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  1. everyone's a wuss these days, 'snowflake' generation that can't cope if their car actually needs some input from the driver Corrado has great steering, just make sure all the front bushes are in good order.
  2. there's some ribbed foam lengths on ebay sold as door/side protectors, they just give you a few 12.5mm magnetic sticky stips to use to secure that, so 12.5mm or 25 would do, maybe 25mm would be better?
  3. how about this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Self-Adhesive-Magnetic-Tape-Flexible-Craft-Sticky-Magnet-Strip-1m-5m-10m-20m-30m/332715591734?hash=item4d77650836:m:m5TYEPjPkKoiYccp-gDUZ8g I have some closed cell foam pads that I might try cutting to size and sticking this magnetic strip to
  4. aftermarket wheels might have the wrong offset: https://www.japshop.co.uk/acatalog/WHEEL-OFFSETS-EXPLAINED---RIM-WIDTHS-ET---Q-A-S.html
  5. I've had one of these for a year or two and although cheap they are excellent and very small, good picture, wide angle and number plates are easily readable, just leave it on the out of the box 2 minute recording and old file overwrite, easily hidden out of the drivers view to the side of and behind the rear view mirror, more expensive cameras like the Nextbase have nice magnetic fixings but I've been quite impressed with this little cheap one. about £32 when I got one but a bargain currently for £22.99! https://www.amazon.co.uk/TOGUARD-Blackbox-Dashboard-G-Sensor-Detection-Dashcam/dp/B01E6M084A/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1530882895&sr=1-5&keywords=dash+cam
  6. there's a motor factor on ebay that does them for about £40 each but I waited until carparts4less had a 17% discount voucher code and I thin they worked out just over £35 each
  7. Acceleration in 2nd and third gear with new injectors fitted, just to note this engine has a 7,200 rpm red line :)
  8. then a leaking genuine VW rad that wasn't replaced that long ago, temporarily stuck in a cheapo rad bit it seems to cool just fine [ATTACH=CONFIG]93395[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]93397[/ATTACH]
  9. well she's taxed and tested again and I've fitted new injectors recently, absolutely flies on them and so much smoother, should be after 27 years and 160k miles!
  10. looks like front rubber late Corrado (1992 on) top mounts and generic rear rubber mountings and bump stops, seem to be a couple of front wishbone metal sleeve inserts there which I don't think any corrado used (there's locating rings in the subframe instead, coould be mk2 golf bits those)
  11. after a bit of time away I'll be there this year :) 22 years with the same old Corrado though...
  12. Could only find this message section (using phone)


    It's [email protected]


    Thanks 👍🏻

  13. pm me an email address and I'll try to find my copy of the VAG workshop sections I have for the K-jet and 9A KE-jet system, from memory the vacuum system, temperature sensors and lambda are pretty key to getting the 9A running right at idle, plus the microswitch on the throttle body to trigger the idle circuit in the first place, if the tamper proof cap on the metering head on the 9A has been messed with it can be very dirricult to get things right as these are factory calibrated
  14. The ideal replacement would be the EFI from a 1.8 16v Seat Ibiza, similar to the mk3 golf 16v system, but finding a doner car now would be hard. Sadly it may well be cheaper to fit a complete 20V engine with it's own injection system. But why replace the k-jet anyway?
  15. davidwort

    Steering wear

    I'd be inclined to change the track rods as the inner joints that screw into the rack ends get play in them, to check get someone to hold the track rod as you turn the steering from side to side, yoiu can feel a knock if the track rods are worn
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