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  1. Hi mate Are these the TT wiper arms as per Kev's guide i.e part number 8N2 955 408D ? x2 If so as long as you can assure me they are as new and without any scratches/marks I will take them.
  2. Truly stunning car the work you have done on the underside is amazing, just wish I had the nerve and the know how to try it.
  3. Cleaned the arches using just an all purpose cleaner and a toilet brush and autoglym tar spot remover for any difficult to remove bits. Then just sprayed aerospace protectant 303 on the wheel liners and any other black plastics to bring them up. Thanks for the compliments, had the car resprayed at the end of last year it was in the body shop for 3 months, its not my daily driver and only comes out the garage in the dry so its pretty easy to keep clean.
  4. Yes mate its 204 euros, but once you pay this amount they then send you the nice new wheel, you then have 7 days to put the new wheel on your car and return your old wheel, once they are in receipt they then credit you back with 100 euros. Postage from germany was another 18 euros on top. At the current exchange rate it works out to the equivalent of £100 for the wheel and the postage once you are refunded. But you also have to take into account the cost of returning your existing wheel to them in germany which if I remember was around £19. But cant be sure. You could perhaps look at costs of having your existing wheel refurbished over here as may be cheaper, also seen some really good results from people using various leather repair kits, but I am really happy with it and it was a great present from the mrs.
  5. I spotted it on ebay from a german seller called cars_dream.com. I cant see he has any more for sale at the moment but it appears he may be away until tomorrow so keep checking. In any event it was the following item:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lederlenkrad-Lenkrad-VW-Golf-3-VR6-GTI-Passat-Corrado-b-/130512184490?_trksid=p5197.m1992&_trkparms=aid%3D111000%26algo%3DREC.CURRENT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D14%26meid%3D1878009413839071438%26pid%3D100015%26prg%3D1006%26rk%3D1%26#ht_7220wt_1139 They send you a new refurbished steering wheel and you have to send them back your old one, it has to be the same style though it cant just be any old steering wheel. You also have to pay a 100 euros deposit on top of the price quoted, this is then refunded to you once they are in receipt of your old wheel. I love mine, it really has a nice feel to it, like yours mine had worn quite badly and I wanted to keep the same standard style but just bring it up to date slightly. There was also a choice of colour for the stitching. The only thing the wheel doesn't come with is the horn ring but you just pop out the one on your existing wheel and switch it over its a 2 minute job.
  6. Gave my leather seats some Gliptone treatment, really brings out the leather smell. mmm Fitted new steering wheel wife bought me for my birthday, Continued my mission to clean the wheel arches Gave the car a nice coat of wax All in all a good days work pampering the corrado
  7. Well I had a nice run over from Essex to Ant's place today to have my VR6 done and I am well happy with the results. I can only reiterate what others have said and that the car feels so much smoother, engine sounds nicer and better throttle response. It has also cured a very slight hesitation I used to notice when moving off at slow speeds sometimes. Additionally, when I stopped enjoying the better throttle response on the way home and settled down to a nice cruise my MPG was better. So all in all a very worth while trip and one I would recommend to anybody. Good to meet you Ant was a laugh talking about old car experiences and thanks for the drink. Will definitely have this done again as part of routine servicing etc. Cheers mate Al
  8. No matter how hard he tried to convince them he filled the arch better than a 15 inch speedline the boys were just not convinced.
  9. Yes mate well up for meeting up one Sunday hope you get your car up and running soon. Keep me updated on progress. Yeah I was interested in going to that show at North Weald as well, its normally on the end of July each year but I think they had to hold it somewhere else this year because the normal dates coincided with the olympics and they were using the showground for a park and ride for some of the events.
  10. That beetle is really cool and wasn't there Saturday when I went either, Yeah live in Benfleet just at the top of the bread and cheese hill only about 10 minutes down the round from you in Basildon. My Mrs comes from Basildon so know it well. The Mrs parents still live their so over your way a lot, never seen another Corrado round Basildon though and hardly ever round my way either. The only other corrado I see regularly is a lovely looking classic green storm which is parked in front of someone's garage in Grand View Drive in Leigh On Sea opposite one of those big houses that overlooks the estuary. Must have really low mileage as I have never seen it move. Think all the other owners round our way must garage there cars as such a rare thing to see one, from the your profile pic it looks like yours is garaged to. I only go out in mine if its not wet or raining on a Sunday and I normally go out around 7.30 ish in the morning so at that time no other cars about so can have a bit of a blast for an hour or so safely. Do you get out in yours much ?
