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  1. looks absolutely stunning and really well looked after. 1 owner as well lovely !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks for the pics look about the same condition as I already have on my car, so all yours daves 16v
  3. Hi Have you got a pic of the handles ?
  4. [/color] they certainly are OE . I will take one then please for £30 posted , PM me and I will send funds thanks very much
  5. Is the drivers headlight glass a Hella ? if so I will take one please.
  6. that looks superb sits really well on those wheels and the paint work looks 100 times better. top job.
  7. Nice car looks like a good one, good choice on going back to standard with the wheels. No what you mean when I first got mine just wanted to drive it all the time and still get that same buzz years later.
  8. What a lovely colour and car mate DBP has to be one of my favourite colours. Sounds like its a well sorted example after the work you have done as well.
  9. Finally got round to having my manifold fitted recently so thought I post up some pics. Another thing I got fitted on Saturday was new KW V1 Inox coilover Suspension had this supplied and fitted by AMD Essex. Also had the front top mounts and bearings replaced at the same time with genuine Lemforder ones. For anyone thinking about changing their suspension set up I cant recommend these enough. I had standard shocks before with lowered H&R springs, these were on the car when I bought it and I was never really 100% happy with the set up. It was to crashy for me and the standard shocks just didnt combine well with the uprated H&R springs. Now I have had the KW's fitted the driving experience has improved 100%. I guess most people would have gone lower but I didnt want to compromise ride quality to much. For me it now really is the perfect balance of great handing without the crashy ride I had before. Looking at some of my old pics you can see the drop is now slighty lower then my previous H&R spring set up but the ride quality is much improved. I was genuinely worried when I dropped the car off in case I wouldnt like the KW's or they would be to harsh but its so much better than I was expecting. I just cant believe how much a decent suspension set up improves the overall driving experience I am loving it. Anyway posted some pics up of the manifold now in the bay and the car and how it sits with the new KW V1's.
  10. Sorry to keep calling, its just that I have been an admirer of yours and your posts for a while now and I admit I have tried calling a few times and put the phone down because I have been so nervous. I didnt realise it was bothering you. I will stop calling and will try Jim instead his posts always make me feel kinda good. ha ha in all seriousness though, I was being called a lot by a similar number located in Bangladesh and it turned out to be some spoon trying to convince me my computer had a virus and to let him have remote access so he could deal with it. I told him where to go and put the phone down.
  11. Absolutely beautiful car mate whereabouts are you in Essex ? . Trying to work out where you took those pictures along the seafront looks familiar ??
  12. Jesus H Christ that sounds horrific, Cant believe the state of your Mark 2 thank god you made the decision to get out of it, if you hadnt I doubt you would have lived to tell the tale. Glad your ok mate.
  13. Just comparing the latest pics to the first pic of the damage on page 1 what a transformation, incredible recovery and just show you what can be done. Great stuff
  14. Thanks for the comments Guys, is coming along nicely has taken two years to look this good but I am a happy man. Just got an new battery cover that was about it, the rest was just cleaning the parts that were there. The plastics come up so well with Meguirs endurance tyre gel and another product called black wow. Auto Glym engine cleaner, hot soapy water and brush for all the oily bits.
  15. Well the VR is finally back home, felt like an eternity it really did. Was great to drive her again on Sunday morning missed it big time, at first I was being a bit paraniod thinking " what if I get a chip " then thought dont be a plum just enjoy it, put your foot down and listen to that VR roar you have been missing so much. Got extra paint anyway in case I do chip it, so all prepared for future touch ups. Anyhow posted up a few more pics so so happy, she looks new. Prior to it going in for paint I had been cleaning up the engine bay while the wife was at work in the evenings. Not perfect and lot more still to do but getting there. Here is the engine bay when I bought her and after a bit of a clean, Just got the manifold to put on now that I had done (see earlier post) and should look sweet. cant decide whether to stick the original air filter back on, love the sound of the bmc but the original housing looks so much neater. decisions decisions. Also started cleaning up the wheel arches pig of a job and early stages. Also need to take a better pic . Next step is to continue sorting the engine bay and get the leather sorted on my drivers seat. Will post again once manifold on.
  16. Thanks for all the suggestions and help guys, it was a faulty part. I put the old one back on and works a treat again with no light. Will have to send new one back for a replacment.
