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  1. On 1/12/2023 at 6:09 PM, MJA said:

    Those Mini's are ace and the supercharger noise keeps it feeling special. My brother had one years ago and replaced it with a turbo one which wasn't the same (still handled nicely though!). R53s are a good investment today too.

    I think it's the mk3 16v that is going. I have a chap interested in it as it stands - MOTd (next week hopfefully), fully refreshed on the frames + powdercoated, bushes, bearings, engine gaskets and coolant bits. Bilstein B12 + a Miltek exhaust. Refurb'd/powdercoated calipers and new brake lines. Shell has zero rot but needs paint on the bonnet and roof to finish off. It's only done 78k and if you believe the "investor" hype that's a good number (my corrado is 155k and mk2 162k) but ultimately I don't think the mk3 is as good as the Corrado or the mk2 as a weekend type car. It won't be a profit but it's another one saved and I mostly enjoyed the process of the work. 

    Like you with the Corrado I have done loads and the bottom end is something I haven't touched yet either. No issues touch wood yet but if it does it does. The car irratated me in 2022 and i did attempt to sell it but every time I drive it I love it so I think also like you I'm in for the long haul. I have had it 5 years and all running gear has been replaced (like the mk3) and top end rebuilt + 263 cams + chains and cluch. I had it painted and the job was good except for a couple of areas I am not happy with and I plan to get them resolved this year and the mk3 can pay for it so it doesn't hurt so much. I was lucky enough to get myself some audioscapes for it and some LHD console dials with a RHD fasic convesion plate. Short of some black recaros it is almost perfect for me so can live alongside something else in the garage for many years happily. 

    The mk2 I bought as a bit of knee jerk. It was oak green, a 16v and had super expensive (OZ Futura) alloys I sold and got myself a reasonable mk2 16v as a result. The engine is a 2.0 ABF under the kjet so power to weight wise it is on par with the Corrado with cams or near enough. It also needs a little work on the scuttle and the arches have been rolled at the back & cut at the front so I'd like those repaired. Out of the Corrado and the mk2 it's probably the Corrado as drivers car that pips it so I may end up shfiting the mk2 on as well and getting something more modern and less old car hassle eventually. Although I also have found audioscapes pods and an immaculate rainbow interior + have already powdercoated the frames and done the bushes, brake calipers and brake lines so it will probably be hard to shift that on too from an attachment point of view. I think as I have the space for 2 indoors it's probably ok but I wouldn't mind just have 1 old VW in the longer term and try something else out... an early 996 calls me occassionally but also others things like a Megane RS (mk2 ones), Toyota GT86, edition 30 Golf, Mini R53s so we'll see.

    But yes good to narrow down the cars as progress slows overall and it gets a bit frustrating. Look forward to the updates on your VR6 and like what you have done with it. The new wheels are going to look great on it - 5 spokes for the win, 5 spokes splits even better.


    ha ha the charger doesnt half scream!  i had it serviced not long after buying the car.

    with all the mods on it it is major ASBO when you drive it hard, never fails to raise a smile.  the handling is superb too with the only exception being lift off oversteer if you get your corner entry speeds wrong

    ive softened the blow of selling the 16v with a nice shiny new Airtec intercooler for it.  hopefully with that & dropping some more weight i can get it to approx 1 tonne & a sub 5s 0-60

    good luck with the Mk3 then, i think i would agree with moving that one along seeing as you have the corrado & a Mk2

    ha ha jesus our corrados are very similar with what we have done - i also had 263's dropped in during a top end rebuild with chains, clutch & lots of other stuff.  i converted early audioscapes to late & have recently managed to grab myself a set of VDO gauges & an early model facia plate for them in the centre console.

    even the paint part ha ha ha! mine was also painted recently but has a couple of areas im not happy with when looking very closely

    interesting that you found a console facia conversion plate, ive never heard or seen of one!  where did you locate that?  

    i seriously cant wait until spring & the underside is complete & modena's on - they are the only wheel ive ever really wanted on it & they are turning out pretty damn special

  2. Hi there

    AFAIK that particular cable has been obsolete for quite a while - ive just checked VW Heritage & nothing is listed

    only option i can think of it to see if somewhere can make you one or if it would be possible to refurb the current one

    other than that is is going to be one off a breaker which you have no idea of its internal resistance

  3. On 1/10/2023 at 11:13 AM, MJA said:

    Look forward to the updates on the VR6 and sounds like you have some tasty things coming up. A shame the 16v has moved on but I suppose also a relief in someways with one less old car to care for (I have the same issue - corrado vr, mk3 golf 16v and mk2 golf 16v - like them all but 1 is going this year). 

    yes m8 it is a bit of relief too as i really didnt want to end up breaking it for parts

    plus unfortunately i dont have the time, money or inclination to restore another, im 13 years into the VR6 but apart from bottom end rebuild this is the last big stage

    have you decided which one to part with?  it is indeed a lot of hard work trying to keep on top of 3 cars!