  11. Yeah think the weather did put a lot of people off and the fact it was rescheduled this year didn't help. Shame because it's nice venue and if the Mrs gets bored she can just go to the antiques bit nearby. That rallye is stunning would like to have seen that shame it didnt make an appearance on the Saturday.
  12. I went today as heard the weather is going to be crap tomorrow. It was ok some lovely campers and beetles not to much water cooled stuff though. I just parked in the car park but apart from mine there was only one other corrado in the whole place and this was in the show area. It was a really stunning example took some pics anybodys on here ?
  13. Take a look at the link below, just what were these cowboys doing, poor guy I would be in bits. http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/165202-my-gtr-2.html My 4 year old could have done better blind folded with one arm tied behind his back.
  14. Yeah must admit that engine cleaning process did look good. Found this link http://www.terraclean.net/product.php?id=1 but no mention of where you can have the process done in UK, but I guess if you contact them they may be able to supply list of UK retailers that have it.
  15. Anybody had any experience of Kent Cams from the link below, I remember C & R always had a good reputation around the Golf scene when I had my old mark 2 a few years back . I guess you would have to take the up to 22 bhp figure with a pinch of salt. http://www.candrenterprises.co.uk/shop/kent-performance-camshaft-vw-1989-1995-3.html
  16. Cheers Jim, shame your miles away from me, even reading some of the old threads and write ups from people who have had them fitted they seem about the best thing you can to do a standard vr lump especially if you have a remap as well. I emailed spturbo.com yesterday about delivery times etc they havent come back to me yet, do you know if this was the same company that was used for the group buy before ?
  17. Hi guys I have been trying to source some schimmel 263 performance Cams for my VR, I have found a US supplier at:- http://www.spturbo.com/onlinestore/index.php/volkswagen/corrado/vr6-92-95/12v-vr6-camshaft-set-263-street.html. The price is pretty reasonable at 450 USD however, postage is 183 USD and I guess you then have to factor in import tax as well. I know quite a few cars on the forum have the schimmel 263 cams, does anybody know if they purchased them from the above website ? or does anybody know where I can get them from in the Uk ?. T I was also considering some alternative cams from DG autotech as some previous reviews on here were very favourable but after ringing them today they said they no longer supplies cams for the VR6 12v as they said they wasnt enough demand. Anybody got any other recommendations for alternatives. ? I have seen Piper cams for sell in the UK but not really sure of quality. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Cant tell you much about the Dubpower one but I had a Milltek fitted by AMD Essex and they done a superb job, fits lovely, absolutely no knocking and driving at normal cruising speeds there is no droning and no difference to the standard one I had. However, when you open her up it has just the right amount of extra noise. Its a great exhaust and polishes up lovely. IMO anyway. Did consider that Dubpower one though before I chose Milltek looks a really good system.
  19. Your car looks really nice and those wheels are superb. where abouts are you in Essex ?
  20. That looks really nice and well looked after. Lovely example and low mileage as well, doesnt get much better than that !!
  21. They seem to have a couple of Aircon resistors for corrado's on ebay look different to yours though I wonder if you could still use ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Corrado-Air-Con-heater-motor-resistor-191-959-263-/251008992153?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3a714d4399
  22. I thought this was a friendly internet forum not Wall street !!!!!! Enthusiast Owned are you Gordon Gekko in disguise. I have to say this is leaving a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, I thought this forum was a bit different and there was a gentlemens understanding in place that once a person had expressed an interest then they did have first dibs. As for a payment being outstanding !!, jesus only 12 minutes had passed before subcool was gazumped, I am sure if fishwick had PM'd subcool he would have paid promptly he wasnt even given the opportunity. Just my two pence worth.
  23. Yeah I heard the same thing that someone spoke to them at a show and something about a show featuring a g60 with a blown charger, I am sure i read this on this forum somewhere as well. Couldnt really see them making to much profit though. They seem to have gone a bit more up market these days as well judging by the list above and the previous American series.
  24. Yeah looking forward to this but unfortunately there is no Corrado, had a look on the wheelers dealers website and it confirms the following cars will be in the new series:- Mar 20 - Fiat Dino Mar 27 - Morgan Apr 03 - BMW M5 Apr 10 - Renault Alpine Apr 17 - Porsche 914 Apr 24 - G Wagen May 01 - Jag XK8
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