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  1. Thanks for all your comments, I will review them and try to answer some questions when I can. I like the idea or read-only (better than lock everyone out) For Sale (I have a bit of a plan of that) First things first though I need to get this forum updated to a more modern version. Thanks for your comments. I'll put together the plan and get back to you all.
  2. Hey all, So as we know the Forum has been neglected, its old but it has such great content and it would be such a shame for it to all go. The honest reason for the neglect is two fold, its costs money and time to keep something as big as this going, and over the years neither have been really available. Thankfully, I run a web hosting company and can swallow the costs of hosting. However, this can't continue forever, and the fact remains the forum runs on very old insecure software that needs time to upgrade. I owe it to you all to protect your data and not leave it insecure. On top of all this, there is so much material that I've seen on the servers that is not available... The wiki for example, with various how-to's With this in mind, I'm looking to make the forum a paid members only forum. I don't want this forum to end like Edition38 did. This is the only way that I can see it remaining, advertising and other means are no longer what they used to. The good news is: As a paying member, you have more of a say over: Can we get Tapatalk working Why doesn't X work My ideas: MOT / TAX Reminder Service Full Proper shop for 'Merchants' so they can sell things through the new platform Bring back the Wiki howto information in a readable format Active Corrado Register showing how many are left These are just a few ideas, but I'm really open to what people think.
  3. Wow, we are one of the last still running. I have no plans to shut it down, but do need to find a way to keep it running well.
  4. Is this still a problem? I think i've fixed it.
  5. This issue is now resolved in terms of the BBCode problem. See other thread about it. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?110175-Error-messages-when-following-links
  6. This issue has been resolved. It was due to an upgrade on the serverside. I've worked around this for now and once the forum is updated we can have later software. I'm going to write some updates on the forum and hopefully (stay tuned for the post) we can keep this alive. I'm also going to post a way of you guys to actually post support calls into me and my team (as I don't login to the forum often).
  7. Right guys, Another db corruption on VB4 means we have to move, its becoming hard work! From what i've seen VB5 is horrible, so in the coming weeks i'm putting together a 'what do we want to see' thread, and move from there. Hopefully we can get the forum back to how it was.
  8. Hey Guys, I've been very distant, I agree. This forum needs a lot of attention, and I'm finding a way to get this done for us all. I'll try to keep up to date and send a broadcast email in the next week highlight my plans with the forum. Tapatalk is a pain in the arse! I've tried to work with support on the issue.
  9. I think I've fixed it - I am not a big tapatalk user, but i can see stuff. Can we confirm it works?
  10. I replied yesterday :) I'm looking into it.
  11. I’ll look into it guys, sorry. think the plugin needs upgrading.
  12. I’ve taken his personal number out of this thread by request. I dont think having his personal phone number on here has any value.
  13. Guys, Apologies for the changes to the advertising on the forum recently. It turns out viglink has changed its way of working and a few things have stumped us! I have disabled them on this forum. Thanks
  14. You can donate or subscribe. Your Title should reflex this. I can see you are a subscriber, and as such you are a 'CF Member'. Membership gives you much wider access which donators don't get. Thanks
  15. OH no! Hate it when your card gets done! Cheers for the update though!
  16. Recieved Eddie. I'll get it sent out on Tuesday after the bank holiday weekend.
  17. Hi eddy, Can you pm me our name and address and PayPal £25 to [email protected] I'll then get it shipped for you
  18. Guys, Sorry about the access. Turns out I didnt tick a box when I set them up. Should be all sorted now, you can see Pipercross discount also! Any problems PM me as I'll see that a lot faster than a post on here.
  19. Money received. I'll get this sent out asap! Thanks
  20. Guys, We have just taken delivery of some new stuff that I'm really excited to share with you. Until the shop is ready I will be using this post to sell the merchandise, so if you want one please comment on this post stating the size and item you want and I'll message you and get the information I need. If you want to order direct and not post on here please email [email protected]. FREE DELIVERY within the UK. We will aim to get them out as soon as possible - please allow a few days though. [ATTACH=CONFIG]83340[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]83341[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]83342[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]83343[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]83344[/ATTACH] Prices: T-shirt: £20 Polo Shirt: £25 Hoodie: £30 Information I need: Item Size (S M L XL) I'll then contact you for Name and Address Prices Thanks
  21. Hmm - I've done as they suggested. Leave it with me
  22. Cloudflare is used to cache and protect the website from DDOS attacks etc. So it sits between you and the corrado forum servers. Same failed error?
  23. Sorry for the delay. I have done this as per the guidelines they publish. Let me know how you get on. https://blog.tapatalk.com/a/verifying-the-tapatalk-plug-in-with-a-forum-running-cloudflare/
  24. Scrap that I can see Dragons screenshot. Found some info from Tapatalk that I will look at implementing.
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