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  1. Yeah the models are great, now display all mine in a display cabinet in my man cave, was so tempted by that 1/12 golf because it looked superb. Just no room for it in my cabinet though.
  2. Just to give all you model Collectors a heads up about a new 1/18 scale corrado that going to be released by Otto in November. This time its a VR6 model. I have provided a link below. http://otto-models.com/en/ot611/291-volkswagen-corrado-vr6.html Otto did previously release a red g60 model and a few members of the forum bought this model directly through Otto. I am aware that in some cases it didn't go particularly smoothly with people being sent wrong models etc, so you will have to decide whether you purchase through Otto, who are based in france, or you look for a UK supplier. I have bought over 20 models through Otto in the past and have never had an issue but I am reluctant to fully recommend them again due to the previous problems. If you haven't bought models through Otto before you have to join their club in order to pre book the model. You cant pre book unless you join. As a member you get the opportunity to pre book models before they go on general sale. Most of the VW ones I have purchased in the past are snapped up by members and sold out before they go on general sale. At current exchange rates the total cost of the model works out at £59.92 including postage. Whilst this may seem pretty expensive the models are superb and a step above the revell ones that I also have a couple of. If you are going to book through Otto it is best to do it sooner rather than later as most of their models do tend to sell out pretty quickly. You can normally find their models through other suppliers but you will likely pay a bit more after their mark up etc.
  3. Reg N26DBR spotted at festival leisure Basildon at 5.30pm today. Looked mystic blue couldn't see if it was a VR or maybe 16v but looked superb whatever it was.
  4. Thanks for the update on these Jim. I would be interested in a front grill badge, like you say £100 for the metal plated badge does seem expensive, but would be happy to pay £40-50 for the painted version if it was close to the original.
  5. Hi Jim Further to my previous post, I had a word with a friend who works at the ombudsman service about your circumstances and about the possibility of you making a claim for a refund against your credit card provider under section 75. She confirmed that firstly the name of the garage must match on both the receipt for the engine rebuild and the credit card statement (something to do with debtor-creditor-supplier). If you no longer have a copy of the credit card statement, this can still be obtained from your credit card provider even if your account has now been closed. She explained that getting an independent report is crucial as hopefully this will be able to detail what was repaired or replaced as part of your rebuild and how long the engine (parts) should reasonably be expected to last for. If it is determined the problem with your engine is due to one of the elements that was replaced that’s when you can sometimes hit wear and tear issues. She explained that sometimes even if an engine part fails, it is a part that would reasonably not be expected to last the lifetime of a car. However, in your circumstances you would think it would be reasonable to expect it to last more than a year and only a few thousand miles. She stated that most banks would want an independent report carried out by a company such as DEKRA (Check their website) as they are completely impartial. I suspect the Bank may not consider a report from say someone like Stealth independent enough as they may believe that at the end of the day Stealth would want your business for the repair job etc. She said that Dekra are recognised independent vehicle inspectors who do not undertake any repair work themselves, this is why the banks trust them. Apparently a Dekra's engineer’s report starts from around £195 inc VAT and the feedback they have is that Dekra are really helpful. She suggested it would be worth your while ringing Dekra to speak to them to discuss your issues and what they may find as part of their inspection. You can then make up your mind if you think it may will still be worth pursuing. I appreciate there is still a lot to consider here but it still might be worth pursuing a claim as a last resort if have no joy sorting out through other means.
  6. A friend of mine works for the financial ombudsman service as an adjudicator, her role is specifically dealing with and deciding the outcome of section 75 complaints that cant be resolved between consumers and banks etc. I will have a word with her on Monday and will get some guidance as to whether she believes you may still have a case bearing in mind the limited information on the receipt and that the business is no longer trading.
  7. The fact that the card is closed should not make a difference according to this link. http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCEQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.which.co.uk%2Fconsumer-rights%2Fregulation%2Fsection-75-of-the-consumer-credit-act&ei=k_hxVeenD8fXUdbqg5AO&usg=AFQjCNGpJT58E7K3li3VqQuYpYZykSRtxg Were you supplied with receipts detailing the work and costs etc ? as you will definitely need to provide all documents to the credit card company. A friend of mine recently purchased a duff second hand fiesta, she had no joy in resolving it with the car dealer so she made a claim under section 75. It took a while and she had to get a report to prove the car was defective but she received a full refund from her credit card company under section 75. Its definitely worth a shot Jim. I just hope that it can be identified that something has not been carried out on the rebuild work correctly as this is the key fact. If an independent report can verify the problem and you have a receipt to show that the defective part was replaced as part of the rebuild, or it can be verified the work was generally substandard, then I think you may have a good chance in getting your money back.
