then the Audi popped into my Head. VAG, Sport, nice toys, and good lucks. Started looking around for a 170BHP tdi, and they are a bit thin on the ground. Anyway I went to Stafford Audi to test drive a TDI, but it wasnt as tidy as i'd off liked for 16,000miles. Anyway to the back of the line was a Stunning liquid blue A4 Avant 2.0l petrol, now I didn't really want a petrol car, but after a quick bit of maths and the manufactures mpg figures the petrol only works out 1p a mile more expensive to run on fuel. So I took it out for a spin. What a car, I fell in love, the Quattro really make it fly and drive well. Anyway its got 1 owner from new, and only 10k on the clock and very clean. :D
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