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  1. That is a stunning original example, looks so good in white with the bbs alloys. No mention of any supercharger work etc, for that price and mileage you would want to see evidence of it being done at least once. But saying that the engine bay looks pretty immaculate to so would be surprising if they scrimpt on having the charger rebuilt. Wonder where they picked that up from and how much they paid ?
  2. Got my tank straps through the post this morning, they look great and will hopefully have a crack at fitting this weekend. Many many thanks again for sorting this out.
  3. Looking really good and imo looks much better with original grill back on. Engine bay is really coming on as well, great job on the manifold. For a few quid you can also get a new engine warning sticker that goes on the plastic trim attached to the slam panel. Will smarten up the engine bay even more. here is a link to a repro sticker available on ebay if your interested:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Corrado-Engine-Bay-Warning-Sticker-443-000-283-A-polo-golf-/180952870427?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2a21a1ae1b Alternatively I have used these guys before http://www.volkswagenstickers.co.uk/index2.php?cmd=search&cat=16, they also do a replacement for your fan warning sticker that I can see from the pics has peeled off a bit. Just little touches but nice and cheap and make a difference especially when you have gone to the trouble of making a nice job of cleaning the engine bay. Really good seeing the way you have turned this car around.
  4. Hi mate Whilst I have the cash I thought I would send my payment to, I trust you have received. Many thanks for arranging. Regards
  5. Congrats all that hard work paid off you can finally start to enjoy driving it now
  6. I have a milltek on mine mate that was fitted by AMD, there is no bend in my tailpipe, the fit is great with absolutely no banging. I have attached a couple of pics so you can see how mine looks etc.
  7. Mine was also waiting for me when I arrived home yesterday, Thanks again for arranging.
  8. I am really interested in a set from they guys as well and I contacted them to get more info. My VR was originally sold by Dovercourt vw St Johns Wood London. Unfortunately, they have never done any sets as yet for this particular dealer. They have done plates for another vw dovercourt but not my specific one. But helpfully, he said if I had some old literature or an example of how they should look he would make them. So I am now going to have to try to find some old literature or an example of an old dealer sticker/pic of an original number plate from somewhere. If anybody happens to have a Dovercourt st johns wood sticker/plate on their car and can post up an example or what it looks like I would be very grateful.
  9. I will take one set please, thanks a lot.
  10. Saw this on ebay, apparently, this car is going to appear in an upcoming film, not to much about the film on IMDB. I wonder how the corrado will feature in it? , I hope they do it some justice like a good chase scene. But it will probably be a scene where the actor is trying to make a quick get away and the bloody thing wont start. Or perhaps it will be some sort of rom com where some guy takes his bird on some nice day out only for the sun roof to get stuck open when its starts to rain . Anyway will be interested to see how it will feature. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Corrado-VR6-1995-N-Dark-Green-Cream-Heated-Leather-Koni-Suspesion-FILM-CAR-/251274524865?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3a8120f8c1
  11. Hi, thanks for arranging this, can you put me down for a VR6 one please, no logo, thanks
  12. Never met Chris but clearly a true legend on this forum and on the scene as a whole, donation made
  13. Congrats on the new arrival, handsome little fella, seems like only 5 minutes ago my boy Danny was that age cant believe he is 5 in a couple of weeks, scary !!!!!!! I am sure the mrs wont mind Jacob sitting in the back seat of the car while your putting the dash back in. Teach him Corrado maintanence from an early age that's the best idea.
  14. Your V5 looks great, love the red and recaros, great to see someone else appreciating them, no what you mean about the handling, it is pretty poor but the sound of the engine is great and the performance is nice enough, I have had mine for 10 years now and its been really good to me so comfortable to cruise around in and I have never bothered to change the ride height, have thought about it loads of times but don't want to ruin the ride quality and I have the VR6 for the great handling. If you do find a set up that lowers it by around 20mm and retains the comfort I would be interested to hear about it. Here is a pic of mine
  15. Hi Matt Got mine today and was a nice easy job to swap over, got a nice red and green glow in the cabin now looks great, Thanks again for sorting.
  16. Hi Matt Can you put me down for one as well, will wait for your payment instructions. Thanks for arranging this.
  17. Unbelievable turnaround mate, great to see the car getting the attention it deserves, paint has a nice depth of shine to it again, great work.
  18. Thought I share the below link as I found it interesting and nice to see another VR6 getting the attention it deserves. This guy has done a few Corrado projects, links to these can also be found at the bottom of the page. He also has a lovely blue storm for sale that's he done a fair bit of work on it looks in cracking shape. http://www.volkswizard.co.uk/carsforsale/n817byb.htm
  19. Sorry for the problems people have had with otto I was beginning to wish i never started the thread recommending them. Clearly, they have been a total shambles which is surprising as I have not has one problem with them over the years. I am glad everybody now appears to have either got their models or is in the process of getting them. I really don't blame those who will never use them again. I hope they have given the person responsible for the mess with processing the orders/postage a good bloody hiding. Twat.
  20. Sorry your having problems, i have ordered 13 models through them over the years and have never had an issue with them sending the wrong model. There customer service is normally good so I am sure you will hear something soon. Mine arrived today and its a great model so if its any consolation I am sure you will be more than happy when yours arrives.
  21. Thanks I really like them they look even better in the flesh the pictures dont do them justice. But your right I do need to buy a cabinet you have to be so careful when dusting. So that's next on my shopping list. The aerials and wipers are the most delicate parts. ---------- Post added at 8:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 7:44 PM ---------- Once you register and join the club they will send you an email containing all your log ins and your membership number. Once you have membership number you can print off a form and email it to them confirming your order or just pre order online at http://club-ottomobile.com. Unfortunatly you can't pre order until they confirm your membership details. They should confirm your membership early next week. When you pre order you don't have to pay straight away, you wait until you get an email to say your pre order has been accepted and then you can pay anytime up until the deadline date given. The new list of models containing the corrado was only sent out by them to members yesterday. They normally send a new list of models every 2 months on the 1st of the month. ---------- Post added at 8:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:01 PM ---------- That's it mate have to apply by printing off that PDF doc its a bit old fashioned but they normally respond with your membership detail very quickly
  22. Since I have been a member they have only re released one of the golfs and it sold out so quickly again. It's best if you per order as quickly as possible when you see a model you like because they generally sell out before they go only general sale.
  23. Just wanted to give any body who is a collector of Corrado models a heads up about a new Corrado model that is due for release in January 2013. Its a 1/18 scale model made by Otto. Here is a link to their website http://www.otto-models.com/ I have a number of VW models from this manufacturer and can vouch for the quality, they are not particularly cheap but they are highly collectable and sell out very quickly. Whilst you pay around 62 euros in all with postage, a check on ebay normally shows that they sale for quite a bit more, I have seen some of the more sort after Golf models released sell for in excess of £120. I joined the otto club some time ago and have purchased eleven various VW models over the past few years. I have attached a few pics of some of the models I have so hopefully you can get an idea of the quality. The model that is due to be released is a G60 model, but what they tend to normally do is during the year release a number of variations of particular models in various specs/colours so I am sure in a few months they will release another Corrado model, hopefully also in VR6 form. My advice would be if your interested to join the club as quickly as possible so you can pre order. They are based in France but their customer service/postage is excellent, all the models come well packaged and fully tracked. The Corrado models in my pics are not from Otto but from revell but all the golf's and the scirocco you see are from Otto. The quality compared to revell is much better.
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