  8. Hi Jim Just a thought, if you paid for the rebuild using a credit card you could consider a claim against your credit card provider under section 75 of the consumer credit act. The fact that you had the work done a year ago isn't an issue as there is no time limit in making a claim under section 75 (you only need to take into account the statute of limitations and in the UK this is six years). To progress a successful claim under section 75 you will normally need to get an independent report done to verify the work was not of an acceptable standard. It may cost a few hundred quid to get someone like Stealth to do the report, but I am sure the cost of the rebuild was significantly more so at the end of the day it will hopefully be worth paying for the report if it leads to a full refund. The fact the business is no longer trading is also a good thing as normally the credit card provider will initially spend time trying to resolve it directly with the business so the fact they cant do this will speed up the process. Al
  9. This seems like a good price for Beru leads, however, they don't come in red, I did email and they confirmed come in black only but great price for quality leads. http://www.vwspares.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=646
  10. Saw this little write up on uk mark ivs.net looks a nice car, anybodys on here ? http://uk-mkivs.net/topic/273529-corrado-vr6-detail/
  11. I am with Performance Direct, limited mileage up to 3k a year, declared mods, garaged with agreed 5k value, no endorsements and no recent accidents, £185 a year.
  12. If your after a standard set up and not on a smaller budget go for a Bilstein B12 set up. You cant beat it, I have recently replaced the original suspension on my Mk4 golf with this kit and its superb, I can honestly say it rides better than the factory suspension I had. Absolutely no crashing about over bumps etc. but it also provides superb handling so you get the best of both worlds. I changed the top mounts at same time always worth doing. My Mk4 Golf is like a different car now and I finally enjoy driving the thing. I have the KW V1 kit on my corrado whilst the handling is superb and its not to crashy because I havent get them wound down to silly levels, I think the B12 kit is the better one to go for if you want a factory set up.
  13. Spotted a very nice J-reg Blue G60 in the Rayleigh Motoring Centre in Essex today, looked like a great example.
  14. Looks superb, great job on the polishing, looks like it has real depth to the paint. I do like that colour
  15. Saw this rare p reg VR on detailing world, looks a great example anybody's on here? http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?p=4696120#post4696120
  16. Looks fantastic, the imperfections can be easily sorted, like others have already said when u look at the unloved car in the first pages of this thread and then look at it now , what a transformation. So good seeing the car turnaround like this, superb and work hats off to you.
  17. DriverVR6 It seems like a simple misunderstanding from a person not familiar with how the process works, try chilling out a bit. Hardly the end of the world is it. Judging by your contribution to this topic and others recently,perhaps it would be better to take your short temper and general negativity elsewhere for the time being. I am by no means what you would call a regular poster on here but I regularly visit the site and have never found it clicky as you indicated in a previous post. People are always made to feel welcome and 99% of the time it's very friendly. Perhaps your questionable approach and general poor attitude lately just makes it difficult for people on here to relate to you or for the matter want to communicate with you. Hence why you seem to be a bit paranoid about the forum being clicky. As for wanting to wind Sean up it seems ironic that the slightest little thing (like the above) seems to wind you up and you then come on here like a sulky teenager. I suggest you go to bed it seems to be past your bed time.
  18. Was in a Range store today and they had this playing. Anybody on here lend there car for the commercial ? Unfortunately no number plate. CarKit Waterless Wash 'n' Wax - YouTube :
  19. Hats off to you that engine bay looks superb, I do like the polished look and the blue hoses really sets it off. sorry to hear of the troubles you had but glad the car is obviously in the hands of someone who clearly wants to look after it. Great stuff.
  20. Love the B&Q shelf bracket for the exhaust hanger, jesus what people will do to avoid spending a few quid. Like what you have done, really looks aggressive from the front especially in the black. I would move out the way it saw that coming up behind me.
  21. Yesterday in Ipswich around 6.30 ish black VR reg L666 COR looked very nice
  22. I bought mine off the ebay seller thinking they were no longer available, but it might be worth anybody else who's interested waiting to see if Ian has any joy with his dealer. Looks like you could save yourself a few going direct to vw.
  23. i also got told no longer available by my local dealer. Useless gits.
  24. For anyone wanting that extra little detail for their engine bay, you don't see to many of these in place. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-GOLF-MK3-VR6-TEMPERATURE-SENSOR-GUARD-SHIELD-BRAND-GENUINE-OEM-VW-PART-/161219403058?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Model%253ACorrado&hash=item25896cdd32
  25. axcel01uk


    I forgot to mention that the guy I used, Banana Man, was obviously trained in the Jedi arts. This meant he was able to successfully use a jedi mind trick to make me think the slight engine hesitation that had been bugging me for months prior to getting the treatment done had disappeared. It was only 3 days later I realised what had happened. If only I wasn't such a weak minded fool. In all seriousness though don't get it done expecting huge increases in performance as it doesn't provide that, but imo it was money well spent and it completely cured my engine hesitation issue and I can only reaffirm that the car was more responsive and it did feel smoother. After owning the car for 5 years and knowing her inside and out it was easy to notice. I had tried cheaper off the shelf fuel injection cleaners prior to Terra Clean with no luck. However, you might want to consider that I did get mine done at a discount, most places now days charge over £100 to do it. If my car was running nicely already would I get it done ? tricky decision, it is quite a lot to shell out.
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