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  1. no £350, im not interested in making profit on it, its never going to happen, i sold a car that cost me 30 odd grand for 6 and a half, so this is all part of that huge financial loss. i just want it to go to a good home and be made the most off, im not being greedy and its a price i think it will sell for, no point me asking £1000's as this isnt something your going to make a financial return on, its a complete 1 in a million product so worthless to anyone other than someone wanting to build a fully fledged show car. If your genuinely interested and do want it then its yours.
  3. As some of you may or my not know, i sold the love of my life, ive regretted it every day since, and could almost bring myself to tiers about the whole situation, but anyway, I used to work at Oxford Car Audio for many years, and When i had in mind my corrado being a JL Audio Demo Car, me and Lem the fabricator, build a 1 off, full rear install, with electronic actuators, hidden compartments, led lighting, the works, all fabricated in artificial leather and alcantara, see my build thread in my signature, Page 33 onwards, So, Lem, the installer, you may of seen his mad creation, the crazy graffiti beetle, that was our shops, but hes also got an extensive portfolio of show cars, not to mention all of JL Audios in house demo cars, the Alpine Passat CC, and the Alpine R32, and much more, hes known well and regarded highly in the industry and (Being a close personal friend) put his heart and sole into this build, we spent months on it. With plans for it to become the Oxford Car Audio and JL Audio UK benchmark demo car. So, long story short, after a stupid amount of literal blood sweat and tiers we got it finished, i drove the car across Europe to MIVW, and in the process changed my mind, it weighed allot, for someone who wants audio and cruising, its ideal but what had started as my roll cage race car, all that weight made it into the car i didnt want it to be. I had to apologise to Lem, swallow my pride and take it out, after you spent near 30k on a car, nothing is worth is not being the car you wanted. Now i know this is a very very special and specific item, and if anyone wants it, it will take a bit of jiggery pokery to get in, Lem at the shop im sure would help or aid or do it for you should you need it, he carved and trimmed every panel by hand, and it honestly looks sublime. The build obviously doesn't come with the Audio Equipment, but everything else will be included, As said above, its very specialist, and i just dont want to see something Oxford car Audio put their heart and sole into, go to waste, The build is currently carefully packaged and wrapped up and shrink wrapped on a pallet in my warehouse at work. (dry warm warehouse) This cost me, not including the Audio, over £4,000, and that was a discounted rate as i worked their. This Extent of a build would cost you nearer to 6/7 if you walked in off the street. But honestly, Who can i sell it too? its impossible, unless someone with a corrado wants to build a show car, who will buy it? so im stuck now, with thousands of pounds worth of install, with no platform for sale, so, this is me saying, if someone offered me £350odd or anywhere near there, i wouldn't say no, becasue honestly it would just be nice to see it brought to life again as its a fantastic install and has so much time and effort put into it. If you cant offer that much but are interested, let me know, its been in storage a few months now and i want it to go to good use, its to special to be on a pallet. Let me know if you have any queries, Thanks, Charlie
  4. hahaha dont, just dont! Living and trying to stay living in oxford is my issue, house prices are ****ing ridiculous, and if i ever want to get out my mum and dads, being one of the seemingly minority without a rich family to give me hand outs, i gotta make hefty sacrifices, once i get in somewhere i will once again start saving.
  5. Anyone got any coping methods? Im finding it hard, like genuinely difficult. What is life without a fun car?
  6. SOLD. I am no longer a Corrado owner. What a sentence. I hurt typing that out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Poor guy, funny video though haha, good find Haggy
  8. ear, ow did yew no i be a coontree lad! made me laugh, I got what seems to be a really decent bloke coming Saturday who seems like the sort of person i thought would buy it. We shall see
  9. As title, i have some really good condition front leather seats in the grey colour, What are these worth? as i have my Recaro speed's fitted, someone is offering me an amount a couple hundred lower than i wanted for the C, however i may agree to it on the condition i keep the 2 original front seats, as these are worth a few hundred alone are they not? Could then sell them to make up the short coming? Any help appreciated.
  10. im aware, im just keeping the forum up to date with progress, ebay is its international advert, then on many many facebook pages Appreciate the advice though man!
  11. final drop to £6495 with the following message "NOTE: ADDED 11/10/16 For anyone watching this waiting for the price to go down further, I now have a warehouse at my disposal from the 5th of November, the price WILL NOT drop again before that. If it is not sold by the 5th, i will be breaking the car for parts. So anyone genuinely interested please contact me with any offers. Otherwise the car will be off the market and split for parts as of the 05/11/16, something i really did not want to do. Charlie. "
  12. ooooooooooooooor Break it.... Might be quicker, this is f ucking agony. and most the parts with be snapped up on here instantly
  13. Free Bacon inc with sale Nothing gets the CF going like free bacon.... Its going full circle now im contemplating keeping it haha... forged bottom end, smaller pully, tuner to +400bhp... jobs a good'un
  14. He might not be having it now, i do seriously hope when it does go it goes to a good home though. I want something newer, buying a house next year and going to struggle enough without corrado upkeep on the agenda, i want something new i can drive and enjoy every day without a worry. a 300+ bhp corrado is not such a vehicle. ALLOT of truth in that! Yes, now just need a right person to spot it. Now not sold, still for sale, and i do love the car, just can no longer see a life with it, and need the money to fund another project. But yes, he now seems like he may be preparing me for a failed purchase as he is still coming today but going to let me know if he can buy it next week as he has had a change in circumstances, we shall see i guess, Ill keep you informed, still a good sign i guess for corrado's as there is clearly (or clearly not maybe) a market for modified ones, even ones like mine that need a bit of work, but yes, a savage amount of £££££ for under 7K. Hopefully i wont be knocking it down anymore, or though might consider it for a quick sale to a forum member.
  15. i spoke to soon. Had 2 potential buyer fold. Thus far only had one viewing, and that was only to view it out of interest. Who ever comes to see it with the money in hand will uby it i guarantee. With the fact i now want it gone and need the money in mind, £6995 and its yours to anyone on the Corrado forum For a Car that has just had over 5k spent on it that is a pretty sweet deal. Feel free to message me anyone who is interested.
  16. If the cars as on point as your banta will be a decent buy.
  17. I think Jim may of been "testing the waters" haha :bonk: im kidding
  18. good/ bad news, it seems to be generating a good bit of interest now, a change in the wind maybe, so breaking now looking VERY unlikely. Bad news as it means the day i have to watch it drive away is ever closer.
  19. Yer might not be a bad shout, i work long hours and train 5/6 days a week so will be very strenuous, this is the problem with a car modified to this extent, and the fact it not in perfect working order doesnt help either. Had a few "interested" people message me and get me to jump a few hoops to then lead to nothing, that aside had a B5 S4 offered, a few more part Ex's, offer for 4k and an offer for 6k all i kindly refused. Will just have to see how it goes, f ecking frustrating to say the least, i just want it over ad done with now. Wheels are ET 10 BTW bro. They honestly fit like they were made for the car
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