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  1. Didn't someone on her put a deposit down on one at there local VW dealer, its apparently bigger than the golf, I waiting off buying an A4 Avant till I know how big the boot is on the Iroc. i'd rather have that than an A4 Avant TDI even if it is and S-Line 170bhp TDI.
  2. Its nothing to do with the reg number being retained, is cos the car its coming off has to be road worthy, Tax'd and MOT'd basically as it is going to be assigned its old plate. if its got no tax then depending on the year registered the plate can be put on retention if done before 6 months after it has expired or 12months for cars registered after 93 or something like that. its worth pointing out that technically a un mot'd car has lost its right to have a private plate, as the plate belongs to the DVLA not the owner of the car, when you get a private plate you pay for the license to use it, not the plate or something to that effect.
  3. i suspect the one you have is the one i got off ebay :lol:
  4. Still think your made a mistake removing the aircon, thats one of the best features of that G60, no other UK G60s had it as standard.
  5. Can i buy the speakers grill off it please. :lol:
  6. Still miss that car! shame i had to sell it, sounds like its had some muppet owners since I sold it. pitty, she's a beast. Myself and Andy Brookes ( the guy I bought it off) were both offered the car sometime back in 2006/7 ish before it came back to the UK. The guy selling it was trying to flog it using my photos take of the Corrado Database site, and there is a whole long story behind that :lol: I wish you all the best in geting her back on the road with that engine rebuilt. You gonna let me drive her for old times sake? Nothing like the G60 sound with a supersprint Zorst! Did you find the harness under the seat, or was it cut out as you suspected?
  7. I take it we are talking 'Clarkson Supercar Showdown' then yes, like it, but some how after working with these cars most weekends the DVD lost is appeal half way through.
  8. to be frank, if your mate is the same guy tried to sell the car back to me twice before bringing it back to the uk, all the time telling me how good the still car was, yet days after saying no due to having storage issues, i kept getting asked how to fix this fix that. All the stuff that was wrong with it. now this is the same person that told me it was in great nick! oh yeah and he advertised the car on here for sale using MY two year old pictures, which he had no right to use. so in my book he's a munter! As for a charger rebuild thats every 40k on a g60 with a smaller pulley. and its only £355.00 i believe.
  9. Well Guys the Old G60jet may be coming back in style, only time will tell the story for those that dont know I sold the car nearly 3 years ago back in spain when i moved back to the uk (biggest automotive regret). I couldn't of never afforded to run it in the uk with no job to come back to so it had to go. It was sold to a local car nut like myself, however he only kept her for about 18months at most, before selling her on to some munter by all accounts. Well the car has turned up again, with the present owner managing to track me down. Seems the Engine is fecked and the charger in need of a good overhaul. body wise apparently she is still sound, although the aircon is apparently fecked too. The present owner has vowed to rebuild it, and get it back to her former glory. I've pushed him darrens way down at g-werks to get the charger rebuilt and the engine set up for the sns no lag chip it has onboard. I fear however it will be a long road to recovery for what once was my pride and joy. Sadly the estorils have gone and its sitting on phat 9inch wide rears. pitty. I wish all the luck to the new owner to bring her back to glory. I'd love to drive the old girl once more, i never really got change to say bye as i moved back in a hurry.
  10. I've got a Leon FR TDI, (earlier versions were cupras before the Cupra R came out) My FR topped 180bhp on the stealth rolling road. keeps up with the Cupra r very well
  11. there were popular about 4 years ago, i think they came from germany
  12. How did you get it to stick to the inside? It just wouldn't take on the dash. I made sure it was really well attached before setting off and had the window down so I could look every half minute or so to see it was still there! I suckered it to the window, had it pointing out the screen
  13. I've got one of those sucker mounts, I've still not dare use it on the out side of my car with my Video camera yet, used it load of time inside the car though.
  14. Hamilton could still win the Championship...It seems BMW are being investigated into fuel irregularites. thats was on bbc1 news 10pm
  15. I can get a 3 tonne trolley Jack that has a 83mm low lift clearance. £70 each plus delivery
  16. Hi Guys, My trust kenwood headunit is getting long in the tooth and its time to pull out a few notes for a new one. (the old ones buttons are startig to play up). Now I've got a Kenwood music keg at present so I will need to buy a new kenwood unit to be able to run that. So whats hot and whats not guys? What you got? I was looking at the KDC-W7537U or the KDC-W9537U any one got one of those?
  17. http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default ... ryId=16273 i bet they wont make it!!
  18. Im not sure what to do about the bonnet to be honest, i doesnt look too bad but it is dirty at the mo, i just cant stand to think of unmatching paint and orange peel.
  19. yeah maybe lol mind you i've not posted this on there, If i's had the fabric mess over the plastic, i may still have aircon after all!!
  20. Tesco seemed to think i had a claim, i was hit by bits of his car after all
  21. I bet it was some muppet thinking he was in tourchwood!! :lol:
  22. G60Jet

    Car Bra's

    Having had my car two year and had it shot blasted on the motorway this weekend Im going to be getting this one.
  23. Well i was returning home, got on the m1 south bound and just as i was crossing the slip road onto the motorway a car on the northbound side has a blow out and spins across the motorway showering metal and gravel everywhere on to my side of the road. I missed the flying metal, and got showered with stones and all sorts, i dodged most of it, however one bit went straight through my Aircon condenser, and another bit has smashed my headlamp protector (did its job). needless to say the bonnet of the car is covered in dents. I felt like such a arse having to drive back up the motorway to get the poor guys details. I happy to say all the people in other the car were ok, including 3 small children. The Guy didnt have any insurance details on him, but the police left the scene so i can assume all is ok. I've got his details, but his car was a right mess. All i can say is thank god for my smart nav and just been able to hit the sos button, and get straight through to the police.
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