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  1. ARZ also do them at 8.95 euros each. http://www.arz-tuning.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2554_Exterior-Mirror-Base---VW-Corrado.htm
  2. Guys, thanks again for the advice and part numbers, my mate went down to the dealer for me today and managed to order some tape. No longer in stock in UK so coming from Germany so should be in hopefully by end of next week.
  3. Thanks for the part number and the detailed information RW1. I done a search on the part number and like you say it appears it is used across the VW range so should hopefully still be available. Great stuff
  4. Thats very kind mate and much appreciated. If you can PM me some details and let me know how much I will send funds to cover all costs, postage and your time etc. Thats why I love this forum !!!!!!!!!!
  5. My car is currently having some paintwork done and I went to check on progress today. The doors are coming off and the shuts are being painted, running across the very top of the door shuts is a thin translucent strip of tape approx 10mm wide. I guess its there to protect the body work when shutting the doors etc. This is pealing slightly and my mate at the body shop wants to remove before painting and then replace. My question is, is this tape still available ?? if not can any one recommend an alternative and finally does anybody know what I am talking about because its tricky to explain!!!!!! Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Thanks mate much appreciated keep me posted and I will keep fingers crossed that they come off ok and are in good condition. ---------- Post added at 08:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:41 PM ---------- Thanks rod will be in touch if the ones Hombre Paulo has dont work out, much appreciated.
  7. Thanks mate Yeah checked on classic parts aswell and nothing coming up when I put in part numbers in at the mo. Will keep checking on their though. If dont get any joy will have to make do with what I have.
  8. axcel01uk

    Roof Cover Caps

    Hi to one and all I need some left and ride side plastic roof cover caps part numbers 535853719 and 535853720 respectively. These are the bits that sit behind the roof strips and cover the bolts for the tailgate. The ones I have been taken off in the past and the lugs are broken. Must be in top condition no marks with all lugs present. Tried my local dealer but they said they are no longer available. Although half the time I just dont think they can be bothered to check on the computer. Thanks
  9. Would love to know where TCS locate their cars from. Take a look at the one in the Ebay link below surely one of the lowest mileage cars around. Would be interested know what they paid for it. I would imagine probably next to nothing to some owner who although clearly has looked after it, has not appreciated what a gem they had there. Would have probably got double what they got from TCS if they advertised it for sale on here. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CORRADO-2-9-VR6-M-reg-BLACKBERRY-GREY-LEATHER-/280750124805?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item415e02ef05
  10. Saw a really nice red M or N reg Corrado today at about 1.45 driving through Danbury Essex, looked sweet
  11. I am based in Benfleet and whilst I dont know anybody in Brentwood, I can recommend a VW speclialist in Shoeburyness called Peter Breading. His garage was over by Southend Airport but he has recently moved to a nice new unit in Shoeburyness. I take my VR6 there for servicing and he knows all the older VW's inside out. This is the website http://pbreadingmotorservices.co.uk. Cant recommend this guy enough he runs the workshop with his son and wife. I have been taking my VW's to him for about 15 years. He explains everything and keeps any parts etc to show you and so on. Not to far from brentwood I guess and you could maybe drop the car off and go into Southend for the day.
  12. Such a pain when this sort of thing happens. But to just echo what Joebloggs confirmed previously, you should still seek reimbursement from your bank. Most debit cards are now Visa debit cards, whilst you dont have protection under section 75 of the consumer credit act, you do have some form of protection under the Visa Chargeback Scheme regulations. Just check the card you paid with is a Visa debit card. Then contact your bank and confirm that you want them to undertake a service not received chargeback against G werks. Some banks require you to send in a letter confirming what agreement you entered into with G-Werks and what the service was and when it should have been provided. It would also be best if you forward a copy of any receipt invoice etc to your bank as well. Lastly also provide your bank with copies of your emails to G-werks chasing them and attempting to resolve the matter. So I guess the only bit of goods news is that as long as you paid with a Visa Debit card there should be no problems whatsoever getting your money back through your bank.
  13. HI Andy Sorry for delay posting up pic of PCB board but here is pic as requested Al
  14. The wife phoned me to say mine was delivered today looking forward to getting home from work for a read. Thanks a lot Jim
  15. Thanks Neal Payment and PM sent Regards Al
  16. Hi N, thanks for coming back so quickly £10 is fine. is Paypal Ok ? if so I will PM you. Andy, I am not sure if they can be remade with Veroboard I will post up a pic of the Pcb when I get home from work tonight though mate. Regards Al
  17. Yeah sorry would help wouldn't it !!! its a 1994 vr6
  18. I am after a very good condition fully working Electric Mirror switch, mine has finally packed up completely and no amount of cleaning using the repair guide in the knowledge base will sort it. I really just need the PCB part containing the copper board and the connections you normally clean up with brasso (my PCB board seems to have just burnt out in one corner) but happy to buy the whole switch if you dont want to seperate. If anybody has the above then I would be very grateful if they could contact me. Cheers Al
  19. Saw a really nice blue J plate G60 parked up in Bradley Avenue, Thundersley, Essex between about 9.30am and 12.30 pm today, looked lovely. I could count on one hand the number of corrados I see round my way so to see one parked up just down the road from me was a nice surprise.
  20. Hi mate do you still have the inlet manifold ?? Cheers
  21. Saw a nice looking H reg nugget corrado in Sutton Road Southend On Sea today about 1 oclock, anybody on here ??? looked in good nick. Did wave but was driving in my focus so you must have thought I was demented.
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