    i did barter with myself in terms of if i sold the 16v i would use the money to floor my downstairs at home (which will be my house pretty much finished) & also treat the mini to a few more tasty bits - it is currently a 5.5s 0-60 & i would like to get it to 5s if possible with some more weight stripped out & maybe a little more power 😄

  4. On 1/9/2023 at 9:54 PM, Cressa said:

    Oooo the new VW roof gutter trims are very nice

    true m8 they are very nice indeed but DAMN they are expensive for what they are

    but at least it will add to those finishing touches

  5. thread title changed this morning as the day finally came when i parted with the 16v

    my driveway looks thoroughly empty last night with just the R53 sat there all alone

    im pleased to say that the 16v has gone to a good home where the new owner is a friend & plans to bring it back to how it deserves to be, fortunately he also lives very local & i will be helping & advising him on his journey

    on a good note i dropped a new alternator over to my mechanic on the weekend & he said the VR6 underside is pretty much stripped & they will be collating the parts to go off for blasting & powder coating this week.

    i also finally dropped the modena's off to the painter & am aiming to get them back, rebuilt & tyres on ready for the geometry to be set once everything is back together

    had a nice big box with not much in it at all from Heritage today so thanks to my friend i now have a pair of new gutter roof trim

  6. On 12/30/2022 at 12:19 AM, ABV-VR6 said:

    Oh really, you don't think their calipers would fit standard discs? That may be an issue or pricey for me in Canada then. I know the EBC pads they sell can be bought off the shelf here, the part number is listed on their website. 

    It would be really easy if they were just replying to my emails to figure all of this out. I was looking at their page on Facebook, almost 3 years that they didn't post anything. If it wasn't from this community, I would think they are not in business anymore! Hopefully they get back to me at some point! 


    FYI many UK engineering or car firms etc have a factory shut down over christmas period, IE 23rd dec to 2nd jan for example

    as such i wouldnt expect a reply from HiSpec until next week, therefore i wouldnt get disappointed at no reply during this period

    further to this, on my billet 4 setup under the 15" speedlines, the discs & pads are not the OE corrado disc, IIRC they are volvo 240.  i think i went for standard EBC discs & pads but i just brought the entire kit of HiSpec

  7. Just now, ABV-VR6 said:

    Totally agree with you mate but phoning from canada with 8 hours difference can be tricky even even trickier when English is your second language. I get by good writing, speaking especially on the phone not so much! 

    ohhhh the canada & time difference is a challenge i agree lol

  8. 1 minute ago, ABV-VR6 said:

    Oh man, this looks good! Are those rotors 312? With 6 pot calipers, you'll need 17" wheels? 

    as mentioned before m8 - phone them....tell them your exact wheel specs & they will tell you what caliper / disc options will fit for your setup

    much easier to discuss options on the phone than over email

  9. 43 minutes ago, ABV-VR6 said:

    Thanks mate for jumping in the conversation! 

    That's a good point about the dust shields. HiSpec B4 road do have them but looking at Compbrake website, there's no mention of it and in the pictures they look bare. So HiSpec may be a better choice. 

    Did you went with the B4 mate or a 6 pots? Did you get rotors from them as well? I'm thinking of upgrading to a 312 rotor, all it's needed is TT or 337/GLI carriers pretty easy. When I deleted the ABS, I upgraded to a larger master cylinder so it should be perfect for a larger set-up. 


    HiSpec will be able to supply everything you need, calipers, brackets, discs, pads, brake hoses - just give them a call & run through what you would like

  10. 2 minutes ago, ABV-VR6 said:

    Thanks, that is a good recommendation / alternative. I did think about HiSpec but after reading mixed reviews I wasn't sure if I wanted to go this way anymore. Do you have them? 

    yes i have nice yellow Billet 4s on my VR6

    i absolutely love them, far superior to OE brakes & awesome performance

    i chose HiSpec as they were the only 4 pots i could get which would fit under the 15" speedlines

    as far as i know there are several reputable workshops that recommend HiSpecs for corrado's - pretty sure ive seen John Mitchell Racing fitting them to customers cars

    you can give them you full wheel spec & they will confirm if you can run 312's or tell you the max disc size for your setup

    i found them to be very helpful but i would say to not use their spacers if you need them as the cheap ones they did me were not hubcentric

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  11. 57 minutes ago, ABV-VR6 said:

    Oh absolutely mate, I'll wait to be 100% sure before committing. 

    My understanding now is if I want to go with 312 rotors on the Corrado:

    -If black calipers are wanted, there's the Boxster 2.5 and 2.7 fronts or 996 Carrera 2 or 4 rears. 

    -if red calipers are wanted, there's only the rears from a Boxster S that will work. 