  17. I swapped it over on Thursday night and didnt have time to check everything and start the car until today so I guess even if I did get the connectors wet they would have had time to dry out. Did I do the right thing by draining the coolant from the old expansion tank should I have drained from somewhere else and perhaps there is now an airlock of some kind ?
  18. Thanks for the quick reply, I just disconnected the connector on the tank and the light still did not go out ?? really strange was fine before !! why on why do I attempt these sort of jobs on my own !! When replacing the tank I just disconnected the pipes attached to tank and drained the coolant was this correct, should I have drained the system totally from perhaps the bottom radiator hose ?
  19. Hi guys & gals Well thought it would be a great idea to change the expansion tank on my VR as the other one was looking a bit crusty. I know it was probably cheaper to swap for a mk4 golf expansion tank but plumped for a genuine vr6 one at £34.99 plus postage. Fitting was pretty straight forward, got the new one in and topped up coolant and reconnected wiring for level sensor etc. However, about 5-10 seconds after engine start up the water level light starts to flash on the dashboad??, Now there are no leaks, the hoses seem fully pressurised and get nice and hot. The engine gets to normal running tempature fine and all the fans come on etc. The water tempature is not going above 90c but I still have this bloody light flashing. Could it be a faulty expansion tank ?? is there anyway to check ? or perhaps an airlock of somekind. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  20. Car looks awesome and beautiful colour. Look forward to seeing the updates. Good on you for doing the work yourself and Nice Audi !!!!!!!
  21. I went for a stock look for the manifold, again, please excuse the photo its not the greatest and doesn't do it justice really. Had the inlet done as well at the same time. Used a specialist powder coating and polishing firm in Rayleigh Essex called, http://promopolishing.co.uk, to do the manifold. Didnt want to overload my mate with to much work. I purchased this Manifold and the inlet from somebody on the forum both parts had already been sandblasted. Will get it fitted after the car comes back and this will hopefully finish off the bay nicely. From a price perspective the 2.5k figure you were quoted Stone is pretty much spot on. Mine is going to be a bit cheaper because its mates rates, but my mate said the normal rate is between 2.5k-3k and this should see a cracking job.
  22. The wifes from Basildon so over there quite a lot, should have the Corrado back early in the new year so more than welcome to take a look
  23. Yeah it is a great feeling to see it looking so good. The colour is actually Twilight Violet but like you say it is hard to pick up from pics.
  24. Well after 3 months in the paint shop the Corrado is nearly done. Just the door mirrors, door cards to put back on and one final buff and it will be ready to come home. I have had the car since Sept 09 and have wanted to sort the paint work since I bought it. It didnt have any rust, but it had some car park dings and minor scratches. Now its done I couldnt be any happier with the results. Over the last 3 months I have been going down for regular checks on progress and to finally see it almost done and totally blemish free is amazing. You always worry when you make the decision to have a full respray but fortunately for me, the guy who done it is a very close friend who owns a body shop and he has put his heart and soul into it, the results are amazing. Despite it nearly being nearly 18 years old, there was absolutely no rust apart from a tiny patch of surface rust (10p size) behind the rear number plate plinth. You always worry about what might be found when the car is stripped down, and what lurks behind wheel arch liners, bumpers etc when their removed but there was nothing, my friend who painted it couldnt believe what great shape it was in. I have taken this opportunity to replace a lot of cosmetic parts as well, all new original badges, roof trim, outer door/window trim mouldings, number plate plinth, housing for rear number plate light etc. It has cost me a fortune to buy the parts but thank god I started getting bits 2 years ago when I bought the car, as some of it must be obselete by now. It seemed pointless to have a new paint job only to then stick back on old trim parts that would probably let it down. I also got the engine manifold powder coated in silver. The engine bay is really good anyway as spent many a night spent out in the garage when the wife was at work cleaning parts. It was just the manifold letting it down so this will finish the engine bay off nicely The Corrado is not my daily driver and only comes out of the garage on Sundays if the weather is good, so the car should look good for many a year to come. I know some people will probably think I am mad putting as much money as I have into the car, as I will never get this back if I sell it. I dont care about the money though, for me its a labour of love and the sheer enjoyment I get from driving it and the total buzz I will now get from seeing it all perfect more than makes up for the money i spend. I will be taking in some shows next year as well but only if the weather is nice lol. If any forum members are living in Essex and are thinking about a paint job, your more than welcome to have a look at my car and if you are as impressed as fussy old me, then I can then put you in touch with my friend.
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