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  1. Hey Jake hope you're well. I'm still here but just browsing lol.
  2. Abdul

    OEM plus???

    Looks good. Personally 17's are too big especially in that design and undertyred.
  3. That looks great Jim, shame you're selling up. Personally I'd store it as you will be after another at some stage. If it wasn't classic green id be knocking at your door first thing tomorrow. GLWS
  4. Hi What engine work was carried out at stealth? Any history of chains being done? Thanks
  5. Very nice mate I keep looking at these aswell. I personally think the 996 has aged very well. You still got the Rs4?
  6. Well I'll be damned it's 2016 and I still don't have another corrado.. I'm forever tempted by one but I've insisted since I sold my last one that I would only buy what I consider to be the perfect corrado for me. Needless to say nothing has come up but even then just not sure I have the time to drive one let alone deal with the aggro that comes with corrado ownership. I've currently got a RRS for family duties and a CLK500 for myself but that temptation for another corrado never seems to go away!
  7. Will keep an eye out for the add! Good luck with whatever is next pal.
  8. Awesome car chap, nice to see it progressing. CS' are bad ass btw!
  9. Glad to see the dispute resolved, as has been stated its one of those cars that's been modded to the Extent that only the original owner would know wtf is where. I had similar issues with my PSI 24v converted storm. Is the shell any good James? I recall stoney spending a lot on the paint job...
  10. Abdul

    please delete

    As above Many thanks
  11. You going to do a manual swap?
  12. Incredible car GLWS mate. Bargain too all things considered.
  13. £3k for a Corrado with 180k and no mot? Lol
  14. Exactly it was for sale for a while...
  15. Yeah but that car was mint then Chris took it apart and re did everything underneath making it as good as if not better then new. Corrado values are unfortunately still very poor compared to say a mk2 or e30 but it has faired better then it's contemporaries, I mean how many vauxhal calibras or honda preludes have you seen fetch anything decent lol.
  16. Why not sell it as is? Someone's bound to pay good money considering the work gone into it over the years..
  17. If you keep the chunky tyres that there is an awesome look... I keep telling people it's all about chunky tyres lol.
  18. I'd agree with C5OEM... £8k however seems overly ambitious. I think £5-6k is more realistic however even then I think you maybe left waiting a while.
  19. Funny this threads come up. I'm considering options ATM for a weekend toy and a 996 is one of the cars on my list of candidates but I still think IF the right corrado came up for sale I'd be tempted. I do fancy another and have done for some time but the Corrado that I want I don't think exists lol. I must be mad.
  20. Abdul

    hi guys/gals

    Good luck with the hunt Karl. I look from time to time, if the right DBP or moonlight blue VR comes up for sale I could be tempted away from my plans to buy either an M3 or 996. Been 3 years since I last had one!
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