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A group for all the Corrado owners in the Midlands

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  2. Happy to see more people with enthusiasm Ben! Peak district perhaps Keyo? or we coud do a bbq at cannock chase on front of our cars but for road trips on this area are well you know... and we can not stay longer than 3h. A good option shoud be Horseshoe Pass having a breakfast on the top together and after EVO triangle but I think will be too far for few of us. I will have a look on the area 🙂 Sebastian
  3. Great stuff Ben thanks for introducing yourself. There are a fair few Rados around the Midlands by the sounds of it, there is a Khaki 16V down the road from me and the girl is always telling me how rare the colour is. June it is then Seb we will all start drumming up a plan.
  4. Thanks Keyo, Jun is perfect for me, please let me know if u need any help, I use to do trips on my own. Seb
  5. Just up the road here too 👍 from hednesford so not far away at all.
  6. Topman Seb you live about 20 minutes away from me , thanks for introducing yourself. I reckon mid June for a meet .I'll have a look soon at a central location in the Midlands so its good for everyone to get there.
  7. Hi all, Another happy owner from midlands, cannock and always up for any meeting! 😎 Seb
  8. How are the Radlanders doing? Good news I should have my car back before the start of summer with a full engine rebuild performed by Stealth starting shortly. . Well up for a meet now! Are there any other Midlanders on here that have their cars up and running ready for summer ? Where has the red one gone with the dealer body kit that was highly specced? Would like to see that one.
  9. HI Hutty, Thanks for introducing yourself. Congrats on your engine build mate I'm going to call up Stealth tomorrow to book mine in. My car has had a couple of weeks of bad luck to be honest. First a water leak which I put down to a door membrane which is now hopefully fixed. My spoiler has started to work intermittently and to top it off I changed a new battery as my old one kept going dead and now the new one has gone dead after a couple of weeks been fitted so looks like I have a damn battery drain. Checked the boot and cubby light and both going out, well annoying ! Wonder if it has anything to do with me getting my headlight metallised and messing with cables getting the lights out. Anyway these will be sorted and well up for a meet this Summer . Never really go on long enough drives but I know there are some great roads around Malvern and Ledbury and some idlic spots for some photos of the cars in situ. Up for anywhere though to meet around the Midlands will be great to have a Rado convoy.
  10. Hi All, I'm in Newark, Notts. I bought my VR6 about 2 years ago. It was in bad shape mechanically after 10 years of zero use. My engine (and pretty much everything else) was rebuilt by Steve at C&R six months ago. Next up is to get the bodywork dings sorted and alloys refurbed. It would be good to get enough of us together for a local meet.
  11. HI Moo, Hope all is well. My car is having an engine rebuild at Stealth this year , he has the new pistons all ready but ging to call him to get a date tomorrow. I will still come to a meet in my Mk2 golf though and tag on if the Rado is not ready. Any other Midlands owners about I think there are a fair few hiding on here ?
  12. I am based in Leamington. I'm pretty sure we have talked about a meet last year. We really need to get it on this year.
  13. Hi Im based in Sutton Coldfield. Any other Rados about in the Midlands.
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