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  1. from my reading over the 20 odd years of being in a corrado i do recall that it was recommended to not poly bush the rear beam as it restricts the designed beam movement

    regarding bushes, IIRC, most are advised to be kept OE with exception of an R32 front wishbone bush, a vibratechnics front engine mount & i think a front gearbox mount

  2. good comments & input

    i do think some of the "having work done on the car" figures need revision though

    5k for a glass out respray would be correct several years ago, in current times & having spoken with many body shops after i got my VR resprayed a figure closer or above 10k would be more accurate - especially if welding is needed

    my VR is currently having a full underside restoration, IE absolutely everything stripped off, all new parts where possible & refurbished ones were not or to save costs rocketing.....i am still over 3.5k deep & not had the final bill yet - hence around another 5k to be taken into account

    head rebuild & chains are a cert, i think with all the new parts, hoses, cooling stuff, bolts etc mine at Stealth several years ago ended up being about 2.5k - id guess you would need to double that now

    it is for these reasons, along with the very rare parts i have accumulated & fitted that i will be aiming for a 25k agreed value on the car plus 5k for the wheels themselves.  thus i would agree with matt on the up to 20k & increasing kind of bracket

    as such i would concur with other comments regarding buy the best you can afford & that you are happy with.  make sure you crawl all over & under & even take a mechanic with you if able.  i would be happy to help you with what to look for in detail

    my personal input is that when we cherish our Corrado's like we do then at some point you just have to accept that they are going to cost you, whether that be at purchase or once you own them

    BUT even after around 20 years of driving one it still makes me look back at it every single time i walk away from it

    oh & the smile & satisfaction that happens when experience things like at caffiene & machine when surrounded by super cars yet there is a 20+ crowd of people around my VR6 😄

    good luck & hopefully you will find the right corrado for you

  3. sorry to read this today & i do hope paypal help to sort the problem

    i still mod on here as much as i am able to but the change of job does mean im not on here every day like i used to be

    with regard to these messages & posts i thought i had stemmed it after receiving & taking action on the reports logged with the user being banned & posts deleted, screen shot below


    i can only think that the PM was sent before i had put the ban in place


  4. im not sure if this will help but i will input anyway

    the rev needle in my 95 VR6 has played up for many years now & ive had it for about 13 years similar to yourself.  some journeys it works fine, others it kind of bounces high but then slowly falls & others it just does nothing.  sometimes, now less more than often, a light bang on the top of the dash or a flick of a finger on the front of the rev counter would make it behave

    long story short, & i am unsure if the issue i have is related to that of yours but I do know that i read a fix on here by KevBacon on here where he either resoldered or replaced a simple component (guessing resistor or capacitor) on the back of the instrument panel

    i say it might not help as i read it so many years ago ive no idea where it would be on the forum

  5. 11 hours ago, Cressa said:

    👌 Those wheels look fantastic,  amazing work. I rate the g-technic products in keeping them easier to clean. Perhaps just have them In Your bedroom to look at . Great wheel porn 



    thanks cressa, appreciate your kind words - im really pleased with how they turned out & yes they are almost too good to see the elements but then the same could be said of the VR underside lately! 

    you could eat your dinner off the colour coded raptor under body seal & its all shiny new bolts & parts everywhere you look 😄

    i will do my best to get some pics up of the underside restoration this week

  6. On 7/5/2023 at 7:55 PM, _Matt_ said:

    The wheels have turned out epic! Wow.

    Good luck with future endeavours. I've always fancied giving couring a go one day. My step dad retired from the police at 50 and does a day a week for a fruit and veg place. Can be tough but being out and about, preferably not during rush hour, seems a nice place to get some exercise and some freedom. Be careful with the speed limits is the only take away I have.

    Sent from my SM-G990B2 using Tapatalk

    thanks matt

    many many hours of polishing but well worth it & they are the only wheel i have ever wanted for the VR, i could just never find a set in 16's & on the extremely rare occasion some popped up i couldnt afford them

    to say im excited to see them on is an understatement but ive got to work out spacers & running height yet......i hope to hell they dont rub too bad

    the delivery work is all in the local area where i am from & you do small postcodes each day, 105 parcels took its toll on me today lol

  7. i wanted to keep the colours in line with those which you could buy a corrado in so went for 1994 vw candy white & 1994 brilliant black metallic

    bolts from SSR hardware in neo chrome anodised

    finished with GTech wheel armour & also their dealer only crystal coat which a friend who details at porsche got me

    i will mail myself the underside pics ive got & get those up here soon

  8. thanks matt & hasan - kind words & as always shows the kind of mentality many of those who still remain here 🙂

    TBH life is good with the exception of the job situation but i did start a part time courier job on monday, it is going pretty ok so far

    regarding the industy, i had my own business with a contract at a local vape shop.  i am planning on going solo with my line of vape flavours though & they all used to sell well in store so fingers crossed i can get that going

    anyway back to the fun stuff - much has happened on the modena's & the many hours of work ive put in on them has paid off, here is a treat of some pics of the process (everything except the paint was done by myself)



    20230217_151814 (1).jpg


    20230222_220426 (1).jpg





    20230226_211324 (1).jpg

    20230226_211350 (1).jpg

    20230226_215549 (1).jpg


  9. not really been on here for while as i lost my job, other than popping on to sort spam & dodgy posts etc - not the best timing when the VR is having a full underside restoration but hey ho

    not had the blackberry since nov but have seen several times & it is coming along great, i will upload some pics when i get chance

    i have finished the modena refurb too, tires arrived last week & am hoping to drop them off & do some test fitting in the next week or so

    i really can not wait to be able to drive it again but dirt is not going to be a friend of mine lol

  10. On 5/12/2023 at 3:22 PM, GrahamU said:

    So in a way that all my best laid plans ever get shat on from a very great height, I was all booked to take the car to its first show of this year last Sunday, but on the Friday my wife was admitted into hospital, things got worse over the weekend resulting in her passing away late Sunday afternoon.

    Life is shit at the moment


    sincere condolences graham - very tough & sad times

    my partner died suddenly 5 years ago, i fully understand your loss & i hope you have some good support around you

  11. 1 hour ago, James. said:

    As per title.

    Delivered to Lancashire, or can collect if local.



    i will check the boxes of parts ive got for you - i know i have some ECU's but think they may be all ABS rather then engine

  12. 6 hours ago, fendervg said:

    A small bit of grease and a long water pump pliers worked fine for me to fit the rollers - put them in the channel. line up the ball on the arm and a slight amount of preasure should do it. You might need to move the window up and down to get the optimum position to get at it.

    good advice thank you

    i will likely give it a go when the VR is back from its underside work as the interior is all currently out

  13. 17 hours ago, Cressa said:

    I have the group buy ones if you need an unused one. Pretty sure I broke one too whilst trying  to fit it, so gave up 🤣

    credit to those we have here still - a very helpful bunch

    thanks cressa that would be great as i can investigate a scan of the unused one for 3D printing-  ive PM'd you

  14. 1 hour ago, Dox said:

    I replaced mine on the drivers door, one was destroyed (rear?) the other I posted to a member here for reuse. PM your address and I'll get it posted to you.

    briliiant thank you m8 - will do it now 🙂

  15. 21 minutes ago, Dox said:

    I found a used one yesterday if it’s any good to you?

    that would be handy dox thank you

    i might be able to get my friend to get the dimensions from it & then use it to try & stop the slight rattle on the VR6 d/s

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