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  1. Does anyone know what standard size vr rear discs are? Looking at these which state to fit 226x10mm but I have no clue if that's what I have? https://www.vwheritage.com/corrado/corrado-brakes/rear-brake-calipers-discs-pads/rear-discs/backing-plates#page=1&top=934&
  2. Cheers mate, Greg seemed to think my car was a lot easier than most because it was flat black rather than metallic so I assume this will play in your favour too!
  3. Don't know how far you are away from here mate but this is where I got mine resprayed last year: http://greghowell.co.uk/ Although he's a Porsche specialist he's knows his way around a Rado and they were recommended to me by Vince at Stealth. You saw my car recently so at least you've seen an example of his work and I paid less than what you've been quoted!
  4. Can't believe I keep missing this thread, I'll take a set for a late VR if you have one.
  5. Great to see! I don't understand some of the hate the corrado gets sometimes though, even from VW guys. No one is saying the corrado is the best car ever made but some people seem determined to knock it back
  6. Have you tried gtechniq c4 permanent trim restorer? Cracking stuff!
  7. Is it a pair only or can I put my name down for a driver's side? I've only just bought and fitted a new passenger side from heritage
  8. Are we talking upper bolster on the back part? I put a rough walk through on my thread but I'm not sure the pictures are working http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?58695-Corrado-VR6-K22-BRW/page6
  9. I've not ceramic coated the paintwork yet but I have done done the wheels on my daily. Put simply the best £20 I've spent! ... Plus a bit of elbow grease...
  10. I've recently fitted a gamma myself but it started doing some funky stuff first, try my thread here, someone helped me crack it my changing one wire http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?58695-Corrado-VR6-K22-BRW/page8
  11. You'll kick yourself for leaving it so long, IIRC it's only one bolt and the seat slides out :lol:
  12. Leather for looks, cloth for comfort has always been my thoughts
  13. Unfortunately I can't offer any technical assistance, can't see there being much call for a BI Developer on here :lol: however, for almost 15 years now I've found this forum invaluable, perhaps not posting frequently enough but always actively looking through all new posts. Some great ideas here but first things first, get a paid membership area, it would be the least I can contribute to!
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