    I wish I had someone who's done this confirm my conclusion and also confirm the parts number of the Boxster S which I think are 996-351-421/422 but since they are not mentioned in the original post, I would like to know for certain. 

    an easier route would be to phone HiSpec & ask them to make you some Billet 4's which can run 312 discs

  12. 22 hours ago, fla said:

    thanks, yes that would be great.  As i dont have any covered area i think i'll need to wait until summer then if its a dash out job.

    Do you remember if you took everything out? Based upon Goldfinger above, its probably better to do it that way and i may as well do the heater matrix then too as a preventative measure. I had the centre and underdash  trims off last summer for derattling, i should have looked at it then!


    At the moment, my dash vents blow warm air when the diverter is set to the screen, so presumably this is to do with the foam on the flaps?  Watched a really good video from Humblemechanic where he replaced the felt and really cleaned up the airbox - but this was with the airbox removed.  I suppose thats one way to do it too, but it would be good if i had a spare airbox to revamp and get ready and then just swop it in.  I say 'just', corrado jobs are never that easy.. Funnily enough i've got a climatronic box in the garage that i've meant to graft into my aircon, but who knows when that will happen and i dont think the diavia modified airboxes are too common

    send me your email & i will send you a copy Hasan

    i was able to reline the felt with the airbox in place once all the dash was out.  access was pretty decent & i wasnt  brave enough to disconnect the bowden cables etc

    i used sticky back felt which a forum member here sent me, i think it was purchased from a hobby shop

    it is possible to do it all on a driveway etc but you would need somewhere to put the larger parts indoors - if taking your time id guess at about 3 hours to take it out & then similar to put back in

    i sticky labelled all cables etc & then had loads of envelopes for the rest of the stuff & labelled everything

  13. 19 hours ago, NorwayG60 said:


    A question

    We had our Corrado G60 stored for like 15 years and have taken it out now 🙂

    I wonder how uniqe the ECU are becouse it has a trim chip inside but will make i original again.

    unfortunately we cant find the orignial chip so we have two option.

    1. purchase a original chip and install it

    2. purchase a simular original ECU and plug it in.

    will the mileage change if we put in and whole ECU or is the milage uniqe in the cluster?

    We don`t want to mess around with the milage on this becouse it is very low 🙂

    hi, thanks for the post

    i would imagine purchasing an original ECU would be the best route if you want to keep it original & standard

    i believe the mileage is only recorded in the cluster & as such would not change with a replacement ECU

    pls do share some pics if you would like to 

  14. 13 hours ago, fla said:

    8 years old, not bad!

    I'm looking to renew the foam on the diverter flaps - is it possible to get access to them without removing the dash and blower setup?  Ideally i was looking to remove just the centre console.  I believe someone did this not so long ago - if there are any pics available that would be great too.  Nice little project over the holidays




    having done the diverter flap job twice & had the dash out 3 times it is so much easier when you have full access

    you could try just removing the centre section but from memory i cant recall how much access this would give

    i can email you my dash out guide which has pics so maybe you could see if what you want to do would be possible

    worst case it really isnt a difficult job to get the dash out, just need to be organised & label everything

  15. On 12/16/2022 at 4:52 PM, ChrisL said:

    Get this thread back on track with a little update. Chassis parts blasted and painted 👌






    holy shit this makes me excited to see this as i dropped the VR off at my mechanics for an underside restoration a week ago 🙂

  16. 41 minutes ago, peterpp said:

    Oh dear, the alternator belt came off, (sudden loss of power stearing, battery light on) when I was less than a mile from home and (I now realise stupidly) tried to limp the car back while keeping a close eye on the temperature guage but the heater matrix exploded with a couple of hundred metres to go.  Hoping this was not a symptom of the head gasket failing and presurising the system - I have read that the heater matrix is one of the Corrado's wll known weak points, maybe it was on the way out and got a bit too hot.  The oil in the head still looks clean no white bits Just wondering if there is a guide to removing the dash on this site, and any recommendations  on where to get a good quality belt and new tensioner?

    hi there

    if you send me your email address i will send you a full guide with pictures on how to change the matrix

    be very very careful driving a VR6 with no cooling, the block is aluminium & can warp if ran for too long without sufficient cooling

  17. 1 hour ago, Cressa said:

    Wow....deep pockets needed by the owner, if they ever want to see it on the road £££££££££££

    i guess that if the mileage is absolutely genuine then with a decent chunk of investment it could be turned into a cracking ultra low miler 

    however, for me, that chunk would be a near nut & bolt restoration to achieve the quality required for a top line premium - by which point i doubt there would be any profit in it at all

  18. Just now, ChrisL said:

    Yes looks nice, I have a black one and the same style as that if you change your mind.

    ohhhh now that is tempting ha ha ha

    what would you like to relinquish of said item?  just in case 😉

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