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  1. thanks man, very decent of you disposable fun car, spend little, drive hard, dispose of once finished lol
  2. Dam right it is, can believe how much you get for the money, really good specimen as well, All us German car people forget how much you get for the money when you stray away from ze germans. Made some people in some very expensive cars very confused. haha
  3. Was bored of feeling crap about having nothing fun to drive (solely driving the Caddy) and fed up feeling like sh it day in day out cus i dont have a car, dont get me wrong, i still want the corrado back/ an sl55, but after speaking to a close friend, about the cheapness and fun surrounding the clio 172/182 he talked me into going to test drive one, so i did, and -£1300 later i drove home in this. For the money, truly an epic little car, the revy little VVT 2.0 16v engine goes like the clappers aswell, not to mention how well it handles and drives. Great little car and just what i needed to pick me back up till i can afford something special again. What you get for the money though all standard, all electric windows, half leather alcantara interior, rain activated wipers, HID Lights with washer jets, Air Con/Climate Control, steering wheels controls, cruise control, and this one has Michellin pilot sport 3's all round, Eibach lowering springs, De-cat zorst, Clio 182 Exhaust Manifold, new struts all round and Ram Air panel filter. I GOT ALL THIS FOR 1300! Full Service History 12 months MOT - no advisories I did plugs oil filters etc week or so back not long after i got it, So yer, Great car, Great fun, put the smile back on my face the Corrado used to give me. [ATTACH=CONFIG]86066[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]86078[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]86072[/ATTACH]
  4. To be fair, its already on a pallet, and at my warehouse at work with forklift access, i would take the time to secure if even further if you wanted to between us arrange pallet collection/ delivery. Just an idea as you can see from the price im not interested in making anything on it, just want to see all the hard work get appreciated.
  5. But my old C has an LSD and grips like glue haha.... Im so undecided atm, I dont want to regret buying it back, but i already regret selling it, gotta try figure this one out
  6. perhaps, i cba to try any other means of sale yet, ive accepted my loss so just want someone to have it now. £200 Final offer
  7. haha, DONT!!!! I Cant be buying something ill chuck another 25+k on haha, but yes, 968's and 944's are things i have always wanted!!!!!!! Prices are now climbing as well, but its also about speed for me that my issue, and no old Porsche in my price bracket could so much as come close to how my (not mine) Corrado performs.
  8. As said to MIC, the opportunity is there, i just need a good old think about it, :scratch: :scratch::scratch::scratch::scratch::scratch:
  9. Good thing is hes done nothing but look after it, :D
  10. haha, sounds like we have similar mates, i can see this exact situation happening lol, he has said he will let me have it back for what i paid, im guna give myself a few thinks to have a long hard think about it, the engine does need a re-build as its got a cracked/split piston ring, but it comes down to how much use can i get out of it till then, when will it need doing, will i have the money to do it, and whats the best way to go about it. Options would be IMO, rebuild engine from scratch, fully forged, Find a good r32 lump and stick it in there with all my mods on..... allot to think about
  11. I have been, been miserable since the day it left.
  12. I might of messaged the owner, I also might have a mental issue. Who knows.
  13. Pickled onion, obviously!!!! haha Ill resort to other means eventually, just know a sale on here would be a doddle so always attempt that first.
  14. I like you trail of thought, haha Amd yes about the restoration, my house is in right need of work, doing one room at a time, very satisfying when you do the work yourself and see if start to finish! Ive got some thinking to do, also need to think where the non existent money is coming from haha Hope you're well mate
  15. Debating proposal of a buy back, haha
  16. Update, Im now a home owner, however im missing my Corrado every day, i think about it about once every 2 hours. EVERY DAY. hindsight, dont be so rash, keep the car you created, wait a bit longer for a house. Gutted if im honest. Typical me rushing into things haha
  17. haha £250? Eventually i think ill end up paying someone to collect it hahaha
  18. Dont have the patients or want to do anything with another corrado any time soon, would have to be mental to start another corrado project after just getting rid of the one i did. So to anyone else, any offers? Dont care how little just make me an offer, this is my issue, yes its amazing, but its such a individual product i knew it wouldn't sell. Rather sell it for a few hundred pound on here then sell it on another problem and be faced with a load of morons and time wasters.
  19. Thanks man, appreciate that, its not in my way as such, got a huge warehouse at work, its more i just dont want to see something that had so much put into it go to waste on a shelf, it deserves to be appreciated. Another good thing i guess, because it was only seen at MIVW its a new build to the UK show scene for anyone who ends up installing it.
  20. Dont tempt me Jim, haha Trying to pay a mortgage now lol Can barely afford beans for dinner :scratch: I am watching ebay daily for anyone selling anything with a vr6 lump in for under £500 haha. TBH with these latest insurance increases, that alone is a financial hit. Dear god i miss my car though, honestly regret selling it more than i regret anything. The money from that contributed massively to the house so i need to focus on that, but now it just feels like ill never be able to own a car thats even half what my corrado was :( Hope you are well mate!
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