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    Adrian Flux

    I went with Tesco in the end....was slight more, but i know people that use them and have never had problems even in the event of a claim. interesting thing though, i tried to get a quote from Royal sun alliance who AF quoted me with and they couldnt quote me!
  2. did you see the credits every name was billy bob xxx , or Rosco P Stig, Earl hammond JR etc, so funny.
  3. Its totally staged but still very entertaining
  4. Im just watching it now....brilliant laughing my head off
  5. i'm sorted now. took me ages to find them but i've got the proper instructions
  6. its all depends on what you can afford insurance wise too. remember a 5k loan you will end up paying more than that back due to interest. so if something happens to you or the car, the car is worth less than the loan. Save a deposit that is less than the interest on the you want, and a bare min of 10% of the car too. for example 5k loan repayment is 6k, so save 1k plus 10% of the cars value, so you could pay the loan of early and not be paying for a car you've sold. Check you the terms of your loan, HSBC for example do a cash back on the last payment of the loan, but you cant over pay it. egg loans you can over pay then at any time and take payment breaks(at cost). Personally I wouldnt take out a loan for a Corrado, but thats me, I'd buy a much newer car, ideally less than a year old and still under warrenty. thats way you should be cover for the little things that go wrong. I'm presently thinking of buying an R32, but im not taking a loan out. im saving the 2k or so i need extra on the value of me car
  7. Hi Guy Are there any car electronics installer on the forum with knowledge of Traffic Masters Smartnav system. My other half has just got a brand new unit of ebay, but it stats that it needs a pro to install it, however, i can do it but the thing has not wiring diagram so can anyone here point me in the direction of one?
  8. they didnt that was an after market kit on mine I'd say the production runs clashes and your card was built at the same time. the colour of your car is wrong for a jet. let alone the interior.
  9. I just got a new claybar kit from halfrauds this weekend...its got two clay bars in it and a sample of polish + a cloth. not bad price too. I also picked up a set of headlamp bulbs for my leon, halfrauds had them on bogof.
  10. even the fuel tank straps look new nice
  11. Im sure pau1 was making a set of CF ones back in the early days ofr the forum.
  12. The mk1 Cab is a very heavy car, we had a 1.6 carb model and it was not the best of cabs. you need a power steering model for sure.
  13. I'll lend them mine. Thinking of trading the Audi in against one at the weekend. I think they are saving that for another episode.
  14. I use a suction mount with a tripod head on it....really works well. Most bullet cameras a naff and have a low resolution.
  15. thats like the new road angel with a battery isnt it?
  16. G60Jet

    Secret computer!

    you should see the list of stuff the Leon Climate control panel will show you its just silly
  17. G60Jet


    cheers looks nice and sweet...but i need to give my new job a month or two first.
  18. What a crash.... he is very lucky....loved the fact that he came on the show and called james "c*$k Face"
  19. Andy665, what make is the VW stuff?
  20. check the seal on the air intake below the screen you will get some smell its only natural
  21. G60Jet

    Heads Up Display

    Awesome GTI used to sell one....but you can only fit them to electric speedo cars
  22. G60Jet


    still dont like alfa's but thanks for the idea
  23. have you got any "travellers" in your area, they are known for coming into gardens for scrap and just taking things.
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