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  1. I had a few quotes from the Cannock area but I ended up having it done at a place next to Stealth Racing as that's who they recommended. I was impressed with retro refinishers in Cannock though, I nearly went with those to be honest.
  2. You'd have to be on something to spend over a grand on that!
  3. What air filter you using Shaun?
  4. I wish my engine bay looked half as good as this, great work!!! Love the black manifold.
  5. Oh wow, no comparison! Taking the dash out took me an age!!!
  6. I did exactly what fendervg described a few years back. It's a hell of a lot easier than you expect!
  7. Thank you so much for all your help mate, really appreciate it!!! I'll get a few different quotes and go from there 👍👍👍👍
  8. Can't wait for the paint pics, seen plenty and indeed have had my own corrado resprayed but not like that, not seen many bare shell!
  9. Oh no, the TV, patio heater and pellet grill are all on 13amp plugs, i use them on an extension cable from the house at the moment but i'd very much like to stop doing that 🙂 Would running two 6mm SWA cables do the trick then? I really don't mind spending a little more than than i should if it means never having to dig up cables again. @seanl82 I'll be burying the cables myself before i get anyone out to complete the electrics. Thats all i want to do to be honest, i'd rather i did the messing in my garden and let the electrician concentrate on the things that could kill me 🤣
  10. That is some dedication right there 😮
  11. The sound of an alarm is enough to deter many thieves though, so surely that's a good enough reason to get one?
  12. I've had the toad alarm fitted to my previous 2 corrado's, absolutely faultless (i'm more worried about shoddy fitters!). I'd love to fit one to my current C too but with no one having them i'll probably end up going for something else. Anything is better than the antique scorpion alarm i have now, you only have to look at the car and goes off, totally over the top!
  13. Cheers for the response all, I can always rely on this forum 🙂 From reading your comments (and cressa's concerns regarding power rating) would i be best biting the bullet and run two bigger 10mm SWA3 core cables to the bottom of the garden, for future proofing? I have done some reading about RCDs and hot tub isolating switches etc but to be honest, i'm just going to run the cable from the consumer unit (not connected) to the bottom of the garden and let the electrician do all the important stuff, i don't intend to cut a single wire myself as I haven't got a clue what i'm doing. I'm thinking i could just buy this and be done with it? https://amzn.to/3odoLJd
  14. HA HA Cheers mate, i only learned what SWA meant today. According to the pre-delivery pack the tub is 16 AMP and i think around 20 metres of cable will be needed. I'll be burying the cable round the edge of the garden about a foot deep. Apparently to sign off the delivery and installation of the tub it must be on its own fused spur (i assume that means its own cable?) Plenty of space in the consumer unit i think, i vaguely remember the electrician who fitted the consumer unit telling me he future proofed it and left some space. Most of the the sockets will be under shelter but i'm intending to use weather proof everything to be on the safe side. Load wise, quite heavy i'd say, a pellet grill, outdoor heaters and a TV, maybe all at once :/ Many thanks for your help mate, very much appreciated! I generally don't like getting electric quotes because i haven't got a clue, you could tell me anything! 🤣
  15. Any electricians on here, I'm after some advice? I need to run two cables to the bottom of the garden, one for plug sockets and one dedicated line for a hot tub. Am I right thinking 6mm SWA for the hot tub and 2.5 SWA for the plugs sockets? I fully intend on paying an electrician to actually connect them to the consumer unit, I just want to save a bit of cash burying the cables myself (and I'm also a little OTT about my garden). Appreciate any advice for a total novice!
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