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  1. Oh I like the mud flaps! For some reason I like the combo mud flap and a nice quality roof rack for a sporty/outdoorsy look! Keep up the good work! Gator looks real nice btw!
  2. Thanks mate much appreciated! I'll see how it goes... Ya, I hear you. I bough a fixer upper house and it's taking all my free time! Keep us posted! Cheers
  3. Progress, progress!! Man, you did a good job! It's all looking pristine everywhere! That must be exciting to get to this point after 4 years... Soon, I will be dropping my subframe as well, any tips for me on reconnecting that steering column to the rack? Keep us updated mate, pictures were amazing to look at!
  4. Engine is back in the bay, major step accomplished! That must be encouraging, keep up the good work! Cheers
  5. I agree with cressa, they look stunning on a black car like yours! Congrats mate, they look like new!
  6. I know this is oldish but since I'm looking into this right now for my project and tumble across this thread. It looks like for higher lift cams, the non shouldered guides are recommended. In the description, they recommend for 288 and up but me personally, I would install those for 268 as well. Here's the link to them: http://techtonicstuning.com/main/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_13_61_484_340&products_id=3362 I hope this help! Cheers
  7. You make me think of me with your paper list! I have quite a few of those too... Ya the shifter, I would not do the conversion to 02J if I didn't have to remove my auto shift but since I do and would need to source the 02A, may as well. I did too purchase those metal bushings for the bracket on the transmission. Glad the Mk7 is dealt with and its always nice to see the car go to a good family/cause. So you'll be driving the Corrado dailysh now? I was looking at some classified today and thought of you when I saw this: https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/pts/d/north-vancouver-fs-rare-zender-momo/7126583902.html Cheers mate
  8. Ha ha you got busy mate! Just curious, what kind of punch is this, for leather crafting? I was thinking of your car today, that deep green is freakin nice. I don't know why but I would mate it with some dark gold rims. Happy punching ha! Cheers
  9. Wow half way done already! Glad to hear all is going well. Speaking of shifter, I decided to go with the 02J route with the Polo box on my car. May as well while I'm there. I think these blanks were only for the G60 mate. The VR6 got the clear glass one so ya, that would explain why it fits only the pre face lift. Take care!
  10. Thanks for getting back to me mate! I knew there was no factory installed A/C in the UK, found that one out recently on another one of my threads. I though, maybe the opening in the firewall may have been done from factory for all cars and just blocked of by a factory plate let's say for the UK or for any Corrado ordered without A/C in Europe when purchased new back in the days. My reasoning is coming from that it is how it was done for the MK2. For the MK2, they all have the opening made to pass the A/C through the firewall but when not factory installed, an OEM bracket was installed to cover it. That oem bracket can be found, just not sure if it would apply to the Corrado VR6 being more like a MK3... If you had such a bracket installed, I could have compared the parts number to answer my question! Cheers!
  11. This is a quick one! As I am getting somewhat ready to plan on deleting the evaporator under the dash "once I get the mental ready to pull the dash out" ha! I've been realizing that this will leave a hole in the the firewall where the two pipes from the evaporator stick out... So I've been thinking, if in the UK the A/C was not install at the factory, there must be some kind of OEM block off plate for the hole? Is there? Cheers!
  12. A new project, that must be exciting for you! The color is super nice, can't wait to see what's going to come next! Cheers and keep us posted
  13. Been a while mate, how's the "new" engine going? Cheers!
  14. What a beautiful family picture! Very nice mate, super nice! Everything is going well with the Corrado so far? What's the wife will drive when the mk7 is gone 😉 Cheers!
  15. Things are progressing well, good job! I wish I would be doing the same, that's where I should be with my project as well but with the virus around, no one wants to work on my head right now... So assembling the engine back together along with the timing chains is on the back burner unfortunately... The Humble Mechanic's videos really helped me pulling the engine out and I'm definitely thankful for his videos. Reading the problems you had with the head gasket I for sure will go with the metal MK4 one. Glad you fixed the issue though. Keep up the good work, Cheers
  16. That's great, I'm glad you found the best way to make it happen. I didn't knew there was a difference between RHD and LHD before starting this thread. And by the sounds of it, it's quite complicated to swap. Cheers
  17. Thanks mate for that and it all make sense what you are saying. It was hard finding pricing on those things and I appreciate all the help. I think Corrado parts are getting very expensive and we somewhat have a role to influence that. Such a small community of enthusiasts all over the world. I'm going to try to be kind without loosing too much money and offer the whole thing for 500£ to the chap who wants it. Thanks a lot for your help!
  18. Thanks for posting this, much appreciated! I know one day I'll have to go down that path... Nice looking tool btw!
  19. Ya, very lucky! Those haven't been in production for years now I'm afraid... I did get my carbon fiber license plate holder from them as well! Cheers
  20. Yes it is LHD. Ouff it sounds like a lot of work for sure to convert it. Thank you for explaining all of this to me, much appreciated. I guess I'll think about it and try to figure out a price for the guy near me. He has a LHD Corrado so it should be straight forward to him. Thanks for helping out! Cheers
  21. Looks stunning! Must be so much fun being on duty to put some miles on it! I love that Corrado vr6 by the door!
  22. Ha! You're funny! No, I never been able to use A/C for some reason it's giving me migraines everytime...
  23. 4 hours is not all that bad I guess. And ya, I agree with you, usually doing a job fir the second time saves half the time. You don't have a picture of your setup to remove that screw by any chances? The dreaded heater core! Like you said and that's what I'm afraid of is breaking mouldings and such... And also there's something disheartening about looking at a picture of a Corrado dash removed can only imagine doing it... And I agree as well, while in there better fix all those doors and do a major clean up!
  24. Thanks for clearing that up! Now I understand. I wonder if the difference in installing it is more on the electrical part than under the bonnet? I've read a thread saying the AAA and ABV condenser were direct bolt on so hoses/pipes should be somewhat the same as well? I guess looking at a RHD engine bay fitted with A/C would shed some light... Anyways, now knowing this which I didn't knew 10 minutes ago maybe its not the right place to figure out the value? Just started this to give someone a fair value of the stuff! Cheers
  25. So if I understand correctly there was no factory A/C in the UK? I'm surprised to read that! My engine is an ABV as well so it must have been fitted in Europe at least? Yes, I guess the rarity factor being Corrado but also pretty much all A/C components are NLA for about 5 years now... I think the compressor and accumulator are still available though. I don't know what to ask for a fair price. I'm thinking it's worth roughly between 500 and 800£ in that condition for the whole lot. That's based on pricing from other listing but with a guess on what a condenser is worth since I can't find any for sale